Del Rio Suspended from Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Extraterrestrial, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. In response to back-to-back attacks by World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio on No. 1 contender Big Show, SmackDown General Manager Booker T announced Tuesday night that he has suspended the Mexican grappler from this week's SmackDown.

    “Following the incidents last Friday on SmackDown as well as this week on Raw,” Booker told, “it is my duty as GM to suspend Alberto Del Rio. He will not be in action this Friday night and will not be in the building.”

    WWE teased in the announcement: "While there is no question these latest developments will make a profound impression on this week’s edition of the blue brand, one has wonder how it will affect the upcoming World Title Match between Del Rio and The World’s Largest No. 1 contender at Elimination Chamber."
  2. Smackdown is shit anyway.
  3. Makes sense, storyline wise. Let's see where it'll end up.
  4. What's the fun in SD if the WOH is not there, is such as stupid you look wherever you look... We want to see them fight or cry?
  5. So he goes and suspends his current World champion?

    Good luck with that one, Booker...
  6. Kayfabe :pity1:
  7. It might be kayfabe, but again, didn't Punk attack John Cena several time in their feud? Or remember the time he attacked The Rock twice? Or remember the time he attack Mick Foley backstage?

    So Alberto Del Rio gets suspended, but CM Punk didn't?

    They seriously believe that most of their fans are 2 year olds...
  8. It's kayfabe. He shows up on the show.

    Also: Faces get much more repercussions from out of ring fights since it helps build suspense.
  9. :damnn: :damn: You tell em champ.
  10. To be fair, Del Rio basically stalked him, and attacked him in a hotel... and also beat the shit out of his car lol
  11. Hmm... I'm having a deja vu all over again... OH, WAIT!!!...

  12. Expecting Del Rio to crash the arena Smackdown is in with a truck that's filled with Salsa. He'll hose down Booker, Teddy, and Big Show
  13. #RacistGoku
  14. What Del Rio did was actually a bit stereotypical.
  15. I'd say it's more of an urban stereotype, than a Latino sterotype
  16. He would not be on TV is he was REALLY "Suspended"! :pipebomb: !
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