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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Star Lord, May 18, 2013.

  1. I think either everyone or legends should be able to delete posts or threads, This will be helpful for things like double posts etc, Crayo
  2. But we can also tell MODS to delete double post, just PM them telling the thread where the double post is and they'll delete it
  3. But if we are able to do it ourselves it means we wont need to bother MODs about it and makes it quicker and easier.
  4. But what would be the point on having MODs? That way they may only be able to ban people... Maybe Crayo could make that stuff only for legends, people may be more interested in buying the upgrade, good for Crayo and good for this forums, business brother
  5. Legends had this feature before but it was abused so it got removed.
  6. How would this be abused and who abused it?
  7. Stupid people who posted and then deleted their posts, I don't know but. This would be abused because you don't like your post and you delete it...
  8. Isn't that the entire purpose of being able to delete your thread? How is that abuse?
  9. Yeah but if you delete every single post you create that's an abuse, isn't it?
  10. Nobody would do that
  11. Why would someone wanna delete all their posts? lmao
  12. They're not happy with what they have written or more crap...
  13. Just stop.
  14. I know it's kind of stupid what I'm saying, it's difficult to abuse of that but if they say they did it's because someone did abuse
  15. Just stop.
  16. I think it was during the counting game when people (not sure which ones) would post there and delete their post to lose track of the counting. After that it was removed because we found out that there were other ways to abuse it as well. Some examples that could happen or has happened.

    - A user could go rouge like ragequit the forums and delete all their posts (might have happened this once or tried to)
    - If your account gets hacked/stolen, then someone could delete all your posts (Has happened before to someone but no harm was done to the account)
    - You can delete your OP and the second reply on that thread will be the OP making them the thread author
    - Can be used to remove a lot of your posts that you don't want the public to see (maybe from early days when you were new here)
    - Bumping your threads. Post a reply, thread goes on the first page, delete your post. Not sure if this works on Xenforo though.

    So now, it's removed more as a pre-caution to abuse.

    Ragequit forums, gets their account hacked/stolen, or delete their posts from early days when they were new.
  17. We can still delete posts though, just not threads?
  18. Did not know you could delete posts. Not sure if it was on purpose or accident during the move. Crayo

    Threads would be even worse cuz it would take away everyone's posts with it who replied there.
  19. Deleting posts is already allowed isn't it? You can do that right? We added this when we moved to the legend usergroup. Deleting threads will never be given.
  20. All legends can delete their posts.
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