Kayfabe Debut of the century.

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  1. * The camera man is backstage and eventually stumbles upon Trodaí surrounded by a gang of thugs, he waves at Trodaí and Trodaí walks over to him dressed like one of the thugs *

    Big T : Yo whassup dawg, you herr for da interview?

    Interviewer : What?

    Big T : Listen mate, I'm trying to fit in with the boyos over there, just go along with it, right,

    Interviewer : Ehhh alright, so Big T, what are your thoughts about your opponent Ty Creed, who you will face this week.

    Big T : Yo man, he is a whack ass mother, and I ain't lying fo real man.

    Interviewer : Mr. Trodaí, could we be serious for a moment?

    * The group of thugs overhear the conversation and walk over to confront "Big T" *

    Thug 1
    : Aye why's this fool calling you "Throw Die"? wait a minute... you that guy that stole big Jamal's wallet ain't you?!

    Trodaí : Now listen here you... I nev.... I woul..... IT WAS HIM!

    * He throws the interviewer at them and runs away, the camera man catches up with Trodaí *

    Trodaí : Damn, that shit was crazy huh? anyway I'll answer his question now, to Mr. Ty Creed, I might be a goofy guy, I might be a ten time goofster/gagster of the year, I might have been voted funniest man in Ireland the past five years in a row and I also might have a "rapey" looking face but, I am no joke, when it comes to fighting in the ring, I am the best... no, I am better than the best, greater than the greatest, I am Trodaí, anyway camera bloke, I've to go to my other under cover crew, peace kabroné.

    * Trodaí picks up his jacket that he dropped and walks off until the camera fades to black *
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