Dean Ambrose Wants To Be Wrestling's Top Villian

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Sep 11, 2013.

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  1. Source.

    Well,with the right amount of exposure and proper booking he will be one of these days,and, when that day happens I'll be here,marking like a little girl.
  2. Love his attitude.
  3. Really enjoy Dean Ambrose in the ring and his character.. I hope wwe don't stuff it.
  4. If he doesn't want to be the best.... He should just GTFO.....

    Just like all of them
  5. Dean Ambrose needs to pay his dues before ever getting to be wrestlings top villian
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. He seems capable, but I'm afraid his Shield buddies may eclipse him when they finally disband.
  8. He may get there. He's great on the mic, good character, can work, is big enough and all. Don't think anything may stop him.

  9. Maybe Reigns. Rollins? I doubt it.
  10. That may be true. I was giving Rollins a lil extra credit for the NXT champ run he had.
  11. Worst spot ever, that shit suckled from the dong of shitness that no name no talent yardies worship whilst jumping off their roof. Dudes an excellent speaker highlight that shit not a dumbass spreading blood on a saw blade which looked like it couldn't cut open that Kelly Kelly fansfans soft head.

  12. :okay:

    But yeah I've seen Dean's interview about that, just thought it was a good example of him paying his dues. Never mind :sad:
  13. Seabs just burying the fuck out of Ryan makes this thread wonderful.

    Anyway, he can and will be the top villain in wrestling. He's definitely good enough.

  14. This. Fuck that guy.
  15. I suppose it could happen, I can't see either of the Shield taking his spot for the big villain. I see Reigns being a big face character, but that's mostly it. Dean has the mic skills, and the in ring psychology to be a big villain, I still remember his match against Kane, nearly using Undertaker's old school move against his brother was brilliant and added more heat to him during the match. If he continues to improve in ring, and keeps his mic work fresh and doesn't get busted for drugs, I can see him having a very bright future with the WWE.
  16. Nor Brock or Kelly paid any dues.

    Ambrose could get that spot at the top.
  17. Ambrose defintily has the mic skill and in-ring skill, and I hope he gets there, since Ambrose is my second favorite wrestler (behind my boy D-Bry.)
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