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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Mar 16, 2014.

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  1. Over the last couple of months, we saw many debuts and returns on TNA programming.

    - MVP in the role of new TNA Investor, now Director of Wrestling Operations
    - Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards as The Wolves
    - Tigre Uno (Extreme Tiger) had his official debut last Sunday at Lockdown
    - Brittany (Santana Garett) debut last Thursday on Impact
    - WRESTLE-1's Seiya Sanada, the new X Division champion, debuted for TNA at Lockdown

    - Bobby Lashley returned to TNA at Lockdown to confront EC3
    - Angelina Love made her return to the company last Thursday night wanting to reform Beautiful People with Velvet Sky
    - "The king of the night" vignettes about Kenny King are airing and his return is set very soon
    - Jeff Hardy returned at Lockdown under his alter-ego Willow
    - Abyss returned at Lockdown too after a 5 week absence, screwing Samoa Joe

    Also, there were special appearances by The Great Muta and Yasufumi Nakanoue from W-1. I must not forget the still relatively new characters in EC3, Spud and Samuel Shaw. Dixie is gone from TV, which is good news too.

    Yes, AJ and Sting are gone, and contracts of Daniels and Kazarian (and maybe Aries) are up in the air, but all these debuts/returns and how they are booked are keeping me loyal to Spike TV on Thursday nights. Pretty cool if you ask me, I'm a fan of most of these new/old faces and their work.
  2. The Abyss return was shit, imo. But I agree with everything else. You forgot Sanada, though.
  3. Do you think Austin Aries would leave TNA? I could see him doing work in the WWE but honestly I think he can truly be a TNA LEADER if he sticks around.
  4. You forgot Manik, but I'm not sure if he's going to be actually wrestling more than like once every few PPVs. Either way, I've enjoyed most of the debuts/returns - MVP, The Wolves, Tigre Uno, Sanada, Lashley and King are very welcome and not only will The Wolves be getting the Tag Team division back to the old levels of great, but Tigre Uno, Sanada and King will reinvigorate the X-Division. Looks like TNA are really paying attention to the midcard which is just fantastic.

    Then there's some of the gimmick changes - Samuel Shaw's been great in his feud with Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud in his new asskissing form is quite funny, although I wish he would wear that badass jacket again.
  5. I liked Sanada & Uno as a tag team put on one helluva show Thursday.
  6. I did not bro.

    WWE? No way.
    Indys or Japan? Maybe one last run, or a retirement. Remember, in 2011 he planned to retire but TNA called him, he picked up the phone and rest is history. I hope to GOD he doesn't leave.
  7. Oh shit just noticed, lol. Sorry.
  8. Someone asked me "what if losing AJ freed up enough cash that they were able to pick up Sanada, the Wolves, and Brittany? Would that help you feel better about AJ being let go?" Can't say it doesn't, most of these new talents are a wonderful breath of fresh air.

    Sanada and Tigre Uno kicked ass at Lockdown and if they get some consistent screen time they're gonna be excellent additions to either division. (They really need to bring back the X-Division in general though.) I can't believe how entertaining MVP has been since he's joined TNA, that boy's on fire, plus after he jobbed to Roode twice he lost alot of that "ex-WWE" sting that he has in TNA, and the Wolves have exceeded my expectations since they've come to TNA as well. It only took them 2 weeks for them to be seen as one of the best tag teams in the world. The only complaint I have about Kenny King coming back is that Kenny King left in the first place, seriously, why has he not been on my TV? I need an explanation for that one. Kenny King is a star! Dammit! Testify, I'm pretty sure you know my thoughts about seeing new Knockouts, Alpha Female is gone (and see no reason to bring her back, she sucked hard) but don't forget that Lei'D will start doing stuff now. Looking forward to seeing how that goes, too. All of a sudden this division has went from 1-2 useful chicks to having 4, if not 5 of them. BIG improvement. Don't have any desire to see Lashley or Abyss again, Abyss just has this ADR-ness about him that makes it impossible to give a crap about him or anything about him, and that finish at Lockdown was worse. I can't knock TNA for Willow, at least they're trying something new with Hardy. We'll see how it goes.

    Rockstar Spud has become the #1 reason I watch this show, EC3 isn't far behind, Shaw's the most unique character in wrestling... good times. Plus Magnus is really starting to get his heel character down while Gunner is really connecting as a face. The youth movement is in full effect and it's great to see. Another name to throw out there is Madison Rayne, who just had her best match in TNA this Sunday. Kudos to her. Oh and even Eric Young has become tolerable.

    All in all, while all these changes are great.. I'm not sure if it would offset the loss of AJ Styles, Bad Influence, and Aries. Come on, TNA. That's just too much.
  9. TNA with Bad Influence and Aries back would make this roster 100x better and that would be quite hard to do, let alone having AJ Styles back.
  10. Worst case, i think BI needs to at least be open contracted for a return once or twice a year. Other than that, TNA has really made a lot of nice moves in the past month or few.

    I dont care about the Abyss angle.
  11. I really do not understand why TNA let themselves get into situations like this; they must know BI and Aries are fan favourites, right?

    I hope to God Aries doesn't leave as well, because he won't be in WWE -- if he was, he'd be underutilised anyway -- and I wouldn't watch him anywhere else. He's far too talented to retire.
  12. I remember one TNA fan saying this past January: "TNA will be unrecognizable by the end of 2014."

    If someone wasn't watching TNA for 5-6 yrs, and now chooses to watch and follow again, it already is big time. Imagine if now Aries, Daniels and Kaz leave with Sting & AJ Styles & Jarrett already gone too. So many new faces have arrived, yes, but the core of TNA seems to be fading....

    I just hope all three stay in TNA, so I won't jump to any conclusions, but I'm prepared for the worst.
  13. Brittany sucks, Sanada is like a younger (less experienced and not as good (yet?) AJ Styles he is a fuckin beast, Muta is FN awesome, Angelina Love is like a sack of bones and muscles and sucks in ring, Abyss who gives a fuck, Fuck Lashley always hated him be it TNA or WWE, MVP plays his role well, The Wolves is beast, Tigre Uno failed to impress me at Lockdown but I will reserve judgement, Willow can go suck a dick, Kenny King may be good news or he may get buried and thrown off TV like last time, Sam Shaw isn't interesting and just bores me to sleep, EC3 and Spud rock, especially Spud. AJ Styles, Sting and Jarrett leaving is someone trying to throw TNA in a coffin, Daniels, Kaz and Aries leaving is that coffin closing. I know the new debuts and shit but its a spot that will be empty for a long time, they can't just bring in a new guy and expect him to fit into AJ's role. I like TNA but if they let Aries, Kaz and Daniels go what else is there for me to watch? Their booking seems to be getting worse with Bromans dropping the straps at a FN house show, Bromans winning it back in Japan for a show that wont air for months like what the fuck? They brought back shit people, Hardy is still there and he is taking up more time and using his fucking retarded gimmick, so many people being wasted, Aries dropping the belt, I love Sanada but having him drop it in again another match that wont air for months with no build leaves me with a bad taste.
  14. that's a return too

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