Dean Ambrose at the drive thru...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. Not sure if double post or wrong section, w/e

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  2. "Bring fries, bring burgers, bring shakes!...the Shield..brings the napkins"

    That was perfect lol.
  3. hahahaha omg "Welcome to consequences Ronald."

    This guy is gold.
  4. I got a good laugh out of that, thanks rain.
  5. LOL, this has almost made me cry while laughing. Thanks for this @Rain . Injustice is in McDonalds LOL
  6. I just really want to know what mcdonalds i can go to that has a "shamrock shake" now
  7. The voice is good but his actions annoy me.
  8. Voice ain't dark enough, but it was good.
  9. This is fucking stupid, he looks dumb as fuck too
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  10. His actions were the best part! The "script" was lame imo other than a couple of lines, but his weirdness made up for it.

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  11. I thought all of them brought that back for St. Patrick's Day? Go figure.

    @Rain -- Can't wait to check this out when I get home!
  12. 10/10. Great stuff :lol1:
  13. :lol1: Finally got to watch. Love it!

    "Welcome to consequences, Ronald!"
    "The Shield brings the napkins."
    "The Shield took them all out, and now they're working fast food..."
    "I don't believe in shamrock shakes anymore."

    Geez. That poor drive-thru woman. :haha:
  14. You mean....VICKIE GUERRERO :cornette:
  15. :robbie: Nice!! :haha:
  16. :pity1:
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