Kayfabe Decisions

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  1. *Camera pans to The Webmaster sitting on Ben Song's throne with Reaper at his side*
    The Webmaster: Disciples. You should know by now that Ben Song has left our domain on a trip to the Exodus building. Now while all of you may take this as him surveying the area to launch some sort of assault after he becomes champion I believe that he is thinking of leaving all of us here to fend for ourselves and taking over part of the mortal realm. This cannot stand, so Disciples I ask for you to side with me this week as I try my hardest to stop us from being disbanded by the 'man' who brought us together in the first place. We shall win this war and Ben Song shall be banished from ever entering our realm again
    *Reaper steps forward as The Webmaster leans back in his chair*
    I used to see Ben Song as a father figure, someone to look up to, But now I don't know what to believe but Song if you're listening I want you to know that if you do win this match at Feast or Fired The Webmaster and myself, along with all the other disciples, will hunt you down and we will destroy you and your legacy
    *Camera begins to fade to black as we hear the Disciples begin to cheer*