Kayfabe Preview Show Democracy Rules: Mata vs Harrows

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What Stipulation Should They Face In?

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  1. Ambulance Match

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  2. TLC Match

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  3. I Quit Match

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  1. [​IMG]
    A Match To Settle a Score: Number One Contender's Match for the RWK European Championship

    Aaron Harrows (The Top Star) @Green Power Ranger vs Vitor Mata (The Pride of Portugal) @CBK_15


    Only the competitors can post here.

    You can promo outside the ring if you like. In-Ring promos are also available to you.
    Promos must be done by the 11:59 pm on August 4th British Time.
    Please don't post any OOC posts in here. Use the General Discussion thread for those posts.
    There is a 2 promo limit.
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  2. [​IMG]

    The video starts with complete static covering the entire screen before it suddenly blacks out before it comes back to Aaron Harrows’ face concentrating as he stares into the screen which is presumably because this is probably Aaron's first time setting a camera. Harrows backs away, allowing the background to become more familiar as the Top Star leans off the balcony, looking deeply into the extravagant view of the Atlantic Ocean. Harrows is wearing nearly the same as the attire that he had at Peace Of Mind but that doesn’t really matter as Harrows speaks to the public for the first time in around 2 months

    “Vitor Mata. The Pride Of Portugal, Vitor Mata. At Democracy Rules on Sunday, Vitor Mata will be my opponent. Sound familiar? Hell, this place must look at least a tiny tiny bit familiar to the audience watching this. Or at least to Vitor Mata, I guess. Let’s cast your brain back to where this all began. Dragons Den is when we first faced off. And just before that, Mata, in other words, the one who I know will be watching this, was right here where I stood. This was the place where he called me “a pompous, crazy, and very sub par actor who decided to take a shot in the wrestling business.” Was that right? Is that the right quote?

    Normally this is where I would ask my agent Patty whether it was the right quote and we would have a nice back and forth and back and forth and back, but there’s a problem. Patty’s not here. Patty’s nowhere near here. And neither is Millie. You wanna know where they are? They’re on their honeymoon. Because while I’ve been on a…..commercial break, I would like to call it, Patty Reynolds and Millie Harrows did officially get married!"

    Harrows turns to the camera and raises his arms to shout “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” before doing a little dance, showing his excitement for the pair by doing a bit of macareina. Harrows then continues.

    “Yes! The long awaited wedding did actually happen! Off-screen of course because that would look weird on a wrestling show….it’s wrestling not a wedding. But on that great and majestic occasion, one man wasn’t there that should have been. That person was me. And you caused that. On the same day that my sister and my now brother in law got married, I was in hospital, drugged on whatever meds that they gave me, having surgery on the leg that you attacked with that chair.

    Because you didn’t try and beat me when I fell onto that barricade and when you cracked that chair against my leg, you tried to end me! And I was caught up in the rage that I did go back the next month. I did try and go again. And you still tried to end me. But both of those attempts failed! Badly! Because now all those attacks did one thing. DROP A DAMN PROPANE TANK ON THE FIRE. All you did was really piss me off! And don’t you dare think that I will EVER forget what you did! I will never forget the damage you did to me that night! I will never forget the feeling of that chair in your hands or the sound of my own sister crying and trying to plead with you to stop, and why? I can still feel the pain… I can still feel the scars… I CAN STILL. FEEL. THE BRUISES AND THE SCARS!”

    Harrows suddenly reveals his leg to have multiple bruises and scars like Harrows said as Aaron never breaking eye contact with the camera

    "I still feel them, every time I wake up. Every time I go to bed, they give me a reminder of what you did. They give me a reminder of what I have had to go through because of you. I was supposed to walk Millie down the aisle to meet the love of her life and I couldn’t! Because you couldn’t handle it! You couldn’t handle being beat! You couldn’t handle being defeated by the same man two events in a row! Is that why!?

    But that’s not even the worse of it! The constant mind games you played afterwards….The t-shirts. The little insults, all of it builds up on top of the physical pain and now I’m not going just to beat you like I have twice before. This time you’re gonna beg and like you at The Ruler of The Ring, I’m not gonna stop. I’m gonna continue until you’re knocked out and I might continue after that. I’m gonna survive anything and everything that you might throw at me and I’ll get up and pay you back for EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE TO ME. ALL OF IT. YOUR BODY MIGHT END UP SO BROKEN AND SMASHED UP THAT….I don’t know if they’ll ever put you back together afterwards."

    Harrows suddenly taking time to breathe and regain his thoughts as he grabs a nearby chair and sits in it, staring into the deep resolution abyss of the ocean in front of him

    "I mean......I have a lot of tools to use now that the audience are deciding which match type we’re having. Let’s look at these matchups."

    Harrows suddenly crouches and places a small wooden Ambulance toy on the balcony, Harrows leans against the back of the chair, staring at the ambulance directly as he states the first match type.

    "First, an ambulance match."

    Harrows then gets a small toy of a wooden microphone toy and places it to the right of the ambulance

    "Second, an I Quit Match."

    Harrows reaches down one more time to grab 3 different wooden objects. A tiny table. A short ladder. A minuscule chair and he sets them down to the left of the ambulance.

    "Third is what I call a TLC Match. All of these matches are great options because those so many….unique weapons. Yea, we got the ladder, chair and table but we also have a freaking ambulance! An ambulance! Imagine the pain I can put Mata through with that, he thought that back suplex onto the hood of the car was painful even though he was the one giving it to me. Just imagine what a ddt or a certain….Oscar Number 4 could do to his head, it’s great.

    We also have a I Quit match…Not as good as the Fans Bring the Weapons Match but turns out someone else took that option. I can still use anything I want though. I can use the turnbuckle pad to choke this guy out! Make him truly PAY FOR EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE!.....Okay, I’m getting out of hand again. Patty, cut this pa- wait, no he won’t. He will be on the honeymoon until after Democracy Rules. Dammit."

    Harrows loses focus on the project as he is obviously slightly struggling not having his now brother in law by his side for the first time in Harrows’ RWK Career. Harrows brushes both of his hands through his hair.

    "Eh, I guess this is good to keep, I haven’t messed this entire thing up yet. Anyway what was I talking about again? Ah yes, the thing I win when I finally crush and destroy what’s left of Vitor Mata, the title shot at the RWK European Championship. The title I have always went after and as long as I finally end Vitor Mata, it will be so close to my waist. So close. Whether it’s “the chosen one to go to other companies and forget that he’s the european champion” or “That guy with Tyler Keenan” I will win that title, finally. It's taken me 6 months to get back to this point so you can bet ya last dollar that I won’t waste it this time either.

    So Mata, get ready for a show. Because you’re gonna get one, a very bloody one at that. And you can take your t-shirts, you can take your stupid fake title, you can take your dumb commentary and that steel chair and shoot it up into that place that describes you best because I don’t care that it’s the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we have a lot of people watching, the only people that I will care about is me, you and that referee if it’s not a TLC match. This is my chance to climb back to where I was and whether it’s a Ambulance Match."

    Harrows suddenly springs up of his seat so he can push the wooden ambulance off the balcony.

    "Or if it’s a I quit match."

    Harrows then swipes off the microphone toy

    "Or a Tables. Ladders. and Chairs match."

    Harrows with one hand motion, forces all three of the remaining wooden toys off the edge as they tumble onto the rocks and eventually into the sea.

    "I ain’t losing again, I CAN'T lose again. Aussie. Aussie. Aussie. Oi. Oi. Oi."

    With another comparison to Mata’s Dragons Den promo. Harrows gets off the chair and walks over to the camera and while normally it fades, this time it’s instant as the video ends.

    Behold how you return with a bang :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. You're up, @CBK_15
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  3. At the request of @CBK_15, the deadline of this match has been extended by 48 hours to 11:59 pm on August 6th, UK time.
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  4. *The video feed fades on an open grave, no casket, just dirt. It appears to be freshly dug as there is a shovel stuck in a pile of dirt in the top right corner of the shot. One minute passes, then another before a RWK European Championship title belt in thrown into the open grave, displacing dirt particles onto the belt. Another 30 seconds pass, and the camera pans up to the face of a visibly irate Vítor Mata. He rubs his chin, which has been clean shaven previous, but now has a slightly unkempt beard, and his hair is very simple slicked back rather than slicked and volumized to the side. His voice is cold, not like a snake, rather like a man who has felt defeat. His voice also contains a rasp, no doubt from yelling that took place after the event*

    Vítor Mata: I have had countless sleepless nights since the night of Peace of Mind. Thinking about how my title was ripped away, thinking about how two of the most unqualified losers on the roster managed to screw me. Christopher Jordan since you’re not my current opponent, but will be soon… I’ll keep this brief. Congratulations, you deserve it, I suppose. You still haven’t pinned me though, just keep that in mind.

    *Vitor makes the finger to temple motion while still referring to Christopher Jordan, then he grows a half smile. He looks down and though it’s not seen due to the positioning of the camera, he is rummaging around in his pockets. He pulls out a flask and take a quick drink and just as quick as it was taken out, Vitór puts it away*

    Vítor Mata: Onto more pressing matter, Aaron Harrows. I never thought I would have to say that damned name again. Yet once again I lose a breath saying, Aaron Harrows. I'm sure, I'll lose many more unfortunately.

    *Vítor sighs in dissatisfaction, and scowls. The camera backs up from its position to now expose more of Vítor and more of the dark and dreadful surroundings of the graveyard, Vitór, was at the last time he address Aaron Harrows. The Tombstone that belongs to the grave holding the fake RWK EU Champion is wonderfully ornate in gothic style looking like something you’d read about in an Edgar Allen Poe work with a gargoyle head on the top. Vitor is wearing a t-shirt with Che on it, very faded jeans, and some Stan Smiths in a reverse Green/White colorway*

    Vitor Mata: The last time I was here, I told you that I’d bury you in an unmarked grave… never to be heard from again. I never got that opportunity, your yes men got to you before the reaper could collect. You escaped my grasp again, but I never lost sleep. I destroyed your leg, so I thought you wouldn’t have the gull to show your face. Could I have been more wrong.

    *You can see fuming anger on Vitor’s face and you can see his desperate attempts to contain it, but he can no longer. Almost in a flash, Vitor grabs the shovel from the pile of dirt and smacks it on the tombstone. Once, twice, three time steel meets stone till the wood could very audible be heard and visually be seen breaking where the head meets the wooden grip. Kick soon follow the breaking of the shovel, once, twice, then gargoyle head falls behind the tombstone. Vítor let's out a bellowing scream and start to kick other surrounding objects. Then there is a very sudden cut to black, both audio and video. Once the audio and video comes back, Vítor is seen sitting in a chair which wasn't previously there. Still visibly angered, but definitely more calm than he was*

    Vítor Mata: Unlike, our last three match, where you and I decided the stipulation. This match stipulation, Aaron, will be decided by the fan.

    *Vítor looks down and pulls out his IPhone 7 from his pocket with his right hand. He types something in and does a couple with his left. He shows his IPhone to the camera, with the stipulation voting results so far*

    Vítor Mata: Ambulance Match, TLC Match, and an I Quit match. I don't want to call it earlier because despite the fact that the stipulation is winning, thing could change. Just look at American politics. Needless to say the stipulation that I wanted to win is winning. The I Quit stipulation is winning Aaron. The reason why I want this particular stipulation is quite simply because it will bring me a satisfying feeling that the other two can't provide me. The thought of you screaming “I Quit” is one I can't pass up, so I have prepared something for you.

    *Vítor pauses to lean in towards the camera with a grin on his face, he is looking much more like the Vítor Mata people have come know rather than the shell seen earlier in the promo. Once he resume his monologue, his voice is soft, and conversational yet still holds bad intention*

    Vítor Mata: Aaron as I'm sure you know I'm a black belt in BJJ and I have a basic concept of Greco-Roman Wrestling. Making me very dangerous if I take someone to the ground. That's why this match I will utilize a heel hook instead of the Mata Lock. You see I got to thinking, you just don't have surgery and then in an instant you're back on your feet, no. You have to go through a recovery process, physical therapy… stuff like that. For the injury I gave you, that doesn't happen in 2 months. It's going to be very easy to re-aggravate your injury and quite possibly end your career and confine you to having walk with a cain for the rest of your life. I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but Aaron you could have avoided all this by laying down at Dragon’s Den all those months ago. You wouldn't have missed you sister's wedding, you wouldn't have leg problems like you are for the rest of your life. No you're too cavalier for that, the great “Top Star” would lay down for someone who's clearly better than him! Fine. That's alright, in the end it's your body. You choose what to do with it. You want to settle the score that bad, I'm game, and I hope both your bitches are watching on honeymoon. I want them to see you fail, just like they did when you couldn't answer the count of ten, and just like when I wrecked your leg. You may have the wins over me, but you don't have the mental or physical edge. I have those, and I have always had the superior ability. You can't stop me from taking you down, you won't stop the barrage of elbows and punches raining on you, and nobody… not your sister, not her pathetic husband or anyone else in your family will stop you from screaming I Quit at the top of your lung once I lock in the heel hook.

    *Vítor slowly rubs his hands together, and smiles in a sadistic manner as the final seconds of the video expire*
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