Del Rio Attacked by fan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Dec 12, 2015.

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  1. Del Rio was wrestling Ray Gonzalez when he escaped outside the ring to catch his breath and was struck multiple times by a fan. The current United States champion then grabbed the fan until security was able to get to the scene and escort him outside of the arena. Gonzalez and Del Rio then continued their match.

  2. Does remind me of those stories Zeb told about Puerto Rico.
  3. Must have been in Brazil. Heathens.
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  4. Love how quickly the security descended upon the idiot.
  5. It's Puerto Rico, butt boy.
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  6. Hope the MF gets sued, even though those punches looked weak/fake AF.
  7. Looked more like a pat on the back, imho.
  8. I see you didn't get it
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  9. I did.
  10. Rule 1 of wrestling puerto rico: If fans jump you, kill them all before they kill you.
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  11. Rule 2 of wrestling puerto rico: dont go to puerto rico if you want to come back without a knife in your stomach.
  12. ADR probably wanted to slap the shit out of that dude
  13. Nah, he went straight for the dude's mask. Typical ADR.
  14. La Park should've come in to tell him to fuck his mother.
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  15. Cleo you boss. [​IMG]
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