Dean Ambrose vs Kingston title rematch set for SmackDown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 21, 2013.

  1. Good. Get it out of the way. The match will get a decent amount of time on Smackdown as well so it is bound to be good. Ambrose works well with Kofi and most guys of that size so it will definitely be a good match.
  2. Let's hope it's just as good as their match at ER. It will probably get more time so hopefully they don't waste it.
  3. I want Kofi to feud with Cesaro really, there bouts have been the one thing I have enjoyed and since the hair pulling on Main event, that feud seems to have been dropped.
  4. I hope that it's not planned the way they did for Christian's first run, only last one week.
  5. I doubt it. WWE is actually booking The Shield pretty well... :mog:
  6. Well, glad to have an opportunity to see Ambrose in singles action again. I'd get excited for a possible character change/tweak after losing a midcard title for Kofi but it's Kofi. Here we start the cycle again and see you in 4-5 months when he randomly wins some belt (if he doesn't take the IC off of WB next month that is).
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