Dean Ambrose Should Challenge Brock Lesnar For The Championship At The Royal Rumble!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Sep 30, 2014.

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  1. Brock can't wrestle John Cena forever, Seth Rollins is a heel and the two of them won't wrestle unless it's a triple threat involving a third man (Cena), the Big Show is a terrible choice, Rusev is a heel and that match would make no sense, etc. Dean Ambrose is crazy over right now and is almost certainly not winning the Royal Rumble and headlining Wrestlemania anyway, so why not pit him against Brock Lesnar before then? With Bryan out, Punk gone and the Cena feud having been exhausted through, Lesnar needs some good opponents till Mania and Ambrose vs Brock would make for a compelling rivalry.

    Ambrose is supposed to be this fearless, take-on-any-challenges type of guy. It would fit his character to a T to be insane enough to call out Brock Lesnar and not back down from him. And then the match itself. The two have a hell of a brawl with one another and Ambrose takes a hell of a beating from Lesnar, but he keeps coming back for more. Imagine if he left a bruise on Brock Lesnar (remember Brock having a bruised eye the night after Wrestlemania XXX?) Also imagine he spends so much time in the Kimura Lock (which he refuses to tap out to, btw) that officials are concerned after the match that his arm might be broken and yet he refuses their help. Hell, maybe his arm IS broken and yet he still rejects their medical assistance, insisting on walking out on his own volition.

    As a one month thing (the Rumble probably being the best place for it), I think this could make for a great encounter that would get Ambrose even more over.
  2. Who is to say a heel can't wrestle a heel? The Wyatts and The Shield were both considered heels and that match was awesome. The crowd was pretty evenly split. I would have been ok if Seth actually cashed in on Brock at NOC. That Curb Stomp... Either way actually Seth or Dean vs Brock would be cool.
  3. Isn't Royal Rumble notorious for one off matches, particularly as it relates to Lesnar?
    Bob Holly (which I loved) from 2004 and Big Show last year. There may be more in general but I really don't care to search.
    The only person bruised by this scenario you're proposing would be HHH's ego.
    For HHH to tap to Lesnar but not Ambrose would probably make HHH uneasy.
    I don't necessarily see why Ambrose would call out Lesnar. He may as well call out HHH or Vince McMahon for that matter.
    Ambrose may have a screw loose but that doesn't mean the booking team would actually find it feasible to make it happen.

    They may as well do it. WWE is trapped in a corner and this would make the best option when considering all other factors.
    The only other option might be Cesaro. Coming off his Sheamus feud a tourney could determine a #1 contender.
    Ambrose could enter the tourney too, but finds a way to get himself eliminated in some fashion.
    He could even find a way to get Rusev counted out on the way to winning the tourney.
    A winning streak for Cesaro isn't out of the realm of reality and the fans could really get behind it this time.

    Lock's idea is probably more solid. Cesaro is just an idea i pulled out of my a**.
  4. It all depends on the dynamic between the two adversaries. The Shield vs The Wyatts was two badass stables going at it in a battle for supremacy. That type of scenario isn't hard to get people excited over, not forgetting that it was meant as a prelude to The Shield's face turn as well. It's all about the right elements and components coming together to create a program that people are intrigued by even when there aren't any fan favorites to cheer for. And while Lesnar vs Rollins isn't completely undo-able by any means, it's better for the sake of trying to make Brock into the biggest heel possible if he went up against a rising babyface like Ambrose. It's better for Ambrose too, since he would look like a fighter more than ever before surviving an encounter with Brock.

    You're right about the Rumble being a good place for one-off feuds, which is one of the primary reasons I chose it as the ideal place for this match to happen. (Same with the Swagger vs Brock idea that I proposed recently.) As for Ambrose calling out Brock, I didn't necessarily mean out of the blue (I should have explained this part better, but my post was already running long enough), but rather after he's already been given a title shot. I was thinking more along the lines of how CM Punk called out Brock last year but did so only after Lesnar (and Heyman) made the first strike against him and initiated the rivalry themselves. I'm not quite sure how the feud would get started, although I'm pondering a few ideas on how maybe it could:

    -Maybe Ambrose wins Seth's briefcase and decides to cash in at the Rumble by challenging Brock.
    -Maybe Ambrose becomes too much for The Authority to handle and Hunter feels sending Brock Lesnar after him will put him on the shelf for good. Dean, surviving the encounter, then calls out Brock for some more.
    -Perhaps Ambrose wins some type of #1 contender's match, as you noted.
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  5. no it will be stone cold that challenges him and takes the title from him!!!
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  6. lol Maybe in a fantasy match in 2K15. But not in reality.
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  7. you have no idea what youre talking about!!!
  8. Orton with a minor face turn after getting pissed at The Authority for making him fight all of Seth's battles for him, goes Viper mode all over Lesnar and wins the title... then we get CENA VS ORTON AGAIN BABY WOOOOOH!
  9. Orton going over Lesnar would cause me to vomit
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  10. I'm notorious for keeping my paragraphs short myself for the sake of readability and the at cost of being completely informative.
    I assume, often times, that things are obvious but you really do have to paint a f'ing picture for people. That's living, I guess.

    I don't know where Austin would be today had it not been for him tangling with Bret Hart.
    He won neither S'Series '96 nor WM 13 and came out smelling like roses.
    I'm not calling Ambrose, Steve Austin. I am however, acknowledging the template for building a superstar of his caliber.
    Getting a rub against a made man like Lesnar gives fans a glimpse into what Ambrose truly has in him.
    WWE only has stories such as Austin or Cena's when they've clearly chosen their future star already.
    For Austin, he took a back seat to HBK. For Cena, he took a back seat to Orton and for Ambrose he's taking a back seat to Reigns. We'll see how it plays.
  11. Brock Lesnar vs Ambrose should happen! For all the good reasons Lock's pointed out. Rollins should only fight Brock when he's about to cash in the MITB.

    Pretty much any other match than Lesnar vs Henry or Lesnar vs Show would be fine. I honestly thought they were gonna go with Lesnar vs Cena at HIAC to end the feud (with Cena losing, of course!), but it looks like they'll be stretching it out till SS or TLC or even the Rumble. Fuck that shit!
  12. Yes. When Brock won the belt I figured that he'd need some filler feuds till he drops it to whomever (Reigns I guess) at WM, and Ambrose was the first guy that came to mind. They have an ace match.
  13. lmfao, shows how much I pay attention. My bad.
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