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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 11, 2013.

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  2. This fued is so pointless. As much as I like Christian, Ambrose and the rest of the Shield deserve to be doing something bigger than this at Summerslam.
  3. Christian is gay lol.
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  4. The Shield is mad overrated.
  5. Christian is 100x more ''overrated'' than The Shield lol

    I honestly will never understand what's so fucking special about Christian. At least with The Shield you got mic skills (Ambrose), "The look" (Reings) and in ring skills (Rollins).
  6. Honestly, I think that Christian vs. Ambrose would be a good match........for Summerslam.
  7. I dont get the hate. Ambrose is going to win, Christian gets tv time and we get a decent/good match.

    Christian isnt overrated, he just has a shitty looking finisher, and why would you compare Christian to what you get from a 3 person package? What logic.
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  8. Yeah, that's like comparing the impact 3MB has had to the impact the Nexus had.
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  9. +1

    Christian imo is one if not the most unpopular veteran on the roster. I'm not a fan of Christian and I think Ambrose can be put in a much better feud than him. I'd rather see Christian build back up.
  10. Christian is overrated by the IWC as is The Shield.

    Christian has the look, the mic skills and the ring skills. Look at his feud with Orton in 2011.
    The Shield haven't done anything relevant since Elimination Chamber where they took on Cena. After that would be The Undertaker. They've been booked like shit and have no real story to them anymore. They just threw the title at them and they still don't know what to do with them.

    The Shield are mad overrated and if you fail to see that, you're delusional.
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  11. I'm sorry, but as of right now Christian is not as good as The Shield and it would be ridiculous to put him on the same level as them. Christian's return has been lackluster. His mic and ring skills are basic, he has them but he's not great in either category. Shield on the other hand has Ambrose on the mic and in the ring as well as Rollins who's great in the ring. Reigns isn't all that, but he's improved, not to the level that Christian is on of course. However I don't think the Shield is overrated at all. They've slowed down since their debut, but they are still one of the more entertaining parts of Raw imo.
  12. "overrated" is a term so overused in the IWC. Because a lot of people enjoy a certain part of the show, it doesn't make it overrated in the slightest. The Shield have been nothing short but magnificent, and it pains me to see WWE's recent lacklustre booking. Christian's return was pathetic as he was just slotted into the same jobber role as before. The guy has no credibility or fan reaction behind him because he is more irrelevant and weak-looking than Jericho. At least Jericho has weekly mic segments where he can entertain; Christian just turns up to lose.
  13. Ambrose/Christian isn't a bad idea for a feud for a B PPV, but for Summerslam I expected Shield to work a big angle with someone like BoD, idk.
  14. I have no issue with either of these two things happening. It might be a disappointing spot for them considering what we were all speculating over 2-3 months ago - that they may only lose their first match as a team at Summerslam (against a possibly star studded team of Cena/Undertaker/HHH) or that they may continue their reign of dominance by going over The Brothers Of Destruction in a handicap match, etc. - but once the group evolved from just dominating everyone to winning gold, you knew their push would loosen up a little. Down is the only place for them to go as a team once they come in and go over every combination of stars consisting of Cena/Undertaker/Orton/Sheamus/Kane/Bryan/Show/Ryback/etc. Unless you wanted them to break up shortly after losing their first match or something.
  15. When you put in these factors:
    • Mysterio being injured for the foreseeable future
    • 'Taker being potentially involved with a feud with The Wyatt Family
    • Jericho most likely leaving before Summerslam
    • No other fresh talent to feud with
    Who else can he really feud with that's fresh without overexposing him? The Big Show? Where's he at, anyway?

    With Christian you have an excellent filler match that could potentially steal the show. Yeah, it isn't the main attraction, but no potential match Ambrose or the rest of The Shield will be when Punk/Lesnar and Bryan/Cena are on the card anyway.
  16. Beats Kofi returning and wrestling him again, that's for sure.
  17. We dont ask questions or even mention his name here leo, dont jinx it.:jbl:
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