Dean Ambrose wont be a top star

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. Ok I have to say this whether any of you like it or not Dean Ambrose wont be a top star hes not gonna be the next indy guy to make it big in WWE. Only CM Punk and Daniel Bryan who were indy wrestlers have made it big in WWE cos they have IT. This is something Dean Ambrose doesnt have. The guy is a one trick pony and I hope to god he is stripped of that US title and is de pushed. The only guy in the Shield group that will make it big is Seth Rollins as he is the next high flyer like Jeff Hardy was in his time in WWE. CM Punk/Daniel Bryan >>> Dean Ambrose. I just layed out another pipebomb :pipebomb:
  2. Oh boy Shadoxicity wont like this.

    So a god on the mic and great in ring wont make it? Okay we can all openly see the logic and understand this as truth, BLFFL said it so its happening.
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    Well I do agree actually, Daniel Bryan > Ambrose.
  4. @Shadoxicity come on give me your best shot since Adam says you wont like what I am saying
  5. Agreed. Ambrose has been meh this far.
  6. I disagree. Yeah, Ambrose isn't doing what I expect he can do, but WWE will somehow push him.
  7. lol you talking shit? Really?
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  8. This isn't a pipebomb, this is your opinion.
    And I highly doubt another single soul on this earth agrees with you.
    Tell me if you find one though.
  9. I think he can be a main eventer. I don't think he will, though.
  10. This may be what you were looking for...
  11. Ambrose has had some good, short promos, is a champion, and is apart of the biggest angle in wrestling right now. Will the OP please leave us alone already!
  12. He hasn't really shined yet I'm sure because he's stuck in a group that have no real personality other than destroying people with brute force. I'm not a blind Ambrose mark who's been following him for years and thinks he's the future savior of wrestling (which is the vibe I get from some of his fans), just stating the facts. I think his true potential as a personality will come when The Shield splits. Same with Rollins and Reigns.
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  13. There are two options I could do in response to this. Option one would be to make a long drawn out post countering all the crap you originally wrote and option two would be to make a post composed of flaming remarks and insults the inner Ambrose mark in me oh so wants to do. I figure I'd do neither options because either way you'd respond with a nonsensical idiotic comment that rephrases what you said in the op. So,I'm just gonna leave it here to say everyone has their own opinions and respectively I can't stand your's or you for that matter.
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  14. People said the same about Daniel Bryan. Look at him now. :pity:
  15. I agree with her. I don't see Ambrose ever being WWE champion or anything like that. Maybe WHC, but even that seems like a stretch.
  16. You agree partly. She sees him in a Ryder role.
  17. She wasn't really just simplifying it to WWE champ, though. I admit I can't see Ambrose as WWE champ someday or something either, but making it big could mean like WHC or something. That seems like a pretty big thing to me, but idk. She's saying he won't make it big in any way shape of form because she's more of an idiot than Gohan. He'll be successful in some way. She's just trying to get a rise out of people on here because I'm guessing too many people mentioned her intelligence level. Lol. I don't know why people keep replying to her threads or why she's still here.
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  18. Ryder > Christian, he just doesnt have a dick to ride on, like christian did for Edge. Canadian garbage.
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Seconded.

    Though seeing people like Adam get all pissy and butthurt over and over and over again is pretty hilarious.
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