Backlash Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles (Thoughts/Opinions)

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Aug 25, 2016.

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  1. Dean "F***ING" AMBROSE!

  2. AJ " The Phenomenal" Styles

  1. [​IMG]
    So as we expected, this match will take place with the title on the line.
    What are your thoughts as of now on this match? Will it be good, bad, or average at best?
    Who do you think will win and who do you want to win?
    VOTE! & discuss your thoughts on the main event of Backlash!

    *the glitter text is there to annoy you*

  2. Two of my faves, so I do not care who wins. Although, I'd prefer Styles. Don't think any main roster talent has had quite the year he's had.

    As to what to expect, it'll be average. Although, the lead up should be great.
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    Nah, I'll be fine with either outcome, although I'd prefer if Styles won. The dude's been killing it for as long as I remember and he deserves the top spot.
  4. The only way I can see Ambrose winning over AJ is if they planned on keeping this going for a few months but I am not sure if they want that or not.
    I have a feeling they are going to end up doing some silly story line with Ambrose and Rollins down the line... again...

    I just want this match to be good, winner don't matter to me. I am not a huge fan of either but don't not like either of them. They are about equal to me.
  5. I think Dean is gonna win it but I would prefer to see AJ as the champ
  6. Time to... #BeatUpDeanAmbrose
    Hope Ambrose pulls out a few new moves, I know he can, seeing some of his FCW & CZW matches I know he can have a great match and even if he doesn't pull anything out the match will still be Phenomenal cause of the man! The Phenomenal AJ Styles fkn greatest of all time, if you can have a MOTY candidate with Roman you can steal the show with Ambrose haha. Next WWE WORLD CHAMPION AJ STYLES!
  7. Styles wins and Joe comes out and rivalry ensues :emoji_wink:
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  8. I am thinking the same thing. I think that they will want Dean to hold it for a bit longer.
  9. Obviously it ain't matter of if but more so a matter of when because there is little doubt AJ Styles is next in line for WWE Champion...

    Now, they could easily just have AJ win clean as a whistle at Backlash, which I'm sure would be fine for most, but I'm kind of thinking they probably won't want to have Ambrose losing the title on the very first Smackdown exclusive PPV. If that's the case, and since we obviously need to keep Styles strong and his momentum going at the same time, I'm thinking interference from Dolph Ziggler that costs AJ the match, eventually leading to a Triple Threat at No Mercy in October and that's when AJ is crowned champion.
  10. It's kinda crazy to see Dean Ambrose win the Shield Triple Threat, beat 2 other certified main eventers on the same night, has enough cred after all the dirt that's been thrown on that guy to seem MILES above every other member of the SD roster (sans Styles/Cena) but it still doesn't mean as much as Beating (Up) John Cena did. AJ Styles just has momentum going right now that Ambrose just doesn't, and Styles's performances lately have been so damn impressive that it's hard to look at Ambrose retaining as even a possibility. The redneck's got this one, but then who does Styles feud with?
  11. Still quite daunting to me that AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose is not only headlining a PPV, but that it's also for the top prize in the game. Quite hard to complain about things from Smackdown's pov, for me anyways.
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  12. Well, as things stand at the moment and working strictly with what we have availabe on the current roster (can't go as far as thinking who may be added to the roster, if any, till then) I guess the only logical answer to your question is Randy Orton...
  13. Jabroni vs Midget

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  14. I think it's going to AJ and I am pretty damn happy about it because I NEVER thought I'd see the day. I have been following AJ for 13 years and he has always been one of my favorites. For me this is a huge deal because if AJ wins the WWE Championship, he will become only the third person in wrestling history to hold both the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and the WWWF/WWF/WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The ONLY two guys who have ever done this are Ric Flair and Buddy Rogers, and I think that is some impressive company to be in. These are now the two longest still active major titles in the United States. I know it's not quite the accomplishment of Flair and Rogers, since the NWA council voted for them to be champs and Jeff Jarrett pretty much solely decided AJ would be the NWA champion... but its still a major deal in my eyes.

    And then AJ can also say he is the ONLY person to ever hold the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship... could even throw the IWGP in there if I wanted.

    I know to most of you this might not matter. I mean, in a sport with predetermined champions, it might seem silly to some to laud such things. But growing up when I did, this sort of thing was a huge deal and the nostalgic part of me still says it is one.
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  15. I'm picking AJ to be the next WWE World Champion. I see the feud between him and Ambrose leading to a "tweener turn" for AJ (there's no Club and AJ's natural likability, particularly with Cena out at the moment...and the possibility that Cena has, at least temporarily, passed the torch to AJ). Either Ziggler, going full-on heel, causes a non-finish at Backlash or forces his way into the match and makes it a triple threat. If they keep it a singles match and Ziggler causes a non-finish, that leads to a triple threat at No Mercy, where AJ wins. If they make it a triple threat, I can see AJ pinning Ziggler and having a rematch against Ambrose.

    Either way, a "face-er" Styles faces Ziggler as his first feud post-Ambrose, then, probably Bray. I just don't see them keeping Styles a full-on heel.

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  16. Usually I'd call this a queer vs queer match and not take it seriously, but honestly AJ on Smackdown has been alright, and he has the clean win over Big Match John. I want AJ to win, with the rumors that he was supposed to be universal champ until plans changed at the last minute which would have prevented the glass demon midget from shattering , I'm guessing AJ will win. Hopefully he can drag a good match out of this useless boring sack of low ratings shit. Dean hasn't had a good match and he can't talk without making me suicidal so...for his sake, AJ better be in the carrying mood.
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    I agree 100%

    And although it's predetermined champions. It still proves that AJ is one of the best wrestlers of any show, brand, company, ever. They may pick who's going to be champion, but usually they pick the best. The best has been AJ Styles no matter where he's gone.
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