Dedication to Seabs.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Making a thread about Seabs. The WWEF champion from when RKO was the 2nd greatest poster, the 2nd man in the group that rocks pink and smells like menstruation after a week of skipping showers, the Man who might even be beat by RandySavage in our NFL league, and the 2nd worst user who calls himself staff.

    Everyone tell Seabs how great his beard is.:win:

    Rules? :haha:
  2. Aids loves me so much he has to dedicate threads to me. :win:
  3. You got so much #BeardSwag tho Seabs. :emoji_kissing_heart:
  4. I'm not a big fan of the guy personally
  5. Not my top 5, but :true:


    Also trying for Megatron.
  6. The guy reps an awesome beard of which im jealous as i have to keep shaving mine for work!
  7. I wish to challenge Seabs to a beard-off.
  8. Never heard of him.
  9. @[Seabs]
  10. This > Ziggler vs Jericho
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  12. Ah, Seabs and his awesome beard :win:
  13. :hmm: :accept: :boss1: :bury:
  14. Seabs is wonderful. I learn lots from him. *thumbs up*
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  15. When you say thumbs up are you like asking for someone to like your post?
  16. Aids envy of seabs just became official. :burns:
  17. Hmmm, this thought never occurred. That wouldn't be very endearing, huh?
  18. :goat:
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