Dean Ambrose US Title Reign

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  1. Dean Ambrose has now the 6th longest reign with the US title in history and 2nd longest reign in WWE history. Thoughts on his overall reign?

    Note: Longest overall reign is Lex Lugar with 523 days and longest WWE is MVP with 343 days.
  2. Can someone work out how many times he's defended it in this time?
  3. He hasn't defended it nearly enough. I like him and I'd like to see him do more solo matches.
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  4. 9 televised defends, 4 losses by count out and DQ, 5 wins.
  5. 9 wow that is bad for the length of his reign.

    Cheers buddy.
  6. No problem, couldn't find any stats on a quick google search so just took it off his wiki.
  7. Back onto topic though IF he had defended the title more I would have no issues with his reign as I like Ambrose and think given the chance he would be a great champion.
  8. 2nd longest reign in wwe history?
  9. Behind MVP according to a list on WWE.COM. Overall history with WCW and more he is 6th. Cesaro is number 10 on the overall list.
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  10. I hope they just drop the US title. Ambrose and kill any prestege it had left,
  11. He did not really need the title but with the other two in the shield winning the tag titles they probably wanted to keep him looking strong. Way too many count outs and DQ finishes which make the title a joke.

    He pinned Big E on raw so there might be a unification bout at mania.
  12. In my world, holding onto a title and not defending it just makes the title look like a paper title, so in terms of how long he's been holding it means nothing.
  13. Someone told me once when I was making a BTB, these is a difference between CM Punk's reign of 434 days and Eric Young and ODB holding the Knockouts tag belts for a long reign and its match quality and number of defends so I agree there.
  14. Welcome to the United States championship division.
  15. You know what could save it? If we bring the European championship back :smug:
  16. Not if they do the exact same half ass booking :pity1:
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  17. But Europe is the superior country :pity2:
  18. That's why they jobbed to a bunch of pilgrims :jeritroll:
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  19. Stupid ol WWE wasted all the European talents. Look at Regal.
  20. Has a dumber comment ever been made on this site lol.
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