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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Sackfist, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Don't know if this was ever posted here. But I would prefer a way to delete all messages rather than going page by page. Selecting all messages is easy, but I would prefer a delete all button for each (sent items, inbox & drafts)

    Also I find moving the PM's to trash can pointless when after I select PM' to be deleted and click delete, the PM's still go to trash can where I have to re-delete them again.
  2. Yeah MyBB badly needs this. I'll chase it up for you.

    Was right in front of our eyes the entire time. @Sheldor
  4. On the topic of messages can we mark them as unread? It's a little thing but I'll open a message think I'll reply later do something else and forget so this would stop me being an ignorant person at times.
  5. Thank goodness, hoorah
  6. You could just make a folder called "reply" or "unread" and move them there.
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