Dean Ambrose just got owned by Dolph lol

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 19, 2013.

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  1. Dean Ambrose just got owned by Dolph lol his reaction was priceless and now Dolph has a title match against Dean and Dolph will so take that US title off him
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  2. I agree. Dolph does deserve SO MUCH better than the shit he's given, but knowing that, the U.S. Title doesn't even deserve Ziggler's grace. Ziggler deserves more than the shitty U.S. Title.

    I also agree that Ambrose shouldn't have the title anymore. Actually, I don't think any of the Shield really need belts at this point. Yeah, I went apeshit when they won the titles all in the same night, but they're going to be just as "strong" as they are right now if they didn't have the titles.
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  3. lol pointless thread lol
  4. Now, now. As Brad_96 pointed out, ALL her threads aren't completely pointless. I actually do agree with her this time. The place Shield are right now, they don't need the belts and Ziggler does deserve SOMETHING, I just disagreed I don't think it's the U.S. Title because he's so much better than that. He deserves the WHC and we all know it.

    I only troll her threads that are stupid and will never provoke healthy debate (like her saying Graves is a full, complete copy of Punk by this getting his fingers tattoo'd). This thread is less idiotic. :obama:
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  5. lol pointless comment lol

    (as is mine)
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  6. Eh,the main event scene does seem pretty empty right now. Wouldn't mind seeing Dolph take the strap from Alberto, lose to Damien, and a Dolph/Damien feud erupting.
  7. I agree that The Shield shouldn't have the belts. I supported it when they first won them as I thought it was the next step for them as a group, but in truth, they established themselves so well running through most everyone immediately after debuting (including top level guys like Cena and Undertaker) that winning the titles felt like a momentum killer and a huge step down for them. Being HHH/Orton's muscle makes them feel like they have purpose again (especially in regards to their Justice gimmick, as they can now claim they are dishing out HHH's brand of justice... where is the "justice" in defending a championship?), just as they did in the beginning so WWE should find a way to transition the belts from them to someone else in a way that doesn't make them look too weak.

    Oh, and more on topic, Ziggler > Ambrose. Hope he doesn't win the US Title either, though.
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  8. I don't know that it's as much about Ziggler only being "good enough" for the U.S. Title (obviously, he's a main event/upper midcard guy now and a legitimate contender for the WHC or WWE Title at this point) as it is about finding someone to take the title from Ambrose without killing the Shield's brand. With all of the guys the Shield has run through, if he lost it to Zack Ryder or someone at that level, it would kill Ambrose's heat. If he loses it to a former WHC like Ziggler, it means something. Also, there may be some idea in WWE about rehabilitating the U.S. Title, making it mean something again, something along those lines, which means you have to give it to somebody who can elevate it. Ziggler carrying the U.S. Title and defending it a few times before being put into a feud to lose it (or voluntarily giving it up to pursue the WHC/WWE Championship, like when Goldberg gave up the U.S. Championship after winning the WCW World Heavyweight Title) could elevate the belt and give it more meaning.

    There's also a scenario I've been kicking around in my head wherein Ziggler takes the belt off of Ambrose and "gets fired", thus being stripped of the belt and forcing the creation of a tournament (which, mysteriously doesn't have Ambrose in it) for the U.S. Title. Though this wouldn't use Ziggler to elevate the belt, tournaments usually help a title get a little more relevance.

  9. How did that match work out for him at Night of champions?
  10. Dolph needs to take the US title off Dean at Battleground
  11. You need to leave this site at midnight
  12. Dolph Ziggler ain't taking shit off Dean Ambrose.. Give Ziggler another US. Title match, Ambrose will beat him just like he did at Night of Champions.

  13. [​IMG]
  14. Dean Ambrose your time is over its Dolph time and he will take your title and your spot
  15. So, Dolph is going to join the Shield and start acting as a mindless drone for HHH?

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  16. I'm confused by this thread....

  17. You know Ambrose doesn't read this right?
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  18. I really don`t see Ziggler as a midcard tittle holder anymore, but if he is not gonna job out anymore is good for him