News Del Rio ain't give no fucks about no non-compete clause

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Sep 3, 2014.

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  1. Baws.
  2. I had no idea wrestlers had non compete clauses, kind of a stupid thing to agree to really. especially with how fickle the 'E is.
  3. Standard part of a WWE contract. The standard length is 90 days, blocks a wrestler from performing in a company that has a PPV and/or TV deal. They tried to make Del Rio's year long after his firing. But as seen above. He ain't give no fucks.
  4. Badass.
  5. Shouldn't this be in the other wrestling section, seen as he ain't with WWE anymore? :jeritroll:
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  6. Stop don't give no fucks what correct section this goes in.:pity2:
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  7. He's teaming with Cara? I thought they and legit heat. :idk:
  8. Del Rio ain't give no fucks they and legit heat
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  9. What a BS rule in the business lol
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  10. Dammit :facepalm:
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  11. Jim Cornette would be proud as he once ranted about no-compete clauses and said how he'd love to see someone challenge them in court some day. From slapping the piss out of a Social Media Manager to having no-compete clauses thrown out of court, kudos for ADR for being a boss.
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  12. Del Rio is a stud....I wish he would've stayed in WWE.....his mic work was stale....but his in ring ability kept getting better.
  13. Huh. So it was that easy to get out of that clause? Guess WWE's law guys really aren't the best lol
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  14. Only other time something like this has happened was when Lesnar walked in 2004. He had a no compete clause stretching to 2010 because that was for how long his contract was. But he won a lawsuit and went on to wrestle in Japan for a while.
  15. I always forget Brock went to Japan. any stand out matches from that run? he seems perfect for their style
  16. I haven't watched any new japan from that era. But looking through the records there are a few that definitely tickle my fancy from his two year run there.His debut vs Fujita and Chono seems like a fun one.

    Not to mention Brock vs Yuji Nagata seems like a fuckin ball with Brock being Brock and Nagata being a veteran that ain't give no fucks and kicks and punches like a mofo.

    The Lesnar vs Nakamura series also looks like top fun.
  17. Good for ADR, the clause is stupid. You wanted him out of the company, you got it. Why then should they get the right to tell people that they can't do something else for like 3 months?
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  18. Angle. Seriously it topped their Mania shit.

    From Brocks book everyone knew the clause was completely unenforceable so they just kept delaying the case so he'd run outta money for legal fees before it was declared as such. It's the E bullying people essentially like all big companies do.

  19. this was the only one I saw back then.
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  20. non compete clause sucks ;( :emoji_grin:
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