Kayfabe Preview Show Democracy Rules: Arno vs Kameron

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What Stipulation Should They Face In?

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  1. Fans Bring the Weapons Match

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  2. First Blood

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  3. Studio 72 Street Fight

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  1. [​IMG]
    The Maddest Brawl in RWK

    Arno Frye (The Insane Artist) @Botchie vs Kameron Kalmar (The Miracle Man) @Psycho Rangers


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  2. A bright and sunny day in long beach as Arno and the gang try to enjoy his last few days of his freedom. He knows his faith and he can’t delay the inevitable, instead he’d rather—

    Enough already we get it! I wouldn’t be in this situation if that mighty mouse motherfucker didn’t snitch!

    Arno continues his tirade in broad daylight as Judas and Elise try to calm him.

    Shut the fuck up!

    Who is he talking too?


    My studio gone, my status and reputation tainted and god knows how many years they’ll give me—fuck! I swear I’ll hurt him…I’ll hurt him bad! I’ll beat him half to death! I want his blood on my—

    Arnie people are staring at us, chill out!

    Do you think I give a shit! These people could go to hell for all I care! Until I’m locked away they’ll just have to fucking deal with me!

    Arno’s tantrum is cut short by police and he is escorted off the beach. Studio 72 goes back to their apartment in Los Angeles.
    Judas and Elise get him drunk which mellows him a little. He just sits motionless watching cartoons for the next few hours. No telling where his mind is, probably obsessed on Kameron Kalmar or maybe it’s his actions catching up to him? Who knows? No time for deep thought however As Arno’s eyes begin to twitch. He lets out a cackle that bounces throughout the apartment. Judas is alerted by this Judas rushes from his room into the living room…

    Ah fuck…

    Triggered like a tumblr girl Arno kicks over his television and begins stomping the screen. The Mighty mouse theme begins to glitch out, Judas doesn’t attempt stopping him. Arno stomps and stomps until he is exhausted. He falls back on to the couch gasping for air and laughing at the same time. Elise and Judas mourn the TV, Arno throws the remote at them.

    Get the camera…
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  3. The camera flickers on then glitches before settling on Arno sitting drunk and disheveled. He barely seems to acknowledge the camera. His eyes lay fixed on something beyond the camera, beyond reality.

    I didn't have it all but I had what I wanted. I created art, I created a hub for the night life of Los Angeles. I was a respected socialite in this city for what it was worth. Hell I was able to pursue my wrestling passions on the side. Yet because I got a little frustrated I got a little sloppy and left out cheese and what do you know? I attracted a fucking rodent. It was too be expected sooner or later, and it's seems this one's not smart enough to fall for traps so I'll just have to be more direct. Kameron, good job bud'--Checkmate! You've ruined me and I hope you feel good about it because I want you to come to democracy rules with that feeling of accomplishment so I can beat it out of you.

    Arno fixes himself on the couch and sips some more beer.

    *burps* You see I have nothing to loose now, I'm not gonna be a free man much longer.

    Slams the beer bottle down and miraculously it didn't break.

    I don't care if I win or not I just want to hurt you my guy. Maybe a little more than hurt but I'm sure I already have enough years to serve *chuckle*. Democracy rules-- I don't give a shit what they pick. Fans bring weapons? I'll bring one too...a sharp one. Street fight 72 style? Oh you wouldn't want that...Oh how about a first blood!? I'd like that one. In fact I'd cut myself open just so can have the satisfaction of winning while Judas and I beat your ass after the bell rings.

    None of it matters anyway...I've already lost, I'm no longer a free man. After Democracy rules, you won't be a conscious ma--

    The camera cuts off abruptly.
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  4. The following video was filmed in MonoVision®

    Unlike promos that are filmed of Kameron in the past, when we fade-in from black, this time we are shown different clips of footage of rush hour in Los Angeles, California. Turf that, arguably, belongs to mister Kalmar’s opponent, Arno Frye. The city where Studio 72 had originally made their bed originally has changed, allowing more color and more neon light to show (despite not much light breaking past the powerful sunlight illuminating the L.A. morning streets, as we see them). People are out and about, cluttering the city streets; some going to work, some shopping, others just gallivanting about.

    We don’t see Kameron for a few good minutes, but we do cut to the boarded-up front of Arno Frye and the rest of Studio 72’s former studio, which is now condemned and claimed by authorities due to Arno’s actions. This is where we first see Kameron walk in from out of frame, looking with a slight smile up at the boarded-up front entrance. He rubbed his left bicep before beginning to speak…

    “I’ve done it,” Kameron says triumphantly. “You may think you got the better of me at Peace of Mind, Arno, but I got you, you son of a bitch. I put you (and the rest of the Studio’s, for that matter) attention on me. You three may have turned off the lights and knocked me out, but you put your attention on me long enough for the police to come here and get the hostages you three’d taken out. But beating you up here--” --he paused for a moment while motioning to his temple, then continued, “--is not enough. I think we both know that at this point.”

    Kameron turns and looks towards the camera. “I got cocky last time. I waited too long to take you out, Arno. I wanted to hurt you, and I let my rage get the best of me. It’s something I won’t repeat during our next encounter. It’s unbecoming of a wrestler to solely want to hurt. This’ll be a mistake I will not repeat at Democracy Rules.”

    Along with the camera crew, as the young man continued, Kameron began to walk away from the boarded-up crime scene behind him, leaving it forever and hoping never to return.

    “This will be our final encounter, our last stop on the road we’ve paved in each other’s blood and tears. The chess game is over--long, long over--and now it’s time for us to part. I don’t know which stipulation the fans will pick, that’s to be sure. But three forks leading to dead ends at the end of a long, twisted road all end the same way. No matter if it’s a First Blood match, a street fight with weapons and location however Studio 72 sees fit, or a match where the weapons we’ll pick from are brought in by the fans. No matter which of the three of these are picked by our peers, I end it, Arno.”

    Kameron’s gaze seemed to shift, as if looking at something that wasn’t present. A rather distant look.

    “We’ll be in Toronto, in Canada this time, though for me this won’t truly be unrecognizable ground. On Lake Ontario, Toronto’s opposite from Niagara Falls, where my parents had their honeymoon. Fitting then that on the other side of the lake, you and I will be having our last clash.”

    Kameron then looked back at the camera, but not before shaking his head and chuckling.

    “I’ve talked too much already, Arno. Talk is cheap. So I’ll summarize my statement here with this: I will not allow you to have your way anymore. You’re unfocused. You’ve lost your vision and your “pet project” and now your style’s chaotic. Unfocused. You say you’ll hurt me? Pfft--nothing that hasn’t happened before. I will not let you be a hindrance to me anymore, Arno. At Democracy Rules, our match will be brutal. Each of us will leave something in the arena. In Toronto, no matter how much you think you’ll hurt me, before you go to jail, I want you to know one thing…”

    This is the part where, like several times before, he looks deep into the camera lens, as if looking directly into Arno Frye’s eyes.

    “I’m gonna prove that I’m a better wrestler than you. And I’m going to make a guarantee, like before the match where we first crossed paths, Arno. At Peace of Mind, you and Studio 72 cheated your way out of the Ride to Hell. At Democracy Rules, I’m going to hit you with the Ride to Hell and the Cranium Killer. Then the referee is gonna raise my hand in victory. And before you fall unconscious, I want you to look up from the mat and look at the man that stopped your journey to the European Championship. And this mere ‘street rat’s’ name? --is Kameron Kalmar.”

    The preceding program was filmed in MonoVision®
    And presented for viewers like you
    Thank you
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