News Del Rio renaming the US title to MexAmerica?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 31, 2015.

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    If they're really going to do this, then I hope the belt's new design isn't ugly as hell.

    And yeah, the idea of having the US title renamed to Mex-America is fine in my book, since Zeb/ADR's whole shtick is having the Americans and Latinos united, and we all know it'll most likely be changed back to the US title once Cena regains it.
  2. Stupid idea. This isn't about a race thing. That's like saying rusev should've renamed the title to "RussAmerica" when he had it. Pointless and dumb. Keep the title name the same. He can customize the belt how he wants but chancing the name is dumb. Can Seth Rollins change the name of the WWE World Title to "cross fit champion"
  3. This is a completely different idea and storyline. Why would Rusev change the U.S title to the RussAmerica or whatever the fuck? The point of him winning the title was to say that he's a Russian/Bulgarian/Commie and has the American's own title. It was a heat drawing factor.

    Del Rio and Colter are saying they're founding their own country. It makes sense, since they have their own flag and all. It's a funny little gimmick. Go on, it's listed as the United States Championship, but they're just calling it something different, to add to their gimmick and angle.

    Not to mention, it's not becoming a new title. Colter legit said the title is now the MexAmerica title. Nothing more, nothing less.
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  4. It's dumb though. Cena was fighting for the United States while rusev fought for Russia. Cena stood for the soldiers and our people. That was the sorry line for them. My point is why didn't rusev make a Russia title while he had it? He could've easily done it to disgrace the us even more. It's the same type of comparison and would've made sense... The point is that it's not needed and stupid.

    The feud would've been fine without this and del rio could've decked the us title with mex American shit and it would've been just as affective. You don't change the name of a title entirely. Unless triple h or someone in power wants it then it might make sense.

    As long as the name of the title doesn't actually change with WWE then I'm fine with it, but for angle purposes if they want to use it just to piss cena off... Then that's fine. I was more or less saying if the ACTUAL name changed, it would be dumb.
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  6. Sounds semi-controversial. I like it.
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  7. Just change the flag on the belt to half the american flag and half the mexican flag and make sure one side of the plates display mexico like monuments, also the front of the title must read "Mexamerican Championship". A simple retouching of the US belt would do fine.
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  8. That is a good idea to me. No point in completely swapping it out unless adr is going to have a mega run
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  9. MexAmerica? What about Canada and North America? I want to see Chris Jericho or Tyson Kidd come back and make the title have a bottle of maple syrup on it.
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  10. Mexicanadiamerican Championship FTW! :win:
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  11. They're just trying to elevate Del Rio again, a notable custom title design is WWE's way of making this a reign to remember, like Cena's US spinner.
  12. I don't like Zeb Colter, especially with Del Rio. I personally don't think they make a good pair.

    I don't like the whole MexAmerican thing. To me its just a lame gimmick that is lightly trying to play off of the controversy of illegal aliens from Mexico coming into America so WWE is trying to spin it around and have both countries represent the title. Honestly I would be more interested in seeing Del Rio just straight up call it the Mexican Championship and have them design him a custom title with Mexico's flag on it, so that why its more blatantly controversial and less of an awkward US/Mexico unification between the champ and some old ass dude in a mobile scooter
  13. Sounds dumb..
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