Theories Democracy is Dying

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Roadster, Jul 2, 2016.

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  1. This is something that I've been thinking about since the whole UK/EU split and the 22% of voters that are willing to vote for the opposite party just to spite the Democrats and the nominee.

    For about 100 years now the American legislative and representative systems have been deeply flawed. The original saying was "No taxation without representation". I'm not sure about the late 1700s and 1800s but surely in more recent history, American senators, representatives and congressmen are not worried about representing their people but more-so to push the agenda of their own views and their party's views. It's apparent in recent issues like gun control, where more than 90% of American citizens feel there should be more or reformed gun control. But the people in office, aren't holding a vote. This isn't representing the will of the people, it's representing the will of the lobbys of the people paying to have their interests be represented. Groups like the NRA, who used to be moderates that would educate and inform people of Guns, how to use them and their dangers have turned into gun rights activists that pour millions for Republicans to continue their agenda.

    Voting is dying. Less and less people vote, and I doubt half of the legal voters on this site even vote. I can only of the reason being that the will of the people doesn't matter. Al Gore in 2000 won the popular vote, but didn't become president. Electoral college is said to represent the general will of the people to elect an official, but that clearly wasn't the situation when the general will was set on Al Gore.

    Another thing is that people, who are disgruntled with their position among the political landscape are willing to use their vote as a form of protest. 22% of Sanders supporters are willing to vote for the opposite party as a way to stick it to Clinton. Makes 0 sense. Another thing is the UK/EU split. People voted leave for the sole purpose of just voting, and it ended up costing 2 trillion in worldwide markets. People voted leave for the purpose of sticking it to the campaigners that wanted to stay. Is this just the pure stupidity of people or the fact that the misrepresentation of the population has led to slow death of Democracy?

    ik i wrote this like an article, but w/e. I want to hear others views on this subject.
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  2. It may be hard to believe but people are more informed now than ever before. They are aware of the fact that most politicans are bought, that politics are ran by companies. Which explains why Trump is doing as well as he is and why Bernie lasted so long. Those Sanders voters( much like the UK voters thought) probably don't think there 22% will matter much because Hillary is pretty much a shoo-in. I don't think democracy is dying necessarily but rather it's being...tested given the circumstance.
  3. Democracy is a farce.
  4. This.

    Democracy hasn't been used, for the literal meaning of the term in hundreds of years. Republicanism is the "new" Democracy, and it's specifically designed to take away the voice of citizens, and allow for the feeling of actual participation, but actually allows for people to instill agendas.
  5. I wouldn't say Democracy is dying, but right now; it's broken. When corporations are allowed to make unlimited donations and sway public opinions democracy is being weakened.

    There are many reasons why Democracy is broken at the moment, and I'm sure you've heard all of it by now. And sadly the popular anti-establishment candidate for president is Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the 1%, he isn't going to change anything to benefit the 99%. He is just cutting out the middle man because he is so rich he doesn't need the Koch Brothers money. Hillary Clinton is about as establishment as they can come. She can copy as many as Bernie's platforms as she wants, but that will change the fact that she is Wall Streets' and Big Banks' candidate. This is about the time I would say that Gary Johnson is the best candidate still in the race, but he supports TPP so he can properly fuck off.

    Basically, Democracy is broken. As long as people like Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Brothers can control the election process and news outlets we won't get real change.

    As for the general public. well that's something I don't have any idea on how to fix. When Fox News has the best ratings of any news station, I'm just at a lost for what to say.
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