Dean Ambrose-Triple H feud/match what do you think?

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  1. This feud is one of the top feuds I would like to see happen WWE, but its best if they save it for wrestlemania30, next years wrestlemania, which will help Ambrose get over, also at the same time it will Triple h something to do knowing that he is big seller for WrestleMania. I hope this feud is intense or more intense than Brock Lesnar-HHH or Nash-HHH, this one of the best things WWE could do for the shield, right now. Sheild, is good, but they need to be utilized better, tag team push for them is good, plus, possibility of Ambrose holding the U.S. title for a long time does not sound bad at all. I wanna see a war between Ambrose/sheild and Triple H, bring back the cereberal assassin of Triple H, add some drama to the rivalery. This would definitely help Ambrose get over, having him talked about by WWE fans since Ambrose seems to have good mic skills, but WWE may have to work on his mic skills some more. lets see some backstage brawls/drama in this feud, come on WWE. Also they should conitinue this feud until the next ppv after wrestlemania, maybe even make it that time a hell in a cell match.
  2. I too want to see a Shield vs HHH feud or an Ambrose vs HHH feud which inevitably involves The Shield anyway if they are still together. HHH can play well off the psycho stuff, as shown in his feud against Orton years ago. It'll give Ambrose a lot of spotlight to show how good a heel he can be against one of the top faces, and the match wouldn't be half bad either. I don't even think this is an unrealistic ask, as HHH has nothing to do now post-Brock - although in a feud with his own father in law - and The Shield are in limbo after beating all other top stars.
  3. This past week on Raw, Triple H wanted Vickie to take care of the Shield, whilst Mr.McMahon was all friendly and congratulating them. Maybe Vince could eventually use the shield to beat down Triple H starting a rivalry from there. I don't know.
  4. I don't really want to see Triple H on tv as a competitor anymore.
  5. Wouldn't want that, as they'd be 2nd fiddle in a story between HHH and Mr McMahon.
  6. Say WHAT?
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    I suppose you're right, lazy booking on my part. I should be part of WWE creative.
  7. My Idea to break up the shield would be simple "HHH comes down to the ring on smack down goes to talk about prices they'll pay. the three come out after a fight tripple power bomb him. On Raw the next week HHH comes out with three or four guys and says that tonight there will be a tripple theart match where as the Winner will get to keep his WWE contract the other two will be fired on the spot. Ambrose Reigns and Rollins, we watch the three fight each other knowing what's ont he line Ambrose wins Reigns and rollins gets 'resigned' down the road but the hounds of justice is no more."
  8. Give Ambrose free reigns and I'd be down. Like the aforementioned Orton feud but take it further. Ambrose character is very much inspired by the joker so I'd love to seeh im playing intricate mind games with HHH. Let him borrow some mannerisms from Bane and have it all be a very well thought out master plan hidden within the chaos of the insane Ambrose. And at the "end" he "breaks" Triple H physically. Then Ambrose can go on another run until Triple H returns down the road (it would be inevitable, it is Triple H after all).

  9. If you're running the breaking story it has to be with Cena IMO, H has given up before in matches so shown he's human, Cena is the unbreakable spirit. I remember mentioning a similar storyline for Ryback with Cena although Dean works too.
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