Dean will lose the US title next

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Oct 17, 2013.

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  1. Dean will lose the US title next the Shield members are about to go on a losing streak you heard it here first
  2. Well fucking done. Ambrose retained btw.
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  3. Dean loses title to AJ Lee and retains it against Kelly Kelly, Ryback and Lesnar in a 3-on-1 at WM 30

    AJ Lee pisses on their faces lol.

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  4. Make that a 4-on-1 contest with AJ Lee retaining against Paige, Kelly Kelly, Ryback and Lesnar.
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  5. No.

    Shield have been booked badly since winning the titles, They will drop them and split up and go onto have great careers.
  6. I really can't wait for these guys to split, The Shield was great but it's run it's course.
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  7. Well i know who gets credit when this all goes down. Another amazing pipebomb, i can barely handle it.
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  8. Agreed
  9. Are you dudes shitting me? They're not splitting yet. The face turn is coming. They've been foreshadowing the fuck out of it. They're going to help Daniel Bryan at some crucial bad ass moment.
  10. Action I love you but you're being retarded, The Shield will be awful babyfaces if they turned. You know it, I know it and our used condoms know it. Let them split.
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  11. I Honestly only watch RAW for the Kofi Kingston parts, so i really dont have anything to add here.
  12. Yeah,he'll lose it next. All champions lose their titles at some point,it's just a matter of when they lose it. I don't think Ambrose will lose the U.S title for a while,but, when he does I hope it's to Seth Rollins.
  13. This is the type of thread that should be closed, not LQ junk in the LR.
  14. :dawg:
  15. Meh it's provoked discussion to some extent. This is a great thread by BLFFL's standards.

    Agreed with those saying the split needs to happen, it needed to happen months ago but they just turned lazy with the booking. Ambrose winning the title post 'Mania, holding it for a few months before letting his ego get in the way and leading to Rollins splitting off and turning face. Rollins feuds with Ambrose/Reigns and wins the title @ Summerslam. He could eventually drop the title around about now so they could get on with the whole unification thing they're presumably gonna do at WM.

    No idea what they'll do now, especially if the WHC ceases to exist.
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  16. I just don't see them unifying the belts. The live events sell for the world titles holders, mainly, so only having 1 is a pain in the arse.
  17. Although actually, their new events are called WWE Live, not RAW/SD house show anymore. Hmm, that's interesting. I know they do a RAW/SD show on the same night in the UK, but I think they only do 1 show a night in the US, so it wouldn't really matter having 1 main title.
  18. I don't really know the meaning of all the house show stuff, just kind of making assumptions given that Cena is in the WHC picture at this time of year.
  19. Eventually everyone loses their belts
  20. A split is useless without spotlight. They play a role in this story - unfortunately not one I like - and it needs to play out. Once it's blown over and the focus is on something else, then give them some spotlight for the split. A split like this can create multiple stars, so it needs to be thought of with care. It can't be a jobber storyline alongside the likes of Fandango, Santino, and the Funky Retards.
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