Decided to start training

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. I am 5'5" and 220lbs. I am a fat fuck (and I gladly admit this), and It's time to change my life around. Thanks for some advices from American Kickboxing Academy, I know a little about eating healthy, and how doing walks helps out. They also told me about importance of training constantly on a daily basis. They taught me how to listen to my body, and not overdo the training.

    To be honest, my main problem is that everytime I try to spin my life around, I give up way too fast. I tried training in the past, but guess what? I gave up and broke down way too easily. And everytime went back to the same ugly routing of sitting on the couch, eating candies, and doing absolutely nothing. I didn't care about what people say, even though I knew deep down that they were right. I used to actually think that my life is good, and that I have no health issues. Apparently, last year I found out that I actually do have a little bit of issues. Because of my big body, my heart has to work not 100% but 200%. And I had some problems breathing.

    After that I decided that "no more". It's time to change this stupid life I am living (because it's basically the same as killing yourself), and start training. Nothing going to stop me this time. Not me, not my friends, not all those who say "Man, who needs training? Why do you listen to everyone?", because this is not about 'everyone', it's about me and my future. That is all.
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  2. Go for it dude
  3. Best of luck man.
  4. Good luck dude
  5. Thanks for the encouragement!

    I hope I'd be able to put picture son here for my progress.
  6. The only limit is the one you set yourself
  7. Good luck man. PM me if you want any help with anything.

    By the way, try DDP Yoga as well as regular cardio exercises.
  8. Good luck dude, just like you said, don't overdo the training as then it won't do anything, if you are gonna try and move onto more difficult exercises do it gradually and make sure you are ready to do so, if it is too hard tone it down a bit, it's all about doing things gradually when trying to lose weight.
  9. Thanks man. If I'll need help I'll contact you!
  10. ^This. Come on, if you want you'll do it, never quit in this, it's better for you and your health
  11. Best of luck on your journey.
    If you need an help with routines, meals or just encouragement, feel free to drop a PM.
  12. Yeaaah, become a butch-ass mothafucka, brother :hogan:

    Remember to give us pics of your muscles.

    No homo. :otunga:
  13. Insanity workout, anyone?

  14. I'm kinda in a similar situation. I don't know to call myself fat but definitely got the gut sticking out. I don't even know who to listen to - some say if you eat a certain amount of calories (based on your Basic Metabolism Rate given your age and weight and height), then you're metabolism will be at such a level that you'll drop the weight naturally. But others say to simply burn more calories than you take in (3500 calories makes up one pound, and it's not considered healthy to lose more than two pounds a week.)

    I'd like to lose as much as I have to within no more than a few months. My scale might be broken but it currently says I'm around 230 lbs.
  15. There's a lot to learn from this guy...

  16. You're overcomplicating things. As long as you eat healthy food and exercise regularly, weight will fall off. I recommend DDP Yoga to you as well though. The reason I constantly recommend it is because:

    1) I have tried it myself for a long period (I try everything, it's part of my job) and was incredibly impressed with the results. It doesn't just help you lose weight, but it strengthens your core and many other muscles in your body. Furthermore, it takes like 10 seconds to get your heart rate up to like 140 which is all you need.

    2) You do not need to leave your house or have a long period of time to do it. All you need is a towel and a PC/Television and you're set to go.

    3) You recognise the differences almost immediately. One of the biggest reasons people never stick to their diets or work out routines is because they can't visibly notice any differences. You don't have that issue if you use DDP Yoga.

    If you don't want to go down that route, then jog/swim regularly and eat healthy foods (lots of vegetables, proteins). Lifting weights and working out that way can also help speed up your metabolism.
  17. Good luck dude..

    Press, press, press..
  18. Do a bunch of burpees daily, prison style. Such an easy way to burn fat, works your entire body too.

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