Dean Ambrose update.

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  1. This basically means he'll be here with us soon (1000th RAW???) but his Mick Foley angle has probably been dropped, which I am deeply disappointed about. I can only cross my fingers now and hope that he's given a good push with the gimmick he had in FCW.
  2. Could they be working us by deleting them for the surprise? Let's say it's Dean playing mind games with Mick by acting as though it's over.
  3. Could be a work as the only way we know Foley is at RAW is his tweet so he could get ambushed by Ambrose as he looks to make a name for himself?
  4. I wish. We're giving creative too much credit there.

    The thing that makes me hesitant to believe that is the fact we've seen so much of Foley recently, it's been the perfect chance to build their feud. Why would they wait this long? I hope I'm wrong though more than I ever have. Dean vs Mick would be incredible.
  5. See that made me think the other way that we've seen Foley but no Dean so now Foley is thinking it's over and safe and then Ambrose attacks unexpectedly.
  6. But there's been no buzz around it. If that were to happen then you'd use twitter or YT to keep the sparks there. The feud has sort of died, especially after that news reporting Foley not wanting to work with Ambrose because he bought his kids into it. But then a month or so after that Dean made a couple of #thanksmick tweets but then stopped again lol.
  7. True about the buzz I dunno I still think it could happen as if Dean had given up then BAM unleashes hell! Hard to tell sometimes with fb, twitter etc!
  8. He should be given the same gimmick he had at FCW, just like Harris and Sandow. I'd love to see him debut at Raw 1000. But why do you think his angle with Foley was dropped?
  9. Dean at 1000 raw!!
  10. inb4 he is repacked as Dan Charger with a shaved head and gets fed to Ryback before making his exit from WWE.
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  11. Well it was reported that Foley dropped the feud because Ambrose bought Foley's kids into it in a promo after Foley said no. He even tweeted saying he won't work with someone he won't trust (no names were mentioned though). Then all the #thanksmick stuff stopped, but then a month or so after it restarted again with a couple #thanksmick tweets from Dean so we all thought it was back on. But I still think it's off tbh.

    Don't even joke about it. :eww:!!
  12. I see. I don't know, I'll just wait and see what they have for him. But I wouldn't really doubt the Dan Charger idea, it's still WWE. :haha:
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