Death Of The Tag Team Division

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, May 11, 2012.

  1. If the tag team division continues to be as shitty as it is, with no real tag teams and mostly just two singles wrestlers thrown together for a month or two before breaking up, what do you think the odds are that WWE might actually get rid of the tag team titles themselves? They eventually got rid of the Cruiserweight title when they failed to get people to care about the division, so if actual tag team wrestling remains stagnant, it's not implausible that they could ditch the tag team division as well.

    To be specific, tag team wrestling will never truly die. There will still be tag team matches, just not specific tag teams that are exclusive to the tag team division, and no tag team belts. So, do you think WWE will ever get rid of the tag team championships? I'm kinda surprised it hasn't already happened yet.

    Lance Storm had an interesting article about the subject here
  2. I doubt they'll get rid of it, they just nee to revamp it. They don't care enough about it to get rid of it. It's not hard to revamp it so I won't be surprised if we eventually see a nice tag-team division. It's one of those #wwelogic situations.
  3. Agreed, but people have been saying this for years. We're still waiting.
  4. I thought someone died.:((
  5. People have also said it's going to die for years. Lol.
  6. It won't die, but I would rather see it die than stick around in it's current state.
  7. Didn't already die? :silva:
  8. They have decent teams, if they stick to those and start caring about the division and booking it well, it can become decent, at least. But they just don't mind about it now.
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