News Dean Ambrose Criticizes Scripted Promos, Recalls Early WWE Work And Independent Experience

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 12, 2014.

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  2. "Further discussing the mannequin promo, Ambrose said he worked it out with Vince in Vince's office and Vince asked him what kind of things he'd do to the mannequin and Dean said he'd mention chopping its "balls" off. Then he asked Vince if he could say "balls" and Vince told him to use the word "testicles" instead."

    That made me laugh really hard, not sure why
  3. It is kinda funny... Plus, you can't say 'balls' on TV, unless you're Cena or Cena 2.0

    Ambrose said 'testicular fortitude', during that promo, IIRC.
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  4. Well, nothing new there. Scripts are crap
  5. I can't forgive Ambrose for taking a dump on Attitude Era in one of his past interviews. Imagine that, a CZW World Heavyweight Champion talking smack about the AE.
  6. The whole scripted promos thing has been an ongoing problem and nuisance for at least the past twelve years. Austin was complaining about it and speaking out against it as far back as 2003 in his autobiography.
  7. Signing Indy talent ought to have eliminated the need for word-for-word promos.
    Give these cats bullet points and key words. WWE fears somebody will say the wrong thing and start a PR nightmare. lol

    Sorry, Chris Benoit was a PR nightmare, Abraham Washington was just a matter of d*ckheadedness all the way around.
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  8. Great read.

    I liked the manakin stuff tbh, though I liked it better when Cesaro suplexed one.
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