Debate tonight

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 3, 2012.

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  1. Who's hyped
  2. Might tune in, do you know what time it airs UK time?

    Hoping for a Ron Paul resurrection. Theme and everything. Interrupts and cuts the promo of a lifetime.
  3. Yeah fuck that then.
  4. That was a guess. I have no idea why you always ask me about UK time as if it's something I keep track of
  5. We both know you care way too much about the glorious UK people.
  6. Like how Randy cares deeply for TNA
  7. Sky News has adverts saying it starts 2am :hmm:
  8. What debate?
  9. this guy and dont get your hopes up Cray Cray lol
  10. A respectable business man from Massachusetts is debating some jive-talkin fool from Kenya
  11. You gotta be jokin'

    Obama > Romney

    Romney is as corrupt as they come.
  12. Romney is a joke, laughable really. The dude sounds like he always has a cold.
  13. Nah bro. Barry Obams had his chance. Things got worse on his watch. Gotta let the GOP back in to fix things dude. :obama: smokes cigs watches basketball instead of fixing 'Murica. Romney is the hero 'Murica deserves, but not the one we need.
  14. This election reminds me of the one on Futurama where two clones were debating each other. Yeah, Obama and Romney have different viewpoints and stuff, but all they want to do is tell you what you want to here. At least Ron Paul had the balls to say unpopular things... sadly, there's no better heel tactic out there than telling the truth.

    I'd rather vote for Lindsay Lohan than either of these lying scumbags. We've had plenty of politicians in office and it sucks. We've never had a crack addict, so at least there's a chance it can turn out well!

  15. Yea, the Dems are just politicians who only want to control things, but you have to admit they are clearly the lesser of two evils. The GOP is scum who only want to get rich folks richer.
  16. Is Romney from Rome? :obama:
  17. I'm sure Dolph's is being sarcastic in this thread, surely you're not actually rooting for Romney? I mean the choices the public has is shit and shit with extra shit. I'd choose the Obama shit than the extras you'll receive from Romney.
  18. Get Gary Johnson up in the debate. Otherwise, i will just watch the summary mocking both the asshats on stage. Yeah, im voting Lib. What.
  19. Uh yea. Did you miss my last post? Besides our lord and savior Ron Paul the GOP party is just a bunch of greedy crooks.
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