Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez Tag Team

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. They would be awesome as tag team partners. Would love to see their entrance together. :laugh:
  2. I guess Epico and Primo will be the faces since they're in Puerto Rico, I doubt it's anything more than putting two heels together. Although I would love to see them team.

    Put the belts on these two NEXT WEEK
  4. That tag-team could be so fucking epic. Ricardo can easily be used to turn ADR face too.
  5. So I guess Alberto might not be in the 12 man tag team match at WM?
  6. I don't think what they do at House Shows has much bearing on what happens in television storylines

    I still think ADR will be the 6th man
  7. This would be an epic tag team HELL YES!
  8. I swear I read or heard that ADR isn't going to be at WM :S.
  9. Makes sense. Nice work WWE

    Meh, who cares really though. That 6 man tag match will consist of 10 minutes of entrances and the match will just be a 6 or 8 minute clusterfuck that ends with everyone rushing into the ring and a circus of 10 consecutive finisher spots.
  10. I mark for finisher spots. But you're right.

    I think it was ADR himself who said he wouldn't be at WM but he could just be saying that to add to the element of surprise. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if he was there.
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