Del Rio talks about WWE not going to Mexico and more

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jan 30, 2013.

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  2. Mexicans didn't make money for the WWE, so what does Vince McMahon do pulls a 'middle finger' and goes to a different place that will earn him some cash...
  3. You say it like it is a bad thing. It's business. If you have a market that doesn't make you money (which allows you to put on the show, pay the wrestlers and crew etc) why invest time and money in that market when there are other, more profitable markets like Europe to target?

    It's like selling sand in Egypt.
  4. I get that it is a business wise move, but it is also a bit of disrespectful.

    If they reveal it openly that they won't come to Mexico because of the lack of merchandise sells, that speaks volumes, on how much the WWE gives a damn about any fan around the globe. They could've said something else, to cover that fact, because I am positive that Mexican fans might get offended by that statement, especially when it comes from another fellow Mexican, who will look like a 'kiss ass' to the WWE.
  5. Is it really? WWE has no obligation to tour an area that doesn't invest in them. If he did they would have yearly tours of Scandinavia, they've never been here. Because us Scandinavian's don't care about wrestling in general.

    Vince is just cutting costs and making a smart business move. It is in no way disrespectful.
  6. Yeah, I'm brazilian, if a brazilian WWE employee said they weren't returning because they didn't sell enough merchandise I'd be sad but not offended at all, it's like me saying "Mexico is an underdeveloped country with bad economy" and people raging all about it. I feel bad for Mexican fans who won't be able to watch it live again, but I don't blame WWE, really.

    But I'd like to point out that the Main Event of the Raw that took place in Mexico involved Michael Cole and Jim Ross (doesn't prove nor disprove my point, just wanted to say that).
  7. I remember going to Tijuana with a couple friends a while back, and I saw a guy wearing a CM Punk shirt. :true:

    Not sure what that has to do with any of this, but yeah, just thought you should all know.
  8. Well, statistically it'd mean that they have enough WWE fans for you to spot one who wears wrestling t-shirts randomly. But I wear my CM Punk shirt from time to time here on the street and Brazil still has many, many less wrestling fans than it could. :downer:
  9. This was a great read. For some reason I always had this impression that ADR didn't really care about the WWE and was there for a few years to earn big money and then retire. I think it was because in one interview he was saying things like he doesn't plan on sticking around for long, and then it was reported that he stood up to Vince and that "Vince likes him because ADR doesn't care if he's fired" -- I should know better than to listen to Meltzer -- and things like that. Nice to know he holds the company in such high regard.

    Oh, Mexico, yeah I don't care about WWE not going there.
  10. Wow so WWE is officially crossing Mexico off their lists to tour
  11. They should add Cornwall right?
  12. They don't go there? :lol1:
  13. Nope, I think it's because we're such an awesome place that it overshadows WWE.
  14. :hmm: Seems legit.
  15. WWE in Cornwall, performing in front of a one man crowd.
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