WrestleMania Dean Ambrose , Daniel Bryan and the Streak

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Baraa, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. Yes I'm talking about The Undertaker's WM winning streak...

    Now I'm one of the biggest fans of the streak , and I want Taker to retire undefeated, but this thread is about IF WWE are to decide to end the streak...
    If its ever going to happen, it will happen at WM30 most likely.

    It will be a massive push for the one who ends it, so in my standards there should be requirements that should be presented in the one who ends it:

    1- He should be over, VERY over and able to get a reaction from the crowd from all ages...

    2- He should be the FUTURE , a potential Future star who is expected to have a legend career in the WWE...

    My 2 ONLY options are Daniel Bryan & Dean Ambrose....
    Daniel Bryan imo is the most over guy I've seen since the days of SCSA, he gets a reaction from kids , males, females..everybody loves his work, and he is definitely very talented and without a doubt, he will have a great legend career here in the WWE.

    So if they decide to go with, they have to build him even more and give him the WWE title during the next year.

    On the other hand, Dean Ambrose, Do I even have to state a reason?
    He may not be as over as D-Bry is, but his work since his debut has been unbelievably awesome, so if they build him properly during the next year, he will definitely get the reaction he needs and even more...
    He is talented, and without a doubt the best future Heel of the company.

    These 2 are the ONLY ones who I'd be good with them ending the streak, I'm totally against anyone other than these 2 to end the streak.

    Cena? He doesn't need it, so as long as nothing big comes from it like him turning Heel, then HELL NO...

    Punk? :nope:

    Sheamus? :no:

  2. I've said this before, if anyone beats Taker it'll be Cena. I know he doesn't need it, but I believe he's the only one McMahon will allow to beat him. I still think he'll retire undefeated though.
  3. If Cena ends the streak without turning Heel, just with his lame supernatural superman powers then I may commit suicide. LOL
  4. What do you want on your tombstone? :lol1:
  6. BTW, How did this end up being in the Locker Room?
    Can a mod move it to the PPV section?
  7. Was going to ask you that.

    I could see them making Cena break the streak. Is it a smart business decision? No, he doesn't need the biggest rub of all time. Only good thing that could possibly come out of it would be a heel turn for Cena, but still. I'd love it if a youngster beat Taker at WM, I think that's the right thing to do. Bryan would be a great pick, I think, as long as they built him correctly. Ambrose I still want to see how far he'll get in 2013, but yeah I guess he'd be suitable for WM 30. But whoever does it has got to be really over so the crowd doesn't turn on them when it isn't intended.
  8. Taker has full creative rights over his streak I think, it's not up to Vince. Cena won't ever beat him for it.
  9. True, I had forgotten that. Taker can also say he doesn't want to job to someone if he doesn't feel like they deserve/need it.
  10. Dean Ambrose is a decent pick since he will clearly be a star in the future. Daniel Bryan beating the streak makes me want to throw up. I like the guy, but not enough to say he should beat the immortal Wrestlemania streak.

    I agree that Cena will do it, if anyone does. But ultimately, it comes down to not only Undertaker and Vince being ok with someone breaking it, but with the 'chosen one' himself being ok with it. People have such large respect for Taker that it seems no one really wants to break his streak (Kane, Orton, Angle, etc.) If it wasn't for that, the streak would be gone already. Cena has such a large passion and respect for the business and I'd definitely imagine for Taker that he would likely never agree to being the one to end it.
  11. The streak gets ended by the COBRA!!

  12. At this point no one should end the streak tbh.
    The Undertaker is near retirement and should be remembered for it.

    And if anyone is going to go for it, make it a young guy so people believe, "That guy is the future of the company, he's gonna end it!"

    Not someone like CM Punk or Sheamus.
  13. You remind me of an upgradedLeaping Lanny Poffo with his frisbee's of knowledge. I disagree so often.
  14. :vince:

    You do realize by now you laugh alone at your jokes/points, right. :pity1:
  15. good thing I could care less about your thoughts
  16. If you think that your opinion is that important to me then.. :pity:
  17. You caring about my opinion?

    I was judging your off the wall posts, comparing it to one of the worst members on the forum. It doesnt happen always, but you can take it or leave it, I just posted it for the sake of giving you the option of seeing your failures.
  18. No one should end the streak. Competitors like Wade Barrett should challenge him, could you imagine his promos? In a long WrestleMania match Wade Barrett loses. Imagine what that'd do for his career even with him losing.
  19. Who are you to judge posts?
    I don't give a f*ck if you think my posts are off the wall, this is a forum and there is nothing off the wall, nothing wrong, and nothing right.

    They are just OPINIONS , GENIUS.
  20. why do you care? Why are you so butthurt? I gave you my opinion, i think this shit is off the wall.
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