Dear WWE,

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Dec 10, 2015.

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  1. Basically, I wanted to make a vent thread since so many people seem to be more and more upset with the product. Vent your hearts out. Someone can tweet the link to WWE, or we all can. They need to fix this. I won't watch another Raw until things improve. I have no faith in the company going in to the new year. There is wrestling shows out there way more entertaining then the WWE and it is a shame they can't compete with this monopolized crap.
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  2. I won't watch RAW again until Seth Rollins returns.. I have very little investment in any talent on the roster, which is a shame since so many of them are so talented.
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  3. They don't know how to book anything or optimize characters. And don't even mention story-lines... A kid can do a better job.
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  4. "Dear WWE, please get yer heads out of yer arses. We wanna like you again. " - WWE Universe
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  5. I do not get why people get angry over a promotions booking especially wwe, It will never be as good as certain indys and puro stuff. Sure it could be better but get over it, I mostly do not care for the wwe, just watch sometimes for the big traditional ppvs. As it was the first wrestling I was exposed to. Do not feel loyalty to promotions.
  6. I guess I just believe WWE should be what they are. McMahon never cared about his talents before and is only doing so for public relations.
    The NFL is having concussions issues as well but still is making tons of money being what they are.
    Bad press won't ruin the perception of your company but being a bunch of pu**ies will.
    They don't give health insurance and claims its employees are independent contractors. This is who McMahon is.
    Have Bryan sign a waiver indicating he won't later sue WWE. If he goes Benoit, he won't be the only one. NFL players have the same problems Benoit did.

    Be what you are. Bad press comes. It always does. Linda was the reason WWE went PG, so the workers' actions out of ring aren't that d*mning.

    Edit: Pleasing too many people is fruitless. Be what you are and stop forcing talent into characters that are completely antithetical to who they really are.
  7. Dear WWE,

    Pay Paul Heyman more money and let him run creative and don't micro manage him.


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  8. I've defected a lot because
    -Bryan is not cleared due to bullshit (I know you are holding him back Vince)
    -Creative seems not to care anymore OR Vince is making all their ideas lame, either way it sucks, they should be using Paul Heyman in creative a lot more with no micromanagement crap
    -It's all pop culture now, should be less entertainment and a little more sports aspect
    -They aren't using their talent properly or pushing those who can use it (aka Del Rio, Ziggler, Owens, Ambrose, Wyatts, etc.)
    -Commentary sucks
    -Women as wreslters aren't respected just because the real ones don't look like models and the ones that look like models are considered wrestlers when they know nothing
    -No risky booking decisions at all, you gotta take the risk, the WWE has tons of money to afford it
    -Roman quietly replacing Bryan because he looks more like a wrestler to the WWE than Bryan (I see this too Vince)
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  9. That alone can be improved and the over all feel of watching Raw at home would greatly improve.
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  10. Generic disgruntled mark response to shitty product.
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  11. Commentary is so whack. I have to shut it off sometimes. I can't stand Michael Cole screaming like a small child over every bit. And JBL trying to be funny. The King attempting to be babyface and being awful at it. Saxton being a deer in headlights.

    They really need to just bump it down to 2 man teams as well.
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  12. Lucha Underground, January 27th. Can't wait!
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  13. Put on a better show because the more people who aren't watching the show will be likelier to spot our spice mining operation. Get it together or I'll feed you to a sand worm!
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  14. Dear WWE, why do you exclude the true fans from everything but when times get worse, you crave them like a whore craves penis?

    I find it hilarious that Triple H mocked the very fans that saved his company, and very much built him into a star. Only in the wrestling industry do differing opinions on a product that is universally panned as awful, get put down. WWE loves to acknowledge their fans, but if you don't agree with everything they want you to agree're a mark!

    I can't stand companies who regard customers as a caste below them. EA does it in the game industry. WWE does it in the wrestling industry. It's almost like they can't stand that people want change in a company that's been running the same cogs for over a decade. Which would make sense, if those cogs were churning out killer ratings, attendance figures and universal praise.

    There were days when WWE listened to their fans, because they were all they had. WWE has become such a different place. They think that just because they get the soccer moms, that they can forget, exclude and ridicule the very fans that air their flame?

    The ideology that "we're an entertainment titan!" has completely spoiled their product. I couldn't give a shit what they do. I usually watch RAW due to nostalgia and the lack of something better to do. When I find something better to do with my time, bye bye WWE.
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  15. Dear WWE, I maybe the only one who thinks this, but where has the fucking wow factor gone, I never was a true fan of WCW but honestly I would rather watch that manifesto then the shit product I'm being served each week which to be honest is a chore to watch the whole thing. I understand times have change and also the themes of your majority demographic but for fuck sakes you are in the entertainment industry and your product is rarely entertaining. THAT IS A PROBLEM
  16. Keep Daniel Bryan off my TV, Push Ryder and convince Stephanie to wear more revealing clothing for HHH's 30 minute promos.
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  17. Ultimate storyline: Stephanie is having an affair with Seth Rollins
  18. :dealwithit:Seth Rollins is having an affair with :boohoo:wife
  19. Bigger twist: Seth Rollins is having an affair with Triple H. :rollins::hhhooh:
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