Deflating the Wyatt Family Arc

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  1. What I'm wondering is with 3 hours of time, why the 'E' pulled the carpet from under Bray Wyatt.

    Apparently, Trips knows how to debut cats but no clue how to keep the helium hot...

    Every debut in recent memory have been epic... but the Wyatt's could make a fantastic second or third fiddle on the red show

    Bray is penciled in to replace Taker as the demented freak...and I'm loving the evil Santa Claus thing

    Icing them just for Kane to come back is beyond obtuse... I want Schyster's son pushed
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  2. I'd personally consider Wyatt more of a replacement for Kane than Undertaker. He has more comparisons with guys like Kane (and Mankind) as far as being a human freak than someone like Taker who is more of a mysterious/'supernatural' phenom.

    The issue with the Wyatts seemingly losing momentum is that Kane/Wyatt isn't over yet. I know they want Kane/Wyatt at least once more at the Hell In A Cell PPV (according to reports anyway) so I guess they don't want to start even a mini feud between Wyatt and anyone else until then, and obviously Rowan and Harper winning the tag team titles or something to make it seem as though they're doing something else of importance is out of the question considering both belts are around the waists of two-thirds of The Shield. I do like how we keep seeing vignettes of Wyatt to keep up reminded he's still on the show but I wish they'd remember that Kane is actually supposed to still be abducted and make at least some mention of that. I didn't feel the feud needed to be stretched out past Summerslam, personally.
  3. Sounds about right.
  4. I suppose they wanted to do the stuff with Kane, but have no idea how to fill time for him until HIAC. Either that or a change of plans, possibly they just didn't know how to follow it. I'd guess the first one but who knows.
  5. There is no replacing The Dead Man :pity:
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  6. I suppose my point mainly lies in the fact that the huge WWE/WCW companies have the production value to pull off the Kane/Undertaker/Sting like dynamics

    Bray has the lineage, the passion, the size and the 'it' factor you can't teach... he has that Mark Henry like smile where you know 'somebody gon' get hurt'

    I see KLock's point but, There's no logical reason to wait for Kane to get back...its f***ing stupid... Kane is knocking 45 and Bray is 26 ....waiting on Kane...loololololol

    I'll give you Reigns for crossover appeal but no other young cat on this roster has Bray's upside... not one
  7. I agree he is the new Kane, and I think the build is going well so far. They dont appear every week, but a vignette is still shown, weekly on Smackdown as far as i can remember also. I think it's getting stretched out and i do hate they completely stopped mentioning Kane (i dont need to be reminded, but it helps to keep it fresh in the storyline, no matter how stretched out it is. Personally id rather it be a huge part of HIAC than have it in the shit NoC ppv or Battleground, and no way can you have Harper and Rowan face the shield yet, they will make Ambrose and Rollins look small, and so they are stuck without any other build options

    It could have been better but it also could have been booked worse, and i dont see too many people willing to step up to them character-wise. Hopefully its Bray at HIAC and Harper and Rowan can beat whoever they face. I just hope it doesnt get pushed any further than HIAC.
  8. One problem they're running in to may be the human-ness of the show right now. We have the "huge corporation" holding people like Bryan back, Big Show being forced to do the bidding of the company against his will, Rhodes fighting for a job, Punk fighting for revenge, etc. With all these regular people running around, having the movie-like Wyatts in a feud at the same time could be pretty out of place.

    Still, I don't see why a feud with Khali won't work. Half the audience could buy Khali as being brainwashed anyway, and it would be a nice undercard feud to show off the Wyatts' characters even more in depth... oh, who am I kidding, WWE doesn't do stuff like that
  9. I hope you are kidding, Khali?!

    I want him to eat jobbers for another 3-4 weeks and then bring in the kane HIAC match. It's a shame we wont get Taker in one last HIAC match, it could be them vs harper and rowan. But it cant be, so i really dont know who they face in the tag division, as none of them even have a reason to want to fight them, and have no chance of winning.

    This actually makes it really interesting, i have no idea what they are going to do with them after HIAC. Nice.
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  10. Khali sounds crazy, I know, but if you need someone to brainwash that's who you'd go for. Half the audience surely thinks he's retarded anyway, so a storyline of the Wyatts trying to brainwash him would be fine. Khali can eventually fight it off before they Wyatts just give up and squash him (Khali obviously can't get anything over) and move on to Kane once he comes back.

    As you say there just isn't anything else for these guys to do. Nice job WWE.
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  11. It would be comical, im not sure thats what id want out of the wyatts. And id love to avoid Khalis great 3 moves.

    Why do they brainwash anyone? I thought he wanted management to line people up so he could keep putting them down. I honestly like that, especially how it went down on smackdown.
  12. Ahh, so they're going to be like a cult that rejects society and wants to "stick it to the man"? That would be awesome!
    Not right now since it would require an awkward Wyatts face turn, but... Ya know what, just get them on the show. :pipebomb:
  13. No i mean having HHH send them to beat Gabriel and Ryder didnt matter to them, they dont care about other peoples issues or problems, as long as they get to put people down. I like that. I dont want them to stick it to the man, i doubt they care which corporate stooge gives them matches. I am especially horrible at sarcasm/explanations today, I'll let Lock make a 3 paragraph post and call it good.
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  14. I don't think WWE pulled the carpet from under him, I just think they're stalling until Kane finishes filming his movie so they can continue their feud, instead of just throwing Bray Wyatt in a meaningless feud for a month. After his feud with Kane is over, then Bray will become more relevant, hopefully.
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  15. WWE knew Kane's schedule when they started this feud. Stalling for 2-3 months mid-feud is about as terrible of booking as you will find, especially for a guy who set the IWC abuzz with his build and debut, they are absolutely pulling the rug out from him with this bullshit.
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  16. Who would you like to see the Wyatt family feud with inbetween/instead of?

    Rain suggested Khali.
  17. Anyone? Ziggler isn't doing shit
  18. :lol1: You're really trying to bury me over there, arentcha?

    Guess it's only fair.
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  19. Also to your point about the realism and Bray being out of place... What about Taker and Kane back when Vince became Mr McMahon?

    Plus nothing about Bray seems supernatural that I've picked up on. He could produce some really gritty and realistic angles from this character.
  20. Ziggler is one of the last people i would want to see Wyatt go against, but it could be decent matches. I think he will be in the corporate angle somehow, i just hope it isnt vs the shield like it has been almost every week, and i certainly dont want to see him vs ambrose for the US title, Honestly, i just want this shit RVD/ADR business to end so Ziggler can get back into it and get his belt back, but after NoC and the last 2 shows, im not sure where this trash is all going to go.

    I guess me not watching NXT makes it harder for me to see Wyatt vs anyone on the main roster, and Rainman im just talking shit, even if we agreed id still be posting it for cheap laughs.
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