December 1st TNA-OVW Saturday Night Special Results

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  1. Aside from the OVW talent wrestling, here are the TNA talent results and titles switching hands between them:

    - Taeler Hendrix defeated Tarynn Terrell (c) to win the OVW Womens Title.

    - Team Gutcheck (Alex Silva & Sam Shaw) defeated Jesse Godderz & Rudy Switchblade (c) to win the OVW Tag Team Titles.

    - Douglas Williams defeated Johnny Spade via DQ.

    - Rob Terry defeated Crimson (c) to win the OVW Heavyweight Title.:upset::bury:
  2. Rob Terry won the OVW Championship. God have mercy on their souls.
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  3. ... NO GODDERZZZZZZ, now you have to go to Big Brother next year and whine about how you lost the OVW Tag Titles, because you have to be unleashed from Pandora's Box.
  4. Lolmao. This is his 2nd reign in half year in OVW.:sad1:
  5. From the bright side. This could mean that Crimson is heading back to the main roster.
  6. Yep. Maybe the #BringBackCrimson campaign meant something after all...:dawg:
  7. His second reign. Oh god. :shock:
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