Other Del Rio no shows AAA ppv

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by C.M. Shaddix, Oct 3, 2016.

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  2. :adr: Destiny but they already knew that motherfuckers
  3. Mexicans are known for being late and no showing. :adr:

    jk i am not racist
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  4. Rumour is that he's been stabbed in an altercation outside a restaurant.
  5. Confirmed, oh shit
  6. Seen pics of the stabbings. Ugggh that's nasty
  7. Del Rio got stabbed, WTF?! Hope the dude's okay.
  8. Damn that sucks!
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    NSFW (open)

    Damn who did he piss off?................Get well soon Alberto!
  10. Jesus christ. spoiler tag added ffs
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  11. Thanks
  12. **guy pulls out knife**

    Del Rio cracks smile.

    "I'm afraid you'll need a bigger knife than that, perro!"

    proceeds to whoop dudes ass
  13. Apparently the stabbing might be a hoax. Since Del Rio is unable to keep the story straight and has given 4 different versions of it so far. Also there are no police reports of stabbings in the San Antonio PD register for that weekend either. And he claims he was stabbed in San Antonio and called the cops.
  14. Wait, what? Is that a joke?
  15. Nope. Ryan Satin is doing further investigating into it. But he's performed interviews with multiple precincts within the San Antonio police and neither he's talked to have gotten reports of a stabbing.
  16. That's odd.

    I mean, why would he do such thing?

    Does he want to fuck with AAA for not paying him last year by refusing to show up at their shows? That's just stupid.
  17. Because he's a bit of a scumbag.

    This isn't the first time he has pulled a no show.
  18. Dammit, Del Rio. What a way to be professional.
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