Del Rio Threatened to quit WWE

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. Long read but worth it.

    Source PWmania
  2. Meh, I like ADR but everyone is replaceable.
  3. That mentality is why we have an (at best) mediocre Raw/smackdown.
  4. So much for Freedom of Speech. WWE_Creative on Twitter was awesome.

    Del Rio Leaving? Is he that guy who stands in the background while his ring announcer steals the spotlight?
  5. Wow, WWE can fuck off. Parody accounts are the only decent thing about twitter.

    And send ADR to TNA plz/thanks. Let him bring DZ with him and I'll stop watching WWE altogether
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  6. #WWEForums staring Dolph's Ziggler.
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  7. #DolphZigglerForXDivisionChampion
  8. Say waaaaaaaaaa :dafuq:

    He would be TNA WHC the moment he stepped foot in Orlando homie
  9. If Alberto goes to TNA then they are going to lose a lot of fans...
  10. The it factor doesnt have shit on THE showoff.
  11. Can you imagine a Ziggler/Aries feud for the TNA World Title? I would mark harder than I did when Sting came down from the rafters and kicked NWO's ass when I was 5 years old.
  12. I had to alter our Twitter as WWE shut us down too. Not a big deal.
  13. You really want Roode to lose the belt? Ziggler's the BITW but that's Roode's belt, dammit. But he should win it by Slammiversary 11 at the latest.
  14. The only reason Roode has the title still is because he's too good to not have a belt. I'm just pumped he can get W clean.
  15. God yes. He can feud with Storm, Anderson, Hardy, Aries... They can turn Ziggler face and do it right so he could face Roode , Bully Ray... Ahh, the awesome possibilities are endless!
  16. WWE just reminding everybody who has the biggest dick

    "Sometimes I like to walk around my house butt naked.. to remind my son who still has the biggest ding dong" - Tracy Jordan- 30 Rock

  17. Irrelevant post but so good/funny.
  18. ADR's concussion was fake? :dave:
  19. So weak. I guess he didn't get down with HHH politics and lost out for it.
  20. It wouldn't bother me if he left
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