Dean Ambrose - Hype vs Action

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Apr 23, 2013.

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    The Shield's chaotic mind?​
    This is one thing that's bugged me for a while, Dean Ambrose has become somewhat of an internet darling in recent months. Now I don't have a problem with this but like Punk marks tend to do I believe people are being drawn more into the hype than actually evaluating the performer, I appreciate his mic skills, facial expressions and selling but he has too more flaws in his game to be considered on the elite level many seem to place him IMO. His ring is nothing more than good at best from my perspective, he can be carried to a solid match either with a powerhouse where his selling becomes an asset or with a quick guy to similar effect. Look at his good matches they're either with Regal, Punk, Bryan, Kane or Rollins. Even the majority of those were in tag matches where Rollins dominated the ring work producing the only memorable aspects of the match. Is he bad? Absolutely not anyone who says that is a random hater is he good enough for the praise he get's ? I'm sorry Dean but I'll have to use your own face on you :nope: . ​
    So Dean Ambrose related questions :​
    How do you evaluate his ring work? ​
    Do you believe he's suffering from Punk syndrome? ​
    What aspects if any should he improve up on if you don't rank him at that elite level yet? ​

  2. He's been an internet darling since he entered FCW, it's not been a few months. Though it has inevitably escalated. I'm a promo/build kind of fan, and that in itself shows everyone why I'm one of the biggest Ambrose marks here. Though it's stupid for anyone to mention Dean's ring work in the same sentence as Punk, Bryan, Dolph, etc., because it's simply not, and that is absolutely fine by me. He is above all of those except Punk on the mic though imo, but that's not the topic in hand.

    How do you evaluate his ring work? Good at best, like you said. However, he incorporates his gimmick into his ring work better than most, he has good ring psychology, and his selling is top notch. As far as offence, athleticism, and general technical skill, he's not up there with the best. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.

    Do you believe he's suffering from Punk syndrome? First off, I don't think this "syndrome" exists. It's classic sociology that once someone becomes popular, they become overrated. People sometimes need to ask themselves why they became popular in the first place. My opinion on this is that no one should care whether someone is overrating a star, because it just means they're enjoying them, and that's fine by me. Though I can see why it can be annoying. Is he suffering from this? No. I see more people who like Ambrose for the right reasons and notice his real talents than anyone going on about how good he is in the ring.

    What aspects if any should he improve up on if you don't rank him at that elite level yet? Ring work. He needs a better offence from what I can see. He needs to stop the quantity of typical brawler moves he does like punches, headbuts, as those get boring after a while. He should add in some suplexes and submissions. Submissions would be great for his gimmick.
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  3. How do you evaluate his ring work? He's average. He's not really a technical type but more of a hard hitting brawler,he can put on great matches though,his matches with Bryan,Jacobs,and,Rollins are top notch.

    Do you think he is suffering from Punk Syndrome? I infact plead guilty to participate in building him up but the thing is whenever a top Indy star gets signed by WWE he's gonna get talked a lot about on the internet no matter what.

    What aspects if any should he improve on if you don't rank him at that elite level yet? As of now I can't think of anything he needs to improve on but if he's gonna be a big player in the WWE later on down the line he's gonna have to control some of the mannerisms he makes when he cuts a promo.
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  4. Personally, I'm not a huge fan. I was very excited to begin with, but after making up my own mind, I was kind of disappointed. I heard all the hype after his debut at Survivor Series and I checked out some of his work on youtube. People kept saying he was like the Joker in the Dark Knight, but I never really saw it. To me, his mannerisms seem more spastic than psychotic, especially his little hand twitches and exaggerated facial expressions.

    How do you evaluate his ring work?

    Average. This was the most surprising thing to me. I saw videos of his ‘highlights’ and it was nothing but stomps, punches, more stomps. After all the hype, I was expecting more. He’s capable of selling the offence with a great deal of menace, but from a technical perspective, he’s certainly nothing special.

    Do you believe he's suffering from Punk syndrome?

    I don’t think there is such a syndrome, lol. I don’t think Punk’s overrated anymore, I think people more or less have an accurate opinion. Haters admit his merits, marks admit his flaws.

    As for Ambrose, I haven’t seen too many judge him based on hype, positively or negatively. I’ll admit, when I first heard the hype, I was very optimistic. I wanted him to blow my mind, but it didn’t really happen.

    What aspects if any should he improve up on if you don't rank him at that elite level yet?

    Well, everything. Aside from his mic work, I guess. I’m not a huge fan of his goofy facial expressions, but that’s just personal opinion. After hearing all the Joker comparisons, I expected him to be colder, more menacing. He could be great someday, but he’d need to improve his move set, get a new gimmick, and maybe act a little less retarded.
  5. I personally feel sorry for anyone who can't enjoy Ambrose. It's like a slice of cake has been taking from your cake of life.
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  6. Cake? Who has cake? I want cake. Gimme some cake.
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  7. His facial expressions do come off as borderline autistic sometimes. He pulls it off though. Better than Ryback and Big E (who also come off as retards) .

    How do you evaluate his ring work?
    He's pretty good. Not the best, but he's fun to watch. I really like his "brawling" style.

    Do you believe he's suffering from Punk syndrome?
    I think he is a bit overrated by smarky smarks, and this cumming from someone who really likes the guy and even hyped him up a bit :urm:
    He's still entertaining as fuck though. He's been fun to watch in the ring, and his mic work is pretty great.

    What aspects if any should he improve up on if you don't rank him at that elite level yet?
    Pretty much agree with Crayo.
  8. I big sexy slice of cake.
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  9. How do you evaluate his ring work?

    Good but I really can't get a firm grasp on how well his in ring work will captivate me or how good he is without ever seeing him in a one-on-one match. All I've seen are the six man tag matches, and those aren't good indicators of how good a person is in the ring. You're given a good idea but I don't feel comfortable given an answer without witnessing a singles bout. I've enjoyed all I've seen (most immensely), and I don't particularly think he does anything bad and I really enjoy his facial expressions while selling so there's that.​

    Do you believe he's suffering from Punk syndrome?

    I don't believe that's a legitimate thing. ​

    What aspects if any should he improve up on if you don't rank him at that elite level yet?

    In-ring work? Again, can't get a firm grasp based solely on six man tag matches but nothing else springs to mind. I certainly don't think he needs to improve on the mic.​
  10. How do you evaluate his ring work?
    This is his major flaw. It's not often that a heel has "moves of doom" but all Dean's moves are basically the following, stomp variations, haymakers, punches, the odd submission. And this has been Dean's flaw since he started in wrestling. He has been so ingrossed in developing a character that his in ring work has basically been shot in the face. Even on the indy scene his only good or great matches have either been brawls in CZW (lol lighttube to the head) or with wrestlers who are superior to him in the ring who have been able to carry him (Jacobs, Tozawa, Yamato, Bryan, Seth etc). He has improved some since arriving at FCW but he still needs work. He's average at best.
    Do you believe he's suffering from Punk syndrome?
    Not so much Punk syndrome as he just suffers from the dreaded hype sickness and not being able to live up to it.
    What aspects if any should he improve up on if you don't rank him at that elite level yet?
    Ring work is a must. If he is to be the main event player that so many think he will be he needs to be able to put on stellar matches both with talents that are better than him and worse than him. Also he needs to develop more variety in his character and mic work. Dean plays the psychotic/sadistic/angry/tempertantrum character to a tee but he has focused so much on playing that type of character that he is kind off a one trick pony. I'd like to see him portray and pervay other emotions than anger, rage or mentall illness just to prove that he can. There is nothing wrong with having a character that is your calling card. But your chances of success get bigger if you can work different styles.
  11. Ambrose is gonna draw people in based on his character and promo work anyway, so it doesn't matter how many five star matches he can have. Speaking of his ring work though, it's not bad but it's not the greatest either. I'd say it's slightly above average. He knows how to work, has a fair move set, his timing is perfect and he doesn't have issues based on what I've seen so far. In my opinion, it's all it needs to be. I think he can be a Mick Foley or a Jake Roberts, someone who isn't the greatest technical wrestler but still knows the storytelling aspects of what a wrestling match should be (a huge move set isn't required for that at all) and is a good/great ring psychologist that can suck people into his matches and feuds.

    To me, The Shield are like three wheels that work perfectly together - Seth Rollins is the one you can rely on for in-ring work (he did come from ROH, which is supposed to be the haven for great in-ring workers), Roman Reigns is the one with the marketable look, and Dean Ambrose is the one who'll suck you in because of his character. That's the way I see The Shield balancing each other out and how they'll all fare once they've split as a group.
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  12. God I couldn't disagree with a post SO much.

    1) Major flaw? Since when does WWE care so much about ring work now? Dean could main event Wrestlemania with his current ring work.
    2) Not living up to the hype? Well, all I see is a bunch of people marking for him every week and loving his segment, and Dean being the only member of Shield trending on Twitter every week. All tweets are filled with praise. I'm sure he's living up to it...
    3) One trick pony? Are you serious Stopspot? The character he is playing now is FAR away from his psychotic character, and he's easily the most entertaining member in The Shield currently. What does he do to portray his psycho character? He still incorporates it into the ring, and into some of his promos, but he is far away from that. A one trick pony? Pfft.

    Honestly, I see this as a classic "This guy is popular, so maybe if I disagree with the praise I will look snarter" - this happens far too often in the IWC. Sometimes people deserve praise, and Dean is certainly one of those people.
  13. 1. I do not judge him from a WWE standpoint but from my personal standpoint. And as a fan of Ambrose I say his ring work is his one major flaw with me.I like both ring work and mic work. If you cannot entertain me in between the promos I am not going to be as interested as if he could.
    2. Yes he trends on twitter. But we cannot assume that he will main event once the Shield angle is over. The angle in itself is very over and Dean is the mouthpiece of the group, of course he takes center stage. If he can roll with the attention and hype once the shield ends then I will say he has lived up to the hype. Because a lot of the hype is how big he is going to be as a singles wrestler, yet half of these people haven't seen him wrestle a singles match.
    3. The shield gimmick is just a jacket on top of their original gimmicks, a layer to the characters if you will. Dean's psychotic character shines in all the time, when he moves, how he stands and how he talks. He is just keeping it more in check. And what will Dean do when he realizes that he has done all there is to do with that character? There is no guarantee that he can pull a Mick Foley and create a distinct separate character like Dude Love or Cactus Jack and make it work. I like his psycho schtick but I would also like to see him try to branch out.
  14. So wait, Dean isn't shining because it's the angle itself which is over? What makes the angle over Shabang? Dean Ambrose is nothing like his psycho character, or is no where near as close to it. It is not the same, and yet you still call him one dimensional. It has leaked through sometimes, and I presume it's purposeful from Dean, because it's been fantastic, but it is in no way similar to his FCW gimmick for example. He is much more organised, and aware, instead of being the nut job.

    Also, how can you criticize him for being one dimensional when we have only seen him on TV for like 3 months with one gimmick? inb4 you bring up companies in the past. That has nothing to do with WWE, and what he will do in WWE. Sure, criticize him afterwards if he fails with another character, but to put it down as a flaw now is laughable. Also, because we can't assume he's going to main event after, that's a flaw too? Are you high lol? We're commenting on his current work, and he is by far the shining light in the hottest thing in WWE right now. Pretty much all your flaws is based on him not doing stuff that he isn't supposed to yet, or hasn't had the opportunity to yet. The ring work I can give you, but that has no relevance with WWE anyway now so I don't even see that as a flaw. He's better than Barrett in the ring, yet we're all begging Vince to FINALLY push him in the ME.
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  15. Not sure if you mean "ME" by main event or actually inside you.
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  16. Whilst I would really want Dean Ambrose inside me, I mean "Main Event".
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  17. He's only wrestled in 6-men tag matches so I can't say much about his ring work (watched him vs Regal and Rollins on FCW, but Regal/Rollins matches are normally always good anyway), the hype, well, for what he's done he's done it very well.
  18. :gusta:
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  19. The thing with Dean he has improved an absolute tonne in the ring from what I've seen. Granted, I've only seen two indy matches involving him, can't recall one of them that well, but the one that sticks in my mind is his match vs D-Bry which was really, really average. The guy most agree was the best in the world at that point couldn't work that good a match with him. To me, that sort of makes the argument that 'you can't tell if he's improved, because he's only faced great workers in the 'E ' sort of redundant. Because some of his matches with Seth are at least 4* IMO, and as much as Seth's an amazing worker he's no Bryan Danielson. I'm not saying he's an absolute technician or whatever, but no way in hell is his ring work so debilitating that he can't main event in WWE. Ryback's in our next PPV main event ffs.
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  20. Was hoping Shabang would reply to my post :sad:.
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