Del Rio's WHC reign

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  1. So it's likely that on Sunday ADR will lose his WHC to either Cena or Sandow.

    Despite seeing a lot of hate for ADR in the last few months, I've enjoyed his world title run. He's consistently put on great matches at PPVs against the likes of Ziggler, Christian, and Rob Van Dam. As a face ADR was becoming boring but since the heel turn at Payback his character has been great imo. Splitting him from Ricardo Rodriguez was probably a mistake as ADR could use someone to speak for him occasionally.

    Anyone else liked ADR's WHC run or not?
  2. Not really. He can beat Cena and maybe Rodriguez can come out and stop Sandow becoming Alberto's friend again and turning heel (or turning Alberto face)
  3. No, not at all. This reign has seemed just dull. I don't believe it is hi fault though, all of his feuds, outside of Dolph Ziggler's, has just been boring. WWE didn't put focus on it a lot, instead they've been focusing to much on the Heyman/Punk feud and the Corporate feud. Hell, even the Shield/Rhodes feud get more focus too. The World Heavyweight championship scene just barely seemed to get any TV time before. I don't really blame Alberto for this bad reign, he has put on great matches, but with the booking he is receiving during this reign, it's no wonder it's a dull reign.
  4. The matches have been good, but other than that it's been really boring and dull.
  5. ADR should just get as much heat as he can and should stay a heel forever. Maybe he should hire the shield and use them to do his bidding like taking out Cena and others in their way. Leading to almost a stable vs stable storyline
  6. Forgot it was even happening most of the time /10
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  7. As usual, Del Rio puts on good/great matches with everyone he works with, his character just isn't interesting enough to draw me into anything he's doing. I don't think he needs Ricardo to speak for him because I think he's a decent enough talker to cut a promo on his own, his character just needs more "oomph" to him. Plus, the way they've built these feuds lately with ADR is annoying. The double turn at Payback was great, as was him destroying Rodriguez both times, but it's aggravating that they go the lazy route with his feuds with RVD and Christian by having them qualify for a title shot just because they defeated him in a non-title match. I hate when WWE book their title holders to look like paper champions, and they do it quite often in the midcard.
  9. Del Rio is a top 5 worker in the company. He is one of the only workers who I can ignore the build for a match, turn on a PPV and stil be interested in the match without a real story behind it. There is something to be said about that.

    As for most of the feuds sucking dick? How can I blame ADR for that? He isn't a member of creative. 99% of his feuds are:

    1.) He loses in a non title match
    2.) Title match announced
    3.) He jobs again on SD before the show
    4.) He wins at PPV

    rinse fucking repeat. How can anyone entertain the fans when this is what they are CONSTANTLY given to work with? but yea, lets blame :adr:
  10. This
  11. He's a solid worker, but he hasn't been given much to run with his entire reign. Just filler match after filler match IMHO. (Excluding Ziggler)
  12. I think you are selling ADR short by saying he is a 'solid worker'.
  13. He has the capability to bore you with his charisma.
  14. He should lead a stable I think it would help him
  15. If Sandow fails to cash in i'll be mad as fuck.
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