Del Rio Rumble, The Rock & WWE losing faith in Twitter.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jan 24, 2012.

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    All great news!
  2. Would like to see more of Rock to be honest to develop the feud more, 2 appearances ain't going to cut it. The rest is good news though, didn't see much Twitter last night either!
  3. Yes, this is all great news. For some reason, I think Del Rio will be back at the Rumble though reguardless of what Fagriguez said.
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    I agree he'll be back for the rumble though.
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    I know he'll be back aha :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. He best not win it though.
  7. Yeah, if he wins it, @[Crayo] will wet his pants.
  8. I hope he doesn't win again also. He needs some time in the midcard for the crowd to warm to him.
  9. Del Rio needs to vcome back as a face in my opinion. I would like him so much better.
  10. Del Rio & Rey Mysterio tag-team ftw.
  11. Definately. Del Rio as a tactical wrestler, (Ground, submission), and Mysterio as a high flyer... That would be a fantasy tag team.
  12. The Rock should be appearing more, even just to taunt Cena in a few lines on the mic. Although, I don't mind seeing Cena and Kane at the moment, would be interesting to see a Kane vs Cena vs The Rock match, after WM of course.
  13. Yeah, if he can't appear more in the RTWM then I think he should stay for a bit after to continue the feud until like Summerslam. Either way 2 appearances is not enough.