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  1. raw - Having had the skin removed or abraded; chafed, tender; exposed, lacerated.

    raw - Of food: not cooked.

    raw - New or inexperienced

    raw - Crude in quality; rough, uneven, unsophisticated

    raw - Not treated or processed (of materials, products etc.); in a natural state, unrefined, unprocessed.

    Hmmm, so that is what raw means. AW inspired this. Interesting, huh?
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  3. This sounds like raw.

    Raw - Crude in quality; rough, uneven, unsophisticated :haha:
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  4. When RAW was chosen, it was the perfect name. Where as now it comes off as a bit weird, but it's too much of a legacy to be changed.
  5. Raw- is War
  6. Haha nice thread. Couldn't think of a better name for RAW tho. :smug:
  7. Agree here

    I believe AW is reminding us things have gotten very controlled and policed, rather unlike when :finger::finger::finger: was around. I'm not against a sterile (sp) environment but things do seem a bit predictable.

    Maybe it should be renamed Monday Night Stars. Ha! Half joking there
  8. lol fits the definition well. So we can't say RAW isn't doing their job. according to what its called tho.
  9. I dunno, I'm a bred and raised Indy girl who knows the difference between WWE and self promoted companies. I enjoy WWE, but it certainly doesn't seem very 'raw' in the least to me
  10. What do you mean with ''raw'' in your opinion?
  11. i love the name Raw :gusta: sounds mean and nasty!.. wish the product was like that though
  12. There isn't as much politics involved during Indy shows, so they are usually designed to appeal to the people attending those events. WWE is trying to satisfy sponsors and politicians who might otherwise look to scandalize Linda's name. Limiting 'low risk' moves such as head shots is fairly recent and is 'overshooting' things a tad.
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  13. V nice post.
  14. The Definition of Raw from the dictionary written by Vince McMahon just prior to Linda's run for senate.

    Raw: Censored, Repetitive, Old, Hashtags, & Lols @ my bff shareholders
  15. Sounds silly when you're getting into the WWE, but it shouldn't be changed.
  16. Here's my definition of Raw :

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  17. I still prefer to call it, monday night Raw is Jericho.


    :obama: hilarious.
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