Survivor Series Dean Ambrose Set for Career-Defining Night at WWE Survivor Series

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  1. At present, Dean Ambrose has not been announced for a match at Survivor Series 2015, but it still seems that The Lunatic Fringe is about to play a huge role in how the event plays out.

    Ambrose has spent recent months wrestling alongside Roman Reigns, largely in tag matches against The Wyatt Family. With their enemies vanquished at Hell in a Cell, it seemed time for the two to go their separate ways. However, they have not.

    On this week's edition of Monday Night Raw, Ambrose was the clear choice for Reigns' first pick as he selected his team for a five-on-five elimination match. Unsurprisingly, he was one of the three competitors yet to be eliminated when the bout came to a close.

    DIRTY DEEDS! It's down to @WWERomanReigns & @TheDeanAmbrose vs. @WWERollins! #Raw #SurvivorSeries

    — WWE (@WWE) November 3, 2015
    Speculation has run rampant ever since Seth Rollins won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that his reign was destined to end in a Triple Threat match between the former Shield members.

    That still seems very likely—in fact, the feud seems to be taking shape right now.

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    What are your thoughts on this? Can they really be setting up something for Ambrose right under our noses? What if he won the title over Roman?
  2. I can only see him winning the title if he turns heel on Reigns (and possibly joins The Authority) to do it, and I don't in any way see that happening. Plus, thinking long term here, what would be the title program he gets involved in for Wrestlemania? Him vs Reigns again (the story of which would be Reigns won the Rumble and now reclaims his title)? Can only imagine the disaster that would be for WWE considering the crowd will just eat up Dean even more when he goes heel and boo Reigns out of every single building from here to Wrestlemania.
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  3. Whoever turns, it's fine by me! :bodallas:
  4. I think Ambrose is getting the belt.
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  5. Either him or Reigns. I don't see anyone else. If there's a cash-in attempt at the end of the night, I hope it fails. :smirk2:
  6. inb4 another failed Sheamus run... :sheamful:
  7. I'd be fine with that. I may come off as a 'hater', but I actually like the dude, I just prefer him in the midcard.

    Reigns or Ambrose FTW, though! I'm going with Reigns, simply because if they turn Ambrose on Reigns, it could backfire and lead to Ambrose being even more over.
  8. I love him when he was pissing off D-Bry fans hahaha

    I said Ambrose because an Ambrose vs Seth feud would be good but then again, who knows what they plan on doing with Cena when he comes back.
  9. Yo, I'm a DB fan!!!

    What's in store for Goody Two-Shoes when he's back? He takes the title off Del Rio.

    I'm positive both Ambrose and Reigns will feud with Seth once he's back, as a matter of fact, it wouldn't surprise me if it was the ME of next year's SummerSlam.
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  10. Unless... Cena turns.

    And by turns I mean we have a Walking Dead themed Raw. :cesaro:
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  11. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

    I bet the artistic geniuses in WWE's creative division can't ever think of THAT. :smirk2:
  12. They'd have a rock feud with a piece of paper if it would make money. lol
  13. Reigns has gotten a lot of good receptions lately, and it hasn't been even at all. I think it may lead to them not pulling the trigger on Roman turning heel. Instead just winning it in a clean sweep. And let's be honest here, it's Atlanta. It isn't like they're going to boo him out of the building. The only noise they can muster up is if a WCW legend makes an appearance, cue Flair.

    Also, a TWD themed Raw? Gosh, Taker's entrance is long enough. We don't need everyone's entrance to be an hour long.
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  14. I am going to guess that since Roman turned down HHH, HHH "went behind his back" and spoke with Dean and they will screw him out of winning, Ambrose wins the title and is the heel turn of the night.
  15. The whole '98 Survivor Series situation mentioned in the other thread was what I going with to start, but Roman being as over as he has been lately has me thinking otherwise. I don't think Ambrose will turn either, although a clean sweep just doesn't make sense storyline wise. Either way, I don't see Roman losing.
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  16. My guess is Dean is about to win, Sheamus cashes in similar to Seth at WM but HHH helps out Reigns to win the title and thus completing the heel turn and building the Ambrose/Reigns rivalry till Seth is back in the picture.
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  17. I still feel like Roman isn't taking it but based on how predictable the WWE has been, and that most are expecting it... It'll probably happen.
  18. No body wants Ambrose to win more than me, but I just don't see it happening. They were going to pull the trigger with Roman before Seth's injury, the only thing that has changed is how it'll happen.

    Taken from PWMania
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