Kayfabe Preview Show Democracy Rules: Nick vs Spawn

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What Match Should They Face In?

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  1. Street Fight

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  2. Best of Five Tables Match

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  3. Lumberjack Match

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  1. [​IMG]
    IWTMania V Rematch: Non-Title

    Spawn (The Monster) @SIN vs Nick (The Emperor) @Nickelodeon


    Only the competitors can post here.

    You can promo outside the ring if you like. In-Ring promos are also available to you.
    Promos must be done by the 11:59 pm on August 4th British Time.
    Please don't post any OOC posts in here. Use the General Discussion thread for those posts.
    There is a 2 promo limit.
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  2. A Video Package of Spawn ~ HELL IS BACK ~ Nick Will Lose His Soul
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    A man lays sleeping in his bed like a baby. It is late and night and the full moon shine bright like the headlights of a truck. The man lay alone in his bed, his room a dump. Trash and litter piled up on the floor and cobwebs stretching across all corners of the room. The man was a slob. Worth nothing. He snores in his bed careless to the horrors lurking in the dark. The man begins to lay restless as the windows of his room are blasted open as a gust of freezing wind shoots into the room, blowing over piles of junk and rotting fast food. The man leaps out of his bed in fright as he looks around. He panics as he surveys the room. His mind plays tricks on him as he rolls out of bed and locks the windows with a sigh. The slob then stumbles back into bed and folds the covers over him before shutting his eyes once more.

    Wake up.

    Says a deep tribal voice, followed by a perpetuate and dark giggle. The man leaps out of his bed as he looks at the man stood over his bed.


    Do ya know what a man will do for revenge? 'Dat's tha question everyone should be asking 'demselves. If you under estimate ya opponent then you stand no chance. Ya will be doomed, doomed to his eternal punishment. This guy be much different to anything you could imagine. Tha horrors have scarred and tortured this man. The scars have made him cold, made him into a monster. Now he will go about inflicting the same pain to other dat he was forced to feel. He gets enjoyment in life by being the pain to mankind. He will break ya. He will Take ya. And he will make ya his little bitch!

    Because dats da ting about Spawn. He simply does, whatever in tha hell he wants. Let me show ya.

    The creepy intruder then laughs before he uses his hand to smother the face of the awoken man, whose screams lay muffled under the palms of the evil man. The sheets of the bed then burst into flames as the entire room begins to burn. Both men vanish in the flames and leave no trace other than a burning room.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Spawn is sat in a dark room where small flickers of warm flame shoot off in the distance. Faint screams can be heard as Spawn patiently sits as he waits...

    Nick. When it becomes time for our match, I want you to know I am not going to hold anything back. If you rightfully understood how dangerous I was before, then you can have no comprehension of my power now. You called yourself a God, even if this is true, the fact remains than I have ascended past the thought of Gods. I am not a being of all power, I am simply the nature of destruction. I am a timeless being of death, terror and power. The fact you would pretend as if you could beat me while you hold your world championship on your shoulder is just a blatant sign of a big ego getting in the way.

    You disrespected your company with such a weak lie. You offended not me, but the people you are fighting for. You are no champion Nick, that is very clear. You won the IWT Golden Lottery Ticket. You had the chance to use it for an entire year but you waited and waited. Waited day by day and week by week. Because you were waiting for me to be out of the picture. You knew you stood no chance in beating me, so you didn't bother. You knew you had no chance of being a champion, so you didn't bother.

    So after I destroy IWT and burn it to the ground with all the corporate stooges with it, I go and celebrate my success. I feast on the souls of all who came along for the ride. And in the meantime, this place goes and runs and IWT show out of respect for IWT? The company that they didn't want to be? It truly is no wonder you managed to worm you way as a champion here Nick. I bet it was real easy. But now im back you have to feel the heatwave burning through those locker rooms. That burn, is fear. This place just got taken a whole lot more serious after I stood up to the champion, and told him how east he will be to eviscerate. Everyone should of been watching, because no one else would have the guts to do that, not here.

    IWT has been dead for months and still this place lays as second best. Perhaps I am to blame. Perhaps destroying the very best in the sport has impacted on the eco system here. With all the Bald Eagles dead, all I see is seagulls. Maybe this is my fault, or maybe it yours Nick.

    You know about my burning desire to crush IWT. You were the first to try and stop me. And you were the first to fail. I didn't think of you as the type to hold a grudge, but I do think of you as the type to crawl his way into the spotlight when all the competition is gone. You are a coward Nick. You are nothing more than another stupid man holding a belt and thinking he is the king. Well this king doesn't need a crown, because everyone knows who the F*CK I AM!

    You took my titles from me, so in return I will take your soul. I will break your body in any of the stipulations. A street fight? Lumber jack match? Best of five Tables Match? You have no chance in hell at beating me in any of these stipulations. I will rip the arms of every RWK superstar in this company. I did in IWT and I know full well how much better they were than you lot. You were all the rejects not worthy of stepping foot in MY Ring!

    I can take you all down in one night. I can throw you into a table as if you were a small puppy. I can certainly take more of a beating than you in a street fight. So if I were you right now Nick I would remain silent. I would save your words for those you care about, because after our match you wont have anything to fight for. You will be another victim, another name on the list. You will be the last on the list. The last remaining piece, of IWT...

    Spawn then steps out from the dark room where he had been speaking, he walked out into a room where the man is screaming. He looks at his tortured soul before he looks at his damnation, Spawn. The package ends with the mans petrified and tortured screams as he lay down in the pits of Hell.

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  3. Spawn is stood in the ring - not just any ring, the old IWT ring. He has a microphone in his hand and the crowd is cheering. This is when Spawn "left to seek God".

    "And last and definitely not least, Nick. Nick I lied to your face and to everyone here. I tried my hardest to beat you and you came out on top with ease. Ever since our last match I feel that I left you in the dirt. Don't you fucking dare sit there complacent. You need to fucking scream and shout and fight! Fight like you fought me! Fight because you are better than half of these people. Fight because it is your time Nick. You are too patient, you are too busy pleasing all these people. It is time that you got the glory and god dammit I know you can do it. I was strong. I was mean and I was brutal but it didn't phase you. You were on of the few who didn't tremble. You didn't get quiet! You got loud! So why are you so quiet now?! I want you to go for the gold Nick. You are the uncrowned champion and these people all know it. You are too modest, too kind. You have no ego and that is your weakness god dammit. You should be a multi champion by now but you are happy sitting with all these new guys with nothing to show. Nick you were my biggest challenge and no one gave me better relief than when I finally managed to beat the strongest man I ever met, Nick."

    We fade away after that last line, and for a few seconds, there's nothing but blackness.


    Now Nick finally appears, back to the camera gazing out the windows. However, we are not in Brooklyn. The camera pans out to reveal a beautiful Florida beach. The waves are crashing onto the shore, children are playing in the sand, and dozens of families are lying on towels taking in the sun. The champion turns to face the camera, revealing his face, now perfectly clean. As is tradition, he looks extremely arrogant - his face is more punchable than ever.

    "Apologies for the change in scenery. After all, nothing looks better than the view of my loft. Since I've been getting such unrivaled success, I thought it'd be a good idea to take a vacation. I'll be down in South Beach for the week. So if you wanna keep coming after me outside the ring Spawn, you know where to find me."

    He obnoxiously winks and takes a seat in a chair. Nick turns it so he can kick his feet up and place them on the hotel bed.

    "Maybe I listened to you, old friend. Compare the version of Nick from way back then, to the one now. I'm sure you can spot the differences. The man who will defeat you once again is stronger than ever. I'm no longer quiet - thought that was made pretty obvious when you waltzed your way back here. I like to think I'm still too kind, but some may disagree. KJ Kidd, his family... El Pecador's shoulder probably doesn't think I'm nice either. Maybe I'm not too kind anymore. And you said it yourself, I've got a massive ego nowadays. Here's what happened. I stopped being happy with all that I had done. To some, all my past accomplishments would be a great career. Multiple championships, amazing matches, headlining major events. But it wasn't enough for me. That hunger I once had returned. I was STARVING. Starving for success. And your little prophecy came true - I became a multi-time world champion. And I'm still starving. So if you think that pathetic excuse of a man who, in your own words, 'was the strongest man you ever met' was a challenge, you have no idea what you're in for."

    "You want to undermine my accomplishments? Accomplishments that far outweigh yours? Yeah, I won the Ticket. Are you just jealous? I mean, I did beat you for it in the finals. Then you lost in the finals AGAN the next year. How tragic."

    The champion makes a sad face to the camera

    "And let's get one thing clear. I never waited for you to get out of the picture. You never were in the picture! Sure, you had that cool little match with Aids, but you became irrelevant after that loss. You never held the world title when I had the ticket. You're not as destructive as you're leading all these people here to believe. You brag on and on about how you are destruction, and you'll run rampant here, but let's look at the facts. You've got one 'title reign' that lasted what, a few weeks? That little fluke was put to a stop by me. And you won a Royal Rumble when there was hardly anyone even in the damn thing. Outside of that, you've got nothing to your name. You're a great loser. What I mean by this is that you're great at building yourself up for greatness, but you always come in 2nd. Like the Golden Ticket Tournament. And the other Golden Ticket Tournament. And at IWTMania IV. And IWTMania V. Get the gist? Your 'path of destruction' is nothing more than a list of 2nd place trophies. I don't give a shit about how long your undefeated streak was, what did it bring you? NOTHING! These people may not know who you are, but I know you better than anyone else. You're a perennial runner-up. And as is tradition, you'll finish in 2nd place at Democracy Rules."

    Nick gets out of his chair and heads towards the back of the room, out of the frame. He comes back in quickly, holding the RWK Imperial Championship up.

    "This is what true destruction brings you. I destroyed KJ Kidd and his pathetic family. I destroyed El Pecador. And I'll destroy you too, no matter the stipulation. My whole life has been a street fight, that's why I suggested it. Look at my past and hardcore matches, and you'll see I've always thrived! Give me the tables match, and I'll thrive too! You call me a coward, but you proved you're the coward when you snuck up on me and put me through that table. But just as easily as you did that, I can put you through a table. It doesn't matter how big you are, you know I've lifted you and thrown you - I've got no problem doing it through a table multiple times. Even in a lumberjack match, I'll win. No matter how much you wanna say it, you can't take this whole roster at once. I'll watch them devour you. I couldn't care less about what stipulation we get because I KNOW I'll beat you."

    "You've never scared me and you never will. I was the first person to ever beat you, and I'll be the last one as well. Because at Democracy Rules, I'm putting you away once and for all."

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  4. Spawn is sat in the locker room before his match. Sat in the darkness as the busy arena rumbles around him.

    I see, so I am the one responsible for all of this. I'm glad you listened, I'm glad you managed to find success Nick. I truly am. I told you after your match that I wasn't here to destroy your title reign as RWK Champion. I do what you to thrive. I need you to thrive. You know why I left all those times? Because it got boring. No one could sate my taste, no one would appease my starving hunger. I am a man who seeks competition. IWT died after I demolished all the competition, and the same will happen to RWK eventually. That is what makes me so different to everyone else. I'm not after titles, I am after everyone. But unlike the rest of you treacherous snakes, I pick my targets and take them out one by one.

    We are not friends Nick. I never considered you one. You are just another mortal, just an ant. If you even imagined us as such then there must be more brains on Kurt Cobain's wall. What you did to me, was a spit in the face of all the poor souls who fell beneath me. You spat in my face, you spat on their graves. What I said about you was a long time ago. That was the first time I went away and the first time I came back better than ever. The fact still remains that I did come out on top. I did beat you and I moved on to the big leagues while you swam with the small fish.

    You should be at my toes kissing me and making me regal for this empire I carved for you, but instead you continue to disrespect the man who made you great. You need a lesson on manners. Beating you the first time lit a fire inside me that engulfed into a blaze. Ever since then that fire has gotten stronger. I beat you after just 3 months in the business, I can beat you again any day. Spawn has come and gone. Lived and died. But after the countless efforts a supreme monster has been born. The scars of the old Spawns serve as lessons, teaching me through my defeat, until one day the monster would be invincible. I believe that day to be now. I am ready.

    Spawn then reaches up to his mask as he rips it off showing his face to the camera.


    I made you what you are Nick, and I can just as easily take it away from you. I will be taking my titles back no matter the cost. There is nothing you can do to stop me, win or lose this match, I will be ripping my titles out of your grasp. The match was just to make you comfortable, before I drag you into the pits of Hell. You were meant to be better than this Nick. I wanted you to surpass the greats, but instead you have simply begun to wear their shoes and complete their mistakes. I made you what you are, but you are an imperfection. You are not worthy to have your name even mentioned within mine. So for this I will be the one to end you. Perhaps not on this day, but when your time has come. I will be the one to take you down.

    The choice is yours. Give me my belts and I will continue to let you run shop around here. I will stay out of your way and let you complete your own business. Or you can continue to try and keep them from me and watch your kingdom burn in the blaze of my power. You are not the one in power here Nick. I came here for my titles. You do not get to bargain with the devil because you have no soul. I am wrapping up unfinished business, then I will be looking for the next soul to add to my collection. I have had a special place saved for you in Hell for a long time Nick. I am eager for you to see it, so you must come to the decision.

    Continue to cower and hand me back my titles and you can enjoy the rest of your Imperial Title reign in peace. Or meet your creator and executioner. There will be no second place in this match Nick. This is more than competition. This is revenge. This is life or death. I will do whatever it takes to get them back, they are invaluable to me. Worth so much more than your pathetic soul.

    You have been molding for greatness but instead you have stuck around to be no better than the likes of Dat Kid, Aids Johnson, Christian or any of those other washups. If you are just the same of them, then what chance of beating me do you actually have? Your bark is worse than your bite. I have fought you, you are easy. The problem is you never knew when to call it quits, which is why all three of these stipulations will destroy you. Each and every match on the table are destined for your destruction. When the bell has been rung I will be stood over the body of a disfigured and beaten man.

    There is no telling if you will even be able to defend your Imperial Champion after I get my hands on you. I quite frankly don't know if I will be able to stop. I smell the victory. I can feel the tittles just fractions away from my finger tips. My victory is almost here, not much time left now.

    The demon then slips his mask back on as he stands up.

    I don't give a shit if I scare you Nick. The fact is I should. You should be terrified for your career, for your life and for the ones you love for, yet you are not. That's why I know I will be beating you. Behind the titles and the ego you are still the same fool. You will make the same mistakes. You will be humbled, as will every RWK superstar in attendance when they understand just how high the bar has been set. Things are about to reach a new level and if you can't catch up you will drown in the ashes. This is a race for survival. Can your little legs run quick enough?

    I'm a patient man. I won't be giving up until those titles are back in my hands once again. You cannot out run the darkness Nick. The final hour has come. Now you must decide if holding the IWT championship is worth losing your career over. You don't have to make this any worse than it is going to be. After all, I did make you what you are now. It would be a shame to see all of that time go to waste along with the rest of your career. But not at last the time for words has ended, it is time to resolve this once and for all.

    The demon walks out of the locker room waiting to make his entrance.
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    We begin with a view of the luxurious Ritz-Carlton in downtown Toronto. The building lies only a few kilometers from Ricoh Coliseum, the host of Democracy Rules. There are various shots of the area around the hotel, and the many landmark sights that Toronto contains. We are then taken inside the building, through the lobby and up the elevator, ultimately exiting at the 38th floor.
    The camera crew enters the room at the far end of the hallway, revealing a beautiful view of the CN Tower and Lake Ontario in the distance. As we take a step into the suite, footsteps can be heard. The Imperial Champion appears out from his bedroom, dressed surprisingly sharp. He is wearing a sport coat, slacks, and a seemingly expensive watch. He glances at the watch and grimaces briefly. Nick removes the fancy jacket and hangs it on the coat rack. He takes a seat at the long couch and kicks his feet out over the table in the middle.

    "I didn't realize we had this scheduled for this time. I was just getting back from an early dinner from the 360 restaurant up in the CN Tower with... let's just call her a fan. That's what the life of an Emperor is like. You get the best hotel suite, go to the best restaurants, and you've got lady friends all over the globe. This is the life I've worked for so long to obtain. The life of success and greatness. Yet a demon from my past threatens to take this all away from me."

    The champion reaches over and grabs a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue that is about 3/4s full. He pours it into a glass and takes a small sip.

    "Perhaps I shouldn't have shown that old clip for the whole world to see. While I do think it proved my point of how much I've improved and how even you admit my strength, it did sadly increase your delusions of grandeur. That isn't necessarily a problem. I still think you'll be just as easy to deal with as you were last time around. But it just makes you a bit more... annoying. You take credit for MY success. The success that I've sacrificed so much to gain, the success I've worked tirelessly to achieve. You're so PATHETIC. The remark was merely sarcasm. Your little speech had no effect on me, or anyone else you so emotionally addressed. The only way you helped me was being an easy victory at IWTMania V."

    "And to add to your list of delusions, you're still set on this idea that you left because you got bored. Because you 'destroyed everyone in your path'. Is that really it? Or did you leave because you couldn't win anymore? Because last I checked, you never beat Aids Johnson. You never beat Danny Jacobs. You never beat Jack Forte. You never beat Alias Antonio - yet they all beat you. Why didn't you come after them like you've done me? I think it's because you know deep down, you didn't stand a chance against any of them, and you are so dead set on me because you got 1 fluke victory over me a year and a half ago. While you ran away from them, I stuck around and got victories over people you couldn't beat like Rio Nakayama. All these amazing wrestlers I've listed that you failed to beat, I've defeated all of the ones I've faced. And I think that's the difference between us. When you lost you ran. When I lost I learned, and became the strongest wrestler alive!"

    He slams his fist on the table after that passionate exclamation. He takes a larger gulp of the scotch and despite its alcohol contents, isn't even phased. As his glass is emptying, he fills it halfway.

    "How dare you compare to me Aids, Kid, or Christian. I'm different than all of them - I beat all of them. Like you said long ago, I was one of the few who didn't tremble at the sight of you. So why would I tremble now, after all the times I've proven how much better I am? I may be more cocky, arrogant, and confident than all the past times we've faced but I've got a damned good reason for that! I walked out as the last IWT World Heavyweight Champion, and I am the longest reigning RWK Imperial Champion in history!"

    Nick gets up quickly to grab his cherished prize and hold it up for his opponent to see.

    "And you can hate for me the man I've become, or the man I once was. I don't care. The reasons you hate me are the reasons I'll walk out victorious, no matter what kind of match we are in. You hate me for my greatness. After all your 'dominance', you have little to show while I am a title-winning machine. You hate me because I hold the last IWT titles, and you want them so badly. You hate me because I'm the only one on the planet who will stand right up to you, spit in your face, and pin you in the middle of the ring! You hate me because I don't know when to give up. You say you'll leave me disfigured but everyone knows that's a LIE! Deacon Macfarlane and El Pecador said I'd die, and his shoulder was destroyed. KJ Kidd threatened to take everything away from me, but I was the one who took everything from him! You've threatened to break me so many times, yet here I am, still holding championships and defying you at every turn! You hate me because even you know... you can't beat me."

    He takes another drink from his glass and loudly sets it back down on the table.

    "The man behind the titles and the ego is so different from the one you used to know. This man couldn't give a shit about whether or not his opponents respect him, and he has no respect for them. This man will do anything in his power to remain champion, no matter how dangerous or unethical. This man knows just how great he his. He is smarter, more confident, and more skilled than the fool who last stood before you. This man is The Emperor of Professional Wrestling, and at Democracy Rules, he will slay The Demon."

    The champion displays his title in front of the camera one last time as the video fades to black
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  6. [​IMG]
    That's four promos! Great match, guys. Now here's the problem, normally we would close the thread but the polls still going and if we close the thread, nobody can vote. huh. Okay so I guess any other posts after this post will either be deleted or moved to the general discussion. That seems about right.