Death Penalty

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. What is your stance on the Death Penalty.

    Support, oppose so on.
  2. Support, the less the better.
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  3. The claim that it costs a lot of money is laughable.

    Getting someone one to shoot another person is x1000 less expensive then supporting that persons life for the rest of the persons lifetime.

  4. Do I need to post the George Carlin video again?

  5. I have a sick yet good idea to keep the cost of an execution at an extreme low.

    So after the jury and everything is given you then buy a casket/coffin. You go to a remote state inmate cemetery and you force the guilty subject to dig a grave. He get's inside the casket/coffin and you give him his last rites before you lock the door and send him down.

    Natural death. Low cost. Seems good.
  6. Suffocating isn't a natural death.
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  7. Being forced into a coffin then lowered into a grave is hardly natural. That's like drowning someone then claiming that was natural. I'm for the Death Penalty in specific cases.
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  8. it is more expensive on average because of all the appeals and cost to actually go through and seek the death penalty on the court system.

    I'm pretty neutral on it. it doesn't bother me, but should be reserved for really heinous crimes
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  9. I like this idea.

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  10. Lynching is the best and most cost efficient way. Won't be done anymore in this country because of the racial aspect when lynching black people became fashionable post-civil war
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  11. My viewpoint on the death penalty isn't shaped by the morality of it (morals are flexible things, anyway.) To me, it's entirely a cost-efficiency issue. If it's cheaper to execute someone than it is to keep them imprisoned for years, then anyone charged with the death penalty or carrying a life sentence (same difference, as you'll eventually die in prison either way) should be put to death. If it's cheaper to keep them alive until the day comes that they croak and fall over dead from old age (or whatever else the fickle hand of fate decides to hit them with), then we should keep them alive.

    The fact that it might cost more to kill someone than it does to house them inside a cell for the rest of their lives shows a fundamental flaw with the justice system on some level. That's really the root of the problem there.
  12. you realize "life sentences" aren't really for "life" right?
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  13. I'm talking specifically about the "Life With No Parole" individuals.
  14. I think "life sentence" is dependent on the state. that's why someone's you hear "consecutive life sentences" or shit like that
  15. "An eye for an eye"
  16. Makes the whole world blind.
  17. Approved.

    The less sick fucks, the better.
  18. deep
  19. I think Death Penalty should only be used on murders, rapist and people who ruin or take the lives of others.

    A) Found guilty and there is no doubt the person is guilty
    B) Admit's the crime

    I'm for it but under certain circumstances, I wouldn't want to be killed when I drove 40 above.
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