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  1. So I've been hearing some buzz about Dean Ambrose and his return date, there was a decent bit of speculation that he was going to show up at Night of Champions after previously being advertised for the show. However Bridgestone Arena is no longer being listed in the advertisement for that night..

    The parts he's been filming for the movie "Lockdown" will be done filming the weekend that Night of Champions is taking place but they don't believe Ambrose will be able to make it in time to be on the show..

    It looks like instead of returning at NoC, Dean will be returning the Monday RAW show the night after the event.. I'm sure we all probably assumed that but I just decided to post the update.

    It's all from dirtsheets so who knows me may surprise the universe by popping up at NoC but this is the update I've read.
  2. I'd personally have him return the night after Night Of Champions as well. Have Reigns end up being overpowered and overwhelmed by The Authority just as he was last night on Raw, then Ambrose suddenly runs out and starts manically swinging a steel chair or a lead pipe at everybody.
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  3. Having him return at Night of Champions would I feel not really work. The match between Reigns and Rollins I feel needs to take place without any interference from anybody and if they did bring back Dean Ambrose at Night of Champions that would be what they would use him for. Depending on the outcome of Reigns vs Rollins it will be a way to bring Dean back into the fold and have him continue his feud with Rollins.
  4. I this point, there's no need for a NOC for Ambrose....having him sow up on Raw and go nuts helping Reigns would be great...which could then lead to a tag match....Rollins and Orton vs. Reigns and Ambrose.
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