Kayfabe Death Awaits.

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    *After a commercial break on Precision, the titantron flickers and it shows Will Neilson sitting in a dark room, chairs, kendo sticks, bats, ladders and other weapons surround him. A table is positioned infront of him and he begins to speak.*

    Will: I've never regarded myself as..... unstable. I've never regarded myself as..... psychotic. It's always been about doing what is right and having the greatest match every time I step into a ring. All of that changes tonight.... and only tonight. Chris Parks, you have pushed me to my breaking point, only 1 week ago you brutally attacked me.... gave me a concussion.... injured my ribs.... and what the doctor forgot to tell me.... gave me internal injuries. That is why you saw last week, I collapsed in the middle of the ring, with my friends by my side.

    *Will pulls out a medical report from last week, showing that he collapsed due to internal injuries sustained by Chris 'Doomsday' Parks.*

    Will: This is what you did to me..... *Pulls out a neatly writed list from his jacket pocket.* and this is what I will do to you.

    *On the list it lists multiple injuries a wrestler can sustain, to name a few... "Broken Ankle." "Major Concussion" and "Fractured Wrist." He puts the list on a table and pulls out a pen... he then scribbles at the bottom in capital letters "CARRER".*

    Will: Not only will you suffer these injuries.... you'll also suffer the most deadliest one of all. Your career ending before your very eyes.

    *Will pulls out a match from his pocket, and some gasoline from the back of the room. He pours the gasoline on the table and lights it. The table is on fire and Will pulls out a picture of Chris Parks and rips it to shreds before chucking it into the fire and watching it burn.*

    Will: A Neilson doesn't just go down without fighting Chris.... they keep fighting until the battle is won. You can't keep down a Neilson.... you can't kill a Neilson.

    *Will walks out of the room and the fire suddenly stops, the camera goes over to the table and looks down onto it. There is only two words burned into the table. "Death Awaits". The cameraman walks out the room and zooms in on Neilson walking to his locker room, he sees Rhys before he goes in and high fives him as they both walk into The Last Heroes lockeroom where Antonio is already in there. The camera turns round to Chris Parks up close. Chris grabs the camera and kicks the cameraman away, he then stares into it for a couple of seconds before hurling it at a wall. The image is unrecognisable as the titantron turns off and the crowd hears a high pitched scream echo around the arena.*

    End of Segment

    OOC: Mentions and Quick Notice.

    @The Anarchist

    Another quick notice, Will Neilson isn't turning heel, despite the heel vibe from this promo. This is just a one night thing where he is completely serious and focused on his match as it has become very personal. I don't want any negative feedback on my promos for once aswell, just don't ask why, I'm going through some tough shit at the moment, some people on this forum know what I suffer from so I'm just gonna keep it at that.

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