Deep Purple/Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath appreciation thread

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  1. If there are three bands in musical history that has influenced many types of rock music to this day, it's these three. I think it's fit that these three bands have a thread dedicated to them since I know we have a good amount of Black Sabbath fans, Led Zeppelin fans, and there has to be some Deep Purple fans in here somewhere. I make this thread out of respect for these bands and for what they have done musically, please hold negative comments or off topic subjects that doesn't have anything to do with any of these bands out of this thread.

    Here are one of my favorite songs, from each band, to kick this thread off.

    Black Sabbath
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    Deep Purple
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    Led Zeppelin
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  2. and of course

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  3. Black Sabbath was one of the bands that got me into Rock and Heavy Metal, I still love them to this day. And honestly,To this day I don't think many (Metal) bands have been able to capture the same "Magic" this band had.
    I remember the first time I listened to "Black Sabbath", it was pretty fucking creepy but oh so awesome..

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  4. Satan's sitting there, he's smiling
    Watches those flames get higher and higher
    Oh no, no, please God help me!
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  5. Another thing I always found very interesting is that a lot of Black Sabbath tracks are just pure darkness, yet their lyrics deal with a lot with Christianity. Just proves that the whole "this band/genre is Satanic" bullshit, is just that, pure and utter shit.
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  6. I can't say these are my favorites as I really can't just pick a few songs to call favorites,but, here are a couple Sabbath/Zeppelin songs I've been listening to quite a lot recently.

    Sabbath (open)

    Zeppelin (open)

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  7. Paranoid is my favorite album from Sabbath, but I always caught their first album to be the most interesting. You have a dark sinister start with Black Sabbath, you have a dark song, but with a groove with NIB and of course there's the obvious blues influence in The Wizard and Wicked World. Overall I'm surprised there are a lot of people who never heard this album(no one I know does at least), I'm sure if a people were to give it a listen with a open mind they would enjoy it.
  8. leojay Thought you might like this one :please:

    Dolph'sZiggler help us keep this thread alive with your Zeppelin knowledge too :sad:
  9. 1988 - I saw Robert Plant solo. He had a super bright red shirt on the whole time. It was sparkly. He rocked.
    1988 - I saw Jimmy Page solo. It was the Outrider tour. Some shitty guy singing for him, but he was still awesome. He closed with instrumental Stairway To Heaven which was sung by the audience.
    1994 - I saw Page/Plant kill it for two hours in concert with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra backing them up on Kashmir to close.
    2005 - I saw Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation in Oakland, CA. He still fuckin' has it. They did tons of Zep covers of course, closed with this kick ass version of Whole Lotta Love. When it got down to the last big... "LoooooOOoooOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!!!" part I could seriously feel the word vibrating in my chest. That is the power of Robert Plant's voice. He's done that every time I've seen him live.

    I have Celebration Day on blu-ray, the 2007 02 Concert they did. I'm hoping we get that 2014 Led Zep world tour. Robert's all for it, he's a machine. It's a matter of getting Jimmy and Jonesey off their asses. You know Jason Bonham is down for that shit.

    I like Black Sabbath too, and Deep Purple is alright. Zep is beyond anyone else in rock though. The only guys that come anywhere near Zep are Hendrix, Stones, and Beatles.
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  10. In the same vein as Black Sabbath, I saw AC/DC in 2000 and they were FUCKING EPIC!!! 2 and a half hours. They were brilliant, they played *everything*. They opened with Shook Me All Night Long. They played every fucking AC/DC song you'd ever want to hear at a show.
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