Del Rio - Injured?

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  1. Apparently last night (I didn't see it) he was hobbling around after Bryan got the pin, and the referee gave him the "X" sign, before he could get medical attention. That sign generally means it's a legit injury.

    Speculation at the moment, I hope he's okay personally.


    New picture.
  2. Yeah he has been, so has beth phoenix.

    Credits to SEScoops for this:

    Alberto Del Rio and Beth Phoenix were both injured at Monday’s WWE RAW Supershow from Philadelphia.

    Del Rio was carried out of the building by trainers after Raw went off the air. There was some fear that he may have suffered a groin injury, but after being checked out by WWE trainers, he’s said to be doing alright. He’s not expected to miss any ring time, despite some soreness.

    Beth Phoenix has a nasty lump on the side of her face folowing her match with Alicia Fox. At this time, it’s unclear at what point in the match the injury takes place, but it looks like she has a golf ball sticking out of her right temple.

    She tweeted:
    @AliciaFoxy tried her hardest to destroy my face. There will be hell to pay for trying to tarnish my beauty.”
    “After hours in the trainers room, I broke a lot of mirrors with my fists.

    Phoenix’s partner Natalya tweeted a message of support:

    “@TheBethPhoenix i am sorry to see what happened on Raw…But we are still UNBREAKABLE.”

    Check out these pictures of the lump on Beth Phoenix’s face following RAW:


  3. Holy crap that lump... good post though :emoji_slight_smile:. Still find her incredibly hot. Anyway yeah, glad Del Rio won't miss much ring time if any.
  4. As horrible as this sounds I wish Del Rio could have taken a few weeks off and gotten some kind of repackage. It's a shame the WWE are limiting him so much and pushing him so hard. If given time to show his full ability he could easily get over as a midcard act rather then being forced down everyone's throat in the mainevent.
  5. Agreed. If they drop him down there now it'd the mid card more credibility anyway, I'd rather that than see him in a love triangle with the bella twins.
  6. I wouldn't want to see him with the Bellas, they're mine.
    They're smokin' hot. I'd tap dat ass alllll niiiggghhttt loooonngggggggggggggg. *drool*
  7. Ricardo that you?
  8. loooooooooooool
  9. Damn, how'd you guess! Shit.