Kayfabe Preview Show Democracy Rules: Kelly vs Jordan

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  1. [​IMG]
    RWK European Championship Match

    Michael Kelly (The Chosen Challenger) @M Kells vs Christopher Jordan (The Runaway Champion) @Electro


    Only the competitors can post here.

    You can promo outside the ring if you like. In-Ring promos are also available to you.
    Promos must be done by the 11:59 pm on August 4th British Time.
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  2. @Electro and @M Kells

    An extension is given to the 6th as someone asked for one. GL guys.
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    Location: Undisclosed Training Center, Vancouver, BC

    Starring: Michael Kelly

    Co Starring: Adeline La Roux, Wulf Erikson and Angelica Vaughn​

    *Being followed by a sole camera man didn’t seem to sit well with Michael, but the folks over at RWK requested some insight on the recovering star’s life before the big event, so he abided their request and took the guy along. He wasn’t much of a bother anyway, a bit creepy due to him being silent most of the time, but nothing extremely out of the ordinary. Michael arrives at what appears to be an empty gym, well almost empty. He is quickly bombarded with a few familiar faces. Now in the past this wouldn’t have been such a good thing, but nowadays he’s grown to accept a few people into his what would otherwise be isolated existence. *

    Angelica: Emkaaaay! Waaay too long no see!​

    *Nearly bursting his eardrums as she enthusiastically shouted his name, she hopped on his back and hugged him from behind before hopping off again, giggling like a little schoolgirl. Michael chuckles at Angelica’s silly antics. He never was as stern with Angie as he was to his other friends or stable members. Probably due to the fact that Angie reminded him very much of his baby sister, Taylor.*

    Michael: Hey, babydoll. Look at you! Are you growing up on me?

    *With a smile, she shrugged her shoulders, turned around and skipped a few feet away.*

    *That was Angie, the young up-and-comer and proclaimed “Prodigal Daughter” of Vancouver, BC. Little to her knowledge, she had one of the stiffest kicks in the biz and unknowingly used her lower body strikes to her advantage. She quite possibly has the most upside amongst the group and will no doubt make an excellent world champion somewhere, sooner or later.*

    *Michael makes his way through the door and is greeted by a certain dread-headed someone.*

    Wulf: Heyyy..MK..

    Michael: How’s it hangin’, buddy?

    Wulf: None of your damn business...

    *Wulf Erikson. Michael had a laugh and a handshake for this man. What more could be said about the guy that hasn’t already been said? A household name for his spectacular athleticism and eye-catching high flying offense. A wrestler of championship pedigree and all around nuisance to Michael, Wulf grew on him extremely quickly. Like a fatal infection, but a really rad one.*

    Adeline: Michael…

    Michael: Addy…

    *A smile starts to gradually show on Adeline’s face and soon enough she’s smiling from ear to ear. The two join in a tight embrace and Adeline wraps around him like a sloth to a tree. Michael laughs for a brief amount of time before looking into the red headed vixen’s eyes and cracking a half smile. Even though they may not be together romantically anymore, they still remain best friends. She leaps off of Michael and goes over to stand beside Angelica.*

    Michael: Let’s get to work folks…

    *Michael turns around and with a deadly serious stare looks at the cameraman, stopping him in his tracks. He leans in, getting out of shot and in a soft but firm tone*

    Michael: We’d like some privacy for the full duration of our sparring session.

    *The cameraman lowers his camera and turns around to leave the gym, but Michael grabs him by the arm, stopping him from doing so.*

    Michael: Maybe I worded that wrong. What I meant is that you can stay, but we’d like the camera to be off for the time being.

    *He gladly obliges and places the camera down on a nearby chair, shutting it off in the process.*

    *Hours come and go, but eventually, the camera is picked up and turned on. Now we’re greeted with a tired Michael Kelly sitting down on a chair near both the wrestling ring and equipment. Adeline, Wulf, and Angelica collectively walk towards him. With all four wrestlers equally as tired, they sit down on nearby chairs next to the panting Kelly. Adeline taps him on the shoulder and begins speaking in French, hoping.*

    Adeline: Qu'y a-t-il avec lui?

    (What’s up with him?)

    Angelica: Ouais, il n'a même pas dit un mot tout le temps, Emkay.

    (Yeah, he hasn’t even said a word this whole time, Emkay.)

    Michael: Il fait beaucoup

    (Yeah, he does that a lot.)

    Wulf: C'est peut-être parce qu'il est un bâtard étrange…

    (Maybe it’s because he’s a strange bastard..)

    *Adeline and Angelica giggle over Wulf’s statement.*

    Adeline: Je suis d’accord. Il est probablement tout simplement étrange.

    (I agree. He’s probably just strange.)

    Michael: Il est juste un caméraman d’un équipage de caméra que RWK a payé pour documenter mes jours que ont mené à l'événement.

    (He’s just a cameraman that RWK paid to document my days leading to the event.)

    Wulf: Cela explique l'étrange. Alors, quelle partie du sous-sol de sa mère habite-t?

    (That explains the weird. So what part of his mother’s basement does he dwell in?)

    Adeline/Michael: Wulf! Don’t be so mean!

    Wulf: Whatever..

    Angelica: Est-ce qu'ils font un documentaire de rédemption?

    (Are they making a redemption documentary?)

    Michael: Un quoi!?

    (A what!?)

    Wulf: Haha! Maintenant, c'est méchant! Mais je ne pense pas que Angie l'ait cru comme ça.

    (Haha! Now THAT is mean! Though I don’t think that Angie meant it the way it came out.)

    Adeline: Non, Angie a raison. C'est probablement l'un de ces films de «retour» que les cinéastes de la société de lutte jouent généralement avec des lutteurs blessés.

    (No, Angie has a point. This is probably one of those "comeback" movies that wrestling companies film usually starring injured wrestlers.)

    Michael: Mais je ne suis pas blessé.

    (But I’m not injured.)

    *Michael lifts his leg up and slaps his knee a few hard times.*

    Michael: Et ce n'est pas un retour!

    (And this is NOT a comeback!)

    Wulf: But you WERE injured, numbskull! Hence “comeback”.

    Michael: Damn, so I’m just like one of those saps who get hurt for half the year and come back? Even though I wrestled through the injury elsewhere?

    Adeline: Yes, but you were forced to vacate the European title because of that stupid knee.

    *Michael is shown with his head hung, looking down at his knee.*

    Michael: I wrestled with that god awful brace for months.

    *He leans back in his chair, holding his stomach and laughing hysterically. Wulf raises an eyebrow, confused at Michael’s random outburst of laughter.*

    Adeline: Cette accolade était ridicule.
    (That brace was ridiculous.)

    Angelica: Un atout si sérieux pour une blessure mineure.

    (Such a serious knee brace for such a not-so serious injury.)

    Michael: Ah mais c'était sérieux. Peut-être pas aussi sérieux qu'un acl déchiré, mais c'était vraiment sérieux.

    (Ah but it was serious. Maybe not as serious as a torn acl, but it definitely was serious)

    Adeline: Et cet imbécile a décidé qu'il serait judicieux de lutter contre le mauvais genou.

    (And this imbecile decided that it would be okay to wrestle on the bad knee.)

    *Walking over, Adeline slaps Michael upside the head. He turns around with a smile on her face*

    Wulf: And you call ME the idiot?

    Michael: That’s because you are, buddy.

    Angelica: Oh, so that explains why creepy camera guy is here!

    *Angie points directly at the cameraman who at this point probably has either a shocked or angry look on his face. I say probably because although he most likely feels disrespected, he’s professional through and through, never getting into shot or speaking.*

    Michael/Adeline: Angie!

    Angelica: Oops!

    Wulf: Wasn’t me this time!

    Michael: Yeah, but she gets this idiocy from you…

    *Standing up, Michael nudges Wulf on the shoulder, to which Wulf reciprocates with a nudge of his own. Angie gets in the mix with a punch to Michael’s arm, the unknowingly heavy handed girl does some damage to Michael, but he hides the soreness with a laugh, turning to Wulf and mouthing “Goddamn that hurt”. Adeline stands back and shakes her head as she watches Michael play fight with his two stablemates.*

    Adeline: *Chuckles* You’re different, Michael. Real different.

    *Different for the better. If it weren’t for the injury, he wouldn’t be in the best shape of his life right now. Sure, he’d be with gold around his waist, but he’d be friendless. If it weren’t for Adeline, he wouldn’t be standing here, hell he probably wouldn’t even be standing period. She unknowingly saved him from obscurity by giving him something to fight for on a daily basis. If it weren’t for his friends… he’d be the same cocky, grumpy, self-absorbed guy that he was prior to all of this and worse of a man for it. This was a new Michael Kelly walking into the Ricoh Coliseum. A happy, at peace man ready to put his life on the line for the prize…. that he never lost.*

    *The camera fades with the 4 wrestlers bunched together with smiles across each one of their faces.*

    *Michael walks away from the bunch and toward the cameraman*

    Michael: Hey there!

    Cameraman: Hey.

    Michael: I just wanted to apologize for Angelica’s harsh words back there.

    Cameraman: It’s fine rea….

    *Michael interrupts the cameraman mid sentence.*

    Michael: It wasn’t just Angelica, it was all of us. Myself included. On behalf of the entire group, I’m sorry.

    *Michael puts his hand out, in an attempt to initiate a handshake. The cameraman looks down at the hand and then back up the towering Michael Kelly, who is staring directly at him. He puts his hand out and Michael grabs it, initiating the firm handshake.*

    Michael: I’m Michael, *chuckling* you already knew that though.

    Cameraman: Robb. The name’s Robb.

    Michael: Well, it’s nice to meet you, Robb.

    *He turns away to walk towards his friends before having his sweat soaked tank top tugged on by Robb, catching his attention. He turns back towards Robb the cameraman who clearly has something else to say.*

    Robb: Um, so the higher ups say that they need you in the studio tomorrow for a one on one, is that okay.

    Michael: Yeah, that’s fine. You mind if these guys tag along?

    Robb: Are you kidding me? I insist it, it’ll make for better film.

    Michael: Alright, see you tomorrow then?

    Robb: Tomorrow.

    *The day comes and goes and we’re now at West 7 Studios based in Vancouver, BC. Michael Kelly and company are now headed inside the main dressing room, getting touched up by the resident makeup artists. Wulf is not so keen on the whole “makeup” thing so he refuses, sticking his tongue out at the artists and whipping his flowing dreads at them. Angie and Adeline laugh at Wulf’s restraint while Michael just looks on with a smile on his face. The makeup artist fusses and ‘tsks’ as Wulf fidgets and turns his head every time that she tries to do anything..

    Adeline: Wulfie! Pucker up ‘sweetie’!

    Makeup artist: Mr. Erikson! You’re making this SO hard on me!

    Wulf: You’re the ‘artist’, you figure it out..

    Makeup artist: Ugh, these DREADLOCKS!! What were you thinking? SIT STILL!!

    *Angie and Adeline burst out laughing as Jackie finally grabs a handful of dreads and yanks his head back so that he is forced to look up while she applies foundation..*

    Wulf: OW!! What the h..

    Makeup artist: Stop fussing! I’m trying to make you pretty for the camera!

    *Wulf rolls his eyes..*

    Makeup artist: Good boy! Keep looking up!

    *Wulf shakes his head free of her grasp and he attempts to get up and amscray off set..however, an even firmer and larger set of hands hold him in place, and eventually, force him to relent and relax. No prizes for guessing who those hands belong to!*

    Michael: Wulf. Buddy. Pal. Compadre. PLEASE. Just roll with it. I really need this favor just this once. Let her do her ‘thang’, and you can go and do yours. Please? For me?

    *This rare emotional plea from Michael strikes a chord. Wulf ‘chills’ immediately. He grumbles, but he chills. And just like Michael stated, Jackie finishes up and Wulf is now free to progress to ‘throwing mic’ on behalf of his ‘bruh’. He also looks amazing, but don’t tell Wulf that..*

    Makeup artist: Phew. Glad that’s over! Adeline? You’re next! Sit, tell Aunt Jackie all about your troubles..

    *As Adeline takes her place in front of the mirror and engages in a pleasant conversation as Jackie works, Wulf nods and walks off set. He knows what he has to do. The scene fades for just a second.. *

    *When we come back, there is a brief pop from the camera crew as Wulf makes his way into the ‘green’ room. He doesn’t usually do this, but Wulf is actually dressed nice today. Black on black ‘after five’ wear is a strange setup for this guy, but here goes.*

    Wulf: ROBBEH!!

    *Wulf winks and sticks out his fist. Robb politely responds. Then he turns his attention to the camera crew*

    Wulf: Heeey guys! What’s shakin’ apart from the goddamn cameras?

    *There is a roll of laughter as Wulf does the rounds with handshakes and fist bumps, and then he pours himself a glass of water as he takes a seat on the couch.*

    Robb: Welcome, Wulf! You know what this is and you know why you’re here. Tell us, why do you throw your full support behind Michael Kelly? What do you make of his chances in gaining back the European championship that he never officially lost?

    Wulf: That’s just the thang! Michael Kelly, at least in MY eyes, is STILL the RWK European champion! So, the way I see it - my closest friend on the planet is technically DEFENDING..

    Robb: Interesting theory! So tell me, you say he is your closest friend on the planet - what is it about Michael that causes you to respect and look up to him the way that you do?

    *Wulf looks at the interviewer as though he’s ‘under the influence’.*

    Wulf: Hey, if you haven’t noticed by now - MK is a TRULY AMAZING worker and a truly amazing PERSON. The guy is a straight up inspiration. Michael knows what he has to do in almost every situation, both in that ring and in life. As such, he makes the perfect mentor for a ‘lost boy’ type like myself. In addition to that, I am CERTAIN that everyone knows that Michael and I put on one of this year’s GREATEST matches about a month ago! A modern day classic by every stretch of the imagination. Five stars all day every day. The whole match was an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, and you can tell just watching it that we are at the top of our games. I consider myself to have improved SO much from that match that it’s unbelievable. And I am honored to have been the guy who took Michael to the ends of the earth and back.

    Robb: I see! Yes, I think just about everyone saw that match. There haven’t been a lot of true five-star encounters this year, so you can’t help but notice when one pops up. Amazing work, guys! Do you believe that Michael can deliver the same thing at Democracy Rules against Christopher Jordan?

    Wulf: Do I believe it? You’re asking if I believe it? Robb. Knowing that MK can take the head off of a man twice his size with that Date with Desti-knee, I wouldn’t expect anything less! That...that thing is chaotic. That thing is like BAM! Out of nowhere! If you’re not lucky, career DONE and you’re learning to re-tie your boots! Christopher Jordan best beware!

    Robb: Yeah, not keen on that idea myself. Anything else you would like to share with us, Erikson?

    Wulf: Well I was gonna go out back and roll a bl..


    *There is a roll of laughter from the control room*

    Wulf: OH! Don’t mind me. On the real, the last thing I am going to say is this - Michael, I respect you with every fibre of my being. I KNOW that you have this covered, and that you will forever continue to do us proud. I’m not going to wish you luck, though.

    Robb: Why not?

    Wulf: Because frankly, luck is for losers!

    *Robb signifies that’s a wrap, and there is a round of applause from the crew. Wulf modestly stands and takes a bow before he shakes everybody’s hand one last time, salutes and takes his leave.*

    Robb: That..was more difficult than I anticipated. Who’s next?

    *As soon as he has finished his thought, a relatively tall, long-legged blonde walks in, who couldn’t possibly be much older than 18. Wearing a red dress with kittens printed across, and her long, sleek blonde locks bound together by a black headband, the bubbly girl takes a seat in front of Robb on the couch.*

    Angelica: Hi, I’m Angie! And this is such a great couch! Takes me back to a couple of weeks ago.

    Robb: Does it now?

    Angelica: Yeah, when I was looking for a job. But this seems a lot less shady for sure. You won’t ask me to take my dress off, will you?

    Robb: I… No ,that wasn’t the plan, we’re just here to…

    Angelica: Okay, cool, because that is when I left last time around. It was a few days before I got hired by my agent. When I told her about it, she said I made the right decision to walk away that day… Both for my career AND my dignity. Your camera seems much more professional too. And not handheld either. So what do you want to know?

    Robb: Well as you know we’re making a piece about Michael Kelly. You’re one of his closest friends, or so the rumors go. How long have you known him, exactly?

    Angelica: Oh, a couple of months now! I met him backstage at the first company I ever worked for.

    Robb: What was he like?

    Angelica: Well, you know Emkay. He’s not the gushy speech waterfall that some people are. Strong, but silent. I could immediately sense he was a serious man who wanted to be taken seriously, and he was always very respectable and nice to me. We got chatting after a while and things just clicked together nicely. He seemed to take a genuine interest in me, my career, and my plans for the future. He was one of the first to ever do that, and I’ve always been super grateful for it.

    Robb: Yes, they do say he has taken on a mentor role for you. Describe us Michael Kelly as a coach.

    Angelica: Well, he’s not exactly the one who taught me most of my moves. But he IS the man who made me take this business seriously. See, I know I can be a bit of a foolish girl at times, and God knows he has had to put up with some silly antics of mine… But he has always lead by example. I may act the fool outside of the ring or outside of practice, but he has quite literally knocked some sense into me, making me realize that I can’t take this as a joke. He holds his peers and protégé’s to the same standard he holds himself to, me among them. And he basically forced me to not only ‘grow up’, in a certain way, it has also made me twice the wrestler that I would’ve been had I never met him. He does that to people. Lifts them up. Elevates them. And if I ever become a world champion, if I ever manage to ‘look over the mountain’, it’s due in large part because I was able to stand on his shoulders.

    Robb: So if you had to put a bet on this upcoming match between Michael Kelly and Christopher Jordan?

    Angelica: Emkay will destroy him. I would stake my life on it. I mean what’s this dude’s nickname again?

    Robb: The Runaway.

    Angelica: Right. That implies two things, doesn’t it? One, he doesn’t exactly sounds like a very responsible person. Running away from your responsibilities and duties. Emkay isn’t like that. He has never turned tail in the face of adversity. He is, in fact, probably the most responsible person I know.

    Angelica: Secondly, it implies he’s a bit of a coward. In return, Emkay is one of the bravest people I know. He never backs down from a fight or challenge, and won’t stop at anything to get what he wants. Sounds to me like him and his Jordan guy are polar opposites. But Emkay will be on top, Jordan at the bottom. Simple as that.

    Robb: Right. I think that concludes everything, Miss Vaughn. Thank you for your time!

    Angelica: FInally! I was getting hungry!

    *Angie hops off the couch and starts to make her way towards the exit, before spinning around and pointing at Robb.*

    Angelica: You better not make me look dumb when you guys cut this up, I know how y’all work! Probably focus on one silly thing I said and then leave the rest out. I’ll be watching this!

    *Robb scratches his head but before he can respond, Angelica skips off, leaving him all alone.*

    *Minutes after Angelica leaves set, Adeline walks in with her red flowing hair bouncing with each step she takes. Wearing a skin tight black short sleeve top and a pair of brown ‘Palazzo’ pants, she greets the camera crew with a two handed wave. Walking over to Robb the interviewer, Adeline shakes his hand before making her way to the couch. She takes a seat and looks toward the camera in front of her.*

    Robb: So Adeline, first and foremost, thank you for joining us.

    Adeline: The pleasure is all mine. It’s the least that I can do for Michael.

    Robb: Speaking of Michael, you too are longtime friends and were even linked romantically at one point is that correct?

    Adeline: By romantically involved, you’re referring to the ten plus years that we’ve been… together, no? If you are, then yes. Michael and I have known each other for elev.. almost twelve years. He’s been there for both good and bad times and I’d like to think he’s my best friend.

    Robb: So it’s safe to say that you know Michael fairly well, correct? Obviously more than the others that are here with us today. With that, what do you think Michael’s mindset is coming into this match against The Runaway, Christopher Jordan?

    Adeline: To be honest? I don’t know. Michael seems unusually calm, care-free and collected as opposed to how he usually is before big matches like this. Normally he’d keep to himself, talking to no one.. except... well, me. Now he comes off as somewhat at peace. At peace with what, I’m not sure, but it’s nice to see him happy and not so serious leading to an event of this stature.

    Robb: Any nerves at all?

    Adeline: Yeah I am pretty nervous!

    Robb: I was referring to Michael.

    Adeline: Oh, right!

    Robb: So, do you believe he’s nervous at all?

    Adeline: Of course not, silly! Michael is never nervous when it comes to the wrestling ring. You know that just as well as I do.Grumpy. Confident. Cocky at times, but never nervous. If anything, we’re more nervous for him. I know I sure am, but knowing Michael, he’s going to give it his all against Christopher at Democracy Rules. Michael’s not one to shy away from putting his body on the line in the ring so he’s most likely gonna kill himself trying to make this match something special for himself and fans. I kid obviously,, but I hope… know that he’s gonna do great out there. Even if he doesn’t win, I’ll.. we’ll be there for him. Like always.

    *Adeline looks away as a smile comes across her face. She turns back to the camera, now straight-faced.*

    Robb: Well, Adeline, thank you for your time, you’ve been a doll. You can go into the waiting room to your left or home if you’d please. It's been a pleasure.

    Adeline: The pleasure was all mine! This was fun, we should do it again, sometime. Well now that I think about it we shouldn’t. I don’t want to see any of my friends hurt again.

    *She gets up, walks over to the entire camera crew and individually shakes their hands before making her way out of the shot entirely, leaving the set.*

    Robb: Alright, bring him in.

    *Last but not least, Michael Kelly makes his way onto the set, walking with a certain swagger about him. With a smile from ear to ear, he greets the camera crew with handshakes for all. Donning a black two piece Armani Collezioni wool suit, he takes a seat on the couch and with his eyes takes a look around at the set-up*

    Robb: First and foremost, I want to thank you for coming.

    Michael: Of course. I couldn’t let you guys down.

    Robb: Okay, so the last time we saw you prior to Peace of Mind, you were being carrie….

    *Michael interrupts him before he could finish his sentence*

    Michael: I was what? Being carried on a stretcher? Making my way to the hospital? Hoping that my knee didn’t just completely give up on me? Praying that my career didn’t just end on such a sour note? Yeah. One of the greatest moments of my career became a living nightmare and I only have one man to thank for it… Myself. You see, I had done plenty of bad things, plenty of devious things, plenty of things that I myself am not proud of prior to Cold Day In Hell. It was just karma coming back to bite me on the behind in the shape of a masked assailant known to the world as El Pecador. Now while his actions will one hundred percent be accounted for in the future, Pec isn’t why I’m here. I am here to get back what I earned, what my years in this business, all my blood, sweat and tears culminated into, what I never lost. I’ve worked ten times as hard to get to the point where I can claim it again, the RWK European championship.

    Michael: So regarding The champion, Christopher Jordan, I have to say… thank you for giving me the opportunity to face you for that European championship belt. I appreciate the chance that you are giving me. Instead of saying no, backing down and asking for another opponent, you stepped up to the plate and agreed to our bout. You earned that title, you deserve that title and I’m not here to bring you down or say otherwise. Now, don’t think just because I’m praising you that it means IN ANY WAY that I’ll be going easy on you. In fact, I will be giving it everything that I’ve got in my body, risking it all to beat you and hold that European championship once again, becoming your first ever two-time European champion.

    Michael: Now whether that be in a two out of three falls match or a grueling thirty-minute iron man match or even a career-shortening ladder match, destiny reads the same. I WILL pin you twice on that mat, I WILL outlast you for thirty minutes and I WILL climb that ladder and retrieve the championship that I never lost. And I don’t want to do this, but if I have to, I will beat you within an inch of your life to get it back. I’d rather not though, but seeing as you are as resilient, as great as a fighting champ should be, and seeing as I will stop at nothing to claim the title, it may have to end that way. I’ve done just about as much in my short time in RWK than quite possibly any other wrestler on the talented roster that we’ve got. I’ve defeated the undefeated, beat the unbeatable and come Democracy Rules… I catch The Runaway.

    Michael: Nothing and I MEAN nothing is going to stop me from taking back what I never lost. Not you Mr. Jordan, not Mr. Keenan, not anybody else who feels the need to help you. What you are getting at Democracy Rules is a man who will stop at absolutely nothing to take back what was essentially robbed from him, robbed from me… I’m going in there for one thing and one thing only: That European championship belt. We sure as hell are going to blow the roof the Ricoh, but when that dust settles and you’re looking up at the lights there’s only two words that are going to keep playing in your head: AND NEEEEEW! Chris, this is more than just a redemption story, this is more than just your ordinary title defense, this is the culmination of every single thing that I’ve done to get back here. That title means more to me than anything on this planet and if you believe even for one second that your hand is going to be raised….

    *He leans forward and chuckles*

    Michael: Then well, you’re just sadly mistaken. I’m walking out of our match with that European championship, not because of destiny or anything of the sort, it will be because I’ve earned the right by defeating a hell of a competitor and a great champion. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that my Desti-Knee is… Extremely lethal.

    *He cracks a half smile*

    Michael: So it was etched in stone and written in the sands of time, Christopher Jordan, at Democracy Rules, your title reign will come to an end and you will have your Date With Desti-Knee.

    *Michael gets up before shaking hands across the room. He heads toward the exit thus the camera fades to black.*

    Permission to use Angelica Vaughn and Wulf Erikson was granted by the handlers.
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  4. Corruption
    Toronto, Canada
    11:35 pm

    Suddenly, the camera switches on creating an alarm-like sound. The beeping noise is almost unbearable, it has a shrill bite similar to that of a whistle or a teapot. Eventually, the noise goes away and the flash of the camera brightens the unilluminated room. The cameraman swiftly positions himself so the camera is facing the corner of the room. Now in the shot is the new RWK European Champion, Christopher Jordan who is sat in the corner of the room with the title in his lap. Jordan doesn’t pay attention to the light facing him, nor the cameraman. Jordan’s focus is solely on the title he won at Peace of Mind.

    The Runaway grabs a rag that is to the right of him and begins polishing the title. Although the title is clean, Christopher cannot seem to cope with any dust or dirt on his European Championship. No-one has seen Jordan since Peace of Mind and for all the audience knows his mentality could be a complete polar opposite of what it was when he was going into that match to face both Vitor Mata and Chris Young. Jordan finally stops and puts the cloth to one side, once again now fixated on his title. It’s almost as if the title is saying things to him because of the way he is looking at the lustrous championship belt while also nodding his head simultaneously. Jordan looks at the nameplate on the bottom of the main championship plate, he carefully brushes his hand over the engraved writing of his name. He sees his reflection in the title, he glares back at his reflection. It is obvious to the audience and the cameraman filming that the title has changed Christopher Jordan, he is not his usual self whether the title has corrupted him or added to his ego that doesn’t matter. Something seems clearly wrong with the Runaway.

    Jordan finally straightens his posture while still sat on the ground. He is wearing a plain black t-shirt, fitted blue jeans and a pair of Adidas white sneakers meaning this attire is quite the opposite of last month where he usually was seen wearing suits and formal clothing throughout the month. Jordan rubs his nose and finally notices the camera positioned in his direction. The light doesn’t seem to affect him even after being in a completely pitch-black room for a period of time. However, Jordan’s eye-contact with the camera doesn’t last long as he goes back to looking at his championship. He runs his left hand through his hair and stretches his legs out to avoid cramp having been sat in the same position for a while. Even though it feels like the camera recording him has been going for a lifetime, it has only been going for a few minutes. Finally, after a few minutes of silence Jordan begins to speak without breaking eye-contact with the European Championship.

    “At Peace of Mind, the unthinkable happened. The man who was always told he wouldn’t be able to break out on his own, the man who was told he would be nothing without Tyler Keenan, the man who was told he wasn’t strong enough, fast enough or smart enough to succeed won the European Championship. They were all wrong. If all of these peoples statements were true then why would I have this very championship resting on my lap? Vitor Mata tried to present his opinion on me as a fact, Chris Young did the same and look what happened to the both of them. Mata is trying to claw his way back into European Championship contention, so good luck with that Vitor because I can promise you as long as this title is in my possession, it is going nowhere. The second man in my match from Peace of Mind, Chris Young has been relegated to a match mostly full of nobodies with the exception of El Pecador and Azrael. The rest of the competitors involved in the match either haven’t had a match here in RWK, or have made meaningless returns and have had disappointing runs here in this company meaning that anyone with a working brain can resolve that both their return and their careers are worthless, I’m done with opinions from members on the roster and members of the audience. As long as I have my title, anything anyone else says doesn’t matter because I have proved all I have had to prove. I started on the very bottom of the totem pole and I had to climb to get where I am now. Now that I am finally here and I can’t see anyone else in sight my entire focus is on one thing and that one thing is keeping this precious justification in my lap that shows that I am currently one of the best, if not the best inside of that ring. It doesn’t matter whether you worked your way up to share the same platform as me or you were chosen to step foot in the ring with me, I am not giving up this title to anybody and if you want this you’re going to have to seize it from my cold, dead hands!”

    Jordan finally stands up, his back cracking as he obviously hadn’t moved much from the corner of the room. He moves his neck from side to side also causing that to crack too. He finally positions the title on his right shoulder. Christopher then turns his attention back to the camera once more having more awareness of his surroundings. The flash on the camera also makes his face more visible with his bloodshot eyes now being more distinctive than they were previously. Jordan looks like he hasn’t slept in days, but there doesn’t seem to be any slur or change of tone in his voice to make it seem that way.

    “Now for Democracy Rules, I have been dealt a hand that I am not too happy with if I am quite honest. A returning competitor has been granted a chance at my RWK European Championship. Michael Kelly is finally back in RWK, how about we have a round of applause for the returning chosen one? No, how about we hold our applause for a man more deserving? I can name one person that would disagree with my statement just there and his name is Wulf Erikson, I heard what you said especially what you had to say about your so-called mentor. You see you have fallen into a trap that I fell into many years ago. I thought that someone who was my best friend was amazing both inside and out of the ring, I too thought that my best friend would be the perfect mentor as I was also a ‘lost boy’ like you. However, all this did was create dissension between the two of us because, during this entire period of time, I was in this man's shadow, I was the lesser of the two of us and when anyone ever seemed to address or discuss Christopher Jordan all they ever said was that he was dead-weight and nothing compared to man who was his best friend. That is why I went solo and look where that has gotten me, I proved that Christopher Jordan is capable enough to be a star on his own and the same could happen to you, Wulf. All you need to do is take the initiative to leave the shadows and become your own man, or is Michael Kelly the only person allowed to make decisions in your little stable?”

    Jordan chuckles as he shrugs his shoulders. He looks down at the title resting on his shoulder and continues to smile. He scratches his beard as he begins to continue.

    “Another one of your friends was asked about you for this piece that was done in West 7 Studios. Firstly, don’t worry no-one is going to be interested in a Michael Kelly piece, I mean the only reason I even watched it was to see what all of you had to say about yours truly. Don’t worry Wulf, I saw everyone else's comments too so you’re not the only person I am going address about their statements they told to the interviewer.” Jordan winks at the camera continuing what he was about to say. “Hello, Angelica. Another human being who considers Michael Kelly a mentor. I heard you say that Kelly lifts people up and that elevates them. You were also quoted as saying that if you ever become world champion, if you ever look over the mountain you said it would be because you are standing on Michael Kelly’s shoulders. You really are a deluded idiot, aren’t you? No-one elevates anyone in this business, you have to fight for anything you can get and you really are a fool for trusting someone thinking that they will be able to help you climb to the next level. Clearly, you don’t know anything about the wrestling business and what you have said proves that even with Kelly’s guidance you obviously still don’t take this business seriously. As soon as you make it over that mountain, the man who put you there is going to throw you right off his shoulders and take your place because that is how this business works. Take my advice, don’t be a fool. I mean it may be too late, but better late than never. Bad Moon Rising is just Michael Kelly’s way of making it to the top, he is just using you for his gain. You also said that Michael and I are polar opposites, well your opinion on the outcome of this match is going to be quite the opposite of the outcome that will play out at Democracy Rules, when Christopher Jordan is the one on top with Michael being the man who has hit rock bottom when he realises that the RWK European Championship is truly out of his grasp as it should have been in the first place.”

    The thought of trying to manipulate the BMR members against each other brings a devilish grin to Jordan’s face. He relishes in the fact that Michael Kelly’s demise may be because of the people who are closest to him. However, this isn’t guaranteed and Jordan knows it will take much more than manipulation to defeat an opponent even having learned from a master manipulator.

    “Other than Kelly himself, this leaves one other person who decided to give their view. Adeline La Roux. Now you could say her statement matters almost as much as Michael’s because of how long she has known him. Although, why would I trust an opinion from someone that wasn’t even good enough for the Maestro of Strong Style? However, I had to just hope that she was stating her truthful opinion instead of stating an opinion in desperation of trying to regain the love she once had from Michael. She said several things about him obviously blinded by love, but there was one thing I did pick out that made me chuckle. Adeline said that Michael Kelly would kill himself trying to put on a special match for both himself and the fans. This is very unnecessary if you ask me and that is because I am going to tear him limb from limb in that ring, I am going to kill him mentally and almost physically if it means regaining this title, so he won’t even need to go to that length to put on a good match when I could just do that for him. Regardless of a win or a loss, you stated that you will always be there for Michael Kelly. That’s cool and everything, but you will have to accept that the fact that both you and Bad Moon Rising are celebrating and supporting one thing. A failure, a man who couldn’t regain what he once had, who is going to walk out of Democracy Rules with his head down and his soul even lower because then he will finally realize that he was chosen. Chosen to fail.”

    Jordan smirks as he rubs his hands together excited for whatever he is about to say next. He rubs his right eye obviously now the exhaustion of not having slept finally getting to him. Quickly shrugging it off, he puts all his attention back to the camera seemingly not done talking about his match at Democracy Rules. He begins to mimic the introduction that a ring announcer gives a competitor.

    “Now the main event of the evening! The Chosen One! Michael Kelly! Oh have I heard a lot about you over the last few weeks and can I say how disappointed I am. I expected much more from someone who proclaims himself to be the chosen one. Just because of your nickname and what management has granted you, you act like you’re entitled. You act like you deserve this chance at Democracy Rules, but this is simply not true.”

    Jordan’s expression begins to switch and he starts to display a more aggressive demeanor.

    “You claim you have been through hardships and tough times, but I can guarantee you I have been through more. I lost the person who had the biggest impact in my life at 9 years of age, then my father took his own life at 10! My mother passed away while in care because of an existing medical condition at 13! This left me in the care of a close family friend who advised me not to pursue my dream of becoming the best professional wrestler in the world. I didn’t listen to him and traveled the world just to find someone who would actually train me who wouldn’t judge me on how my father had acted. I finally returned to find out my legal guardian had gone and was nowhere to be found, not at home and not at the factory and you want to talk about hardships! Quit with the bullshit, Michael. No-one in this business has had it tougher than Christopher Jordan and I have had to scratch and claw for every opportunity which finally culminated last month when I became the RWK European Champion. Don’t you even dare say you deserve this chance because you were granted this chance! You had your time and now it has passed, but it hasn’t clicked in your brain that is time for new stars to rise up and become the faces of RWK. You don’t understand this though, do you, Michael?”

    Jordan takes deep breaths becoming more enraged the more he thinks about why Kelly got this match.

    “Michael Kelly can’t help but latch onto something he did before El Pecador sent him away stretchered out of the arena at Cold Day in Hell. You’re not the same man and it is not even an opinion, it is a fact that you have changed. However, this is going to be the root of your demise. You claim that you will pin me twice in a two out of three falls match, outlast me in a thirty-minute iron man match and that you will climb the ladder and retrieve the championship that you never lost. You lost that championship the second you vacated it because you were too hurt to compete. A real competitor fights through pain and you weren’t capable of that.” Jordan mimics Kelly’s injury. “Oh no! The masked man hurt me! My back, my neck! It hurts! You’re washed up if you believe that you can regain my European Championship. I’m prepared to hurt you, I’m prepared to break you and more importantly I am prepared to step into that ring and end the possibility of Michael Kelly being the chosen one who will reclaim what was once his.”

    Jordan stares menacingly at the camera one last time as the segment begins to come to an end.

    “I’m willing to go lengths that no man has gone if it means retaining my title. This means everything to me and I will not let it go whether you like it or not. At Democracy Rules, I finish what El Pecador started. I finish the career of Michael Kelly.”

    Jordan walks out of the shot as the camera fades to black. Everything has been said in the build up to this match, now it’s time to let their actions do the talking.
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