Dean Ambrose fear my name.

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  1. -- As noted earlier this week, WWE has registered the trademark "Fear My Name." Several readers sent word that Dean Ambrose used the line "fear my name" during his heel promos he did before the WWE dark matches he worked last week.

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    Ambrose to be the big break out star of 2012? It's very possible imo.
  2. Oh god please be true. This guy is going to be the sick twisted heel of the year. Love him. No homo.

    You know who he reminds me of? Joker in Batman Dark Knight. His mannerisms and charisma is epic.
  3. Yeah I got that vibe from that FCW match a few weeks ago when he was bouncing his opponents head off an exposed turnbuckle and just smiling.
  4. Yeah, and he had a promo backstage or something, was linked to it ages ago and he generally talks like it. Literally can't wait. He's jobbing in dark matches though atm.
  5. People usually job in darks before getting called up though. So it's probably a good thing.
  6. True. I'd prefer him on RAW too, is Seth Rollins also getting the call up?
  7. He's on the road some time in the next few weeks apparently to have a look to see if he's ready so hopefully he's called up soon.
  8. Great news.

    How'd you book Ambrose then?
  9. Im not sure tbh just let him squash local jobbers for a few weeks gradually build up the card on raw have him manipulate his way into a match with Ryder after 3 - 4 months of consistent mic time. Then have him win the us title. Just a basic outline how about you ?
  10. I'd have Ryder in an important US title match at a PPV, make sure it's in a hot place so the crowd are REALLY into it. Zack overcomes it, wins and legitimises his character a bit but suddenly Ambrose attacks him after the celebrations. Does something sick to him, don't know what. Something unusual in a beat down, I'm talking like boogey-man sick (not with worms or anything but yeah you get the point) and book Ambrose as a mentally-disturbed crazy animal of a wrestler. After beating him down he cuts a promo saying it's his time, insult the crowd + relate to the fact he's crazy by some weird story. Needs to be a hot crowd to eat into Ambrose, any bad city and the crowd will be like "who?" and won't give him the heat he deserves.

    Then they build up Ryder vs Ambrose for the next PPV keeping Ambrose looking strong and now a cowardly heel, but a legitimate crazy SOB in the ring too. Ryder and Ambrose avoid wrestling each other, all it is will be sneak attacks and maybe one backstage brawl. Ambrose overcomes Ryder and become US Champion. Perhaps book it as Ryder is injured for 2 months, and on his YouTube show he mentions his injury and builds the feud up more. Ambrose feuds with another face, overcomes them, Ryder returns to massive pops gets the title back and Ambrose becomes lower-main event. Fantasy booking, but yeah.